4 Wild Growing Plants To Enjoy In Boca | Boca Wild Edible Plant Guide

4 wild edible plants growing in boca raton

[ It's always important to do proper research if you are unsure of any fruits and plants you come across. With any of the aforementioned, they are to be eaten at your own risk. Always make sure to thoroughly rinse your fruits or plants before consuming them. ]

The suburban sprawl that is Boca grows every day. Condos are appearing overnight, and it is not stopping from there. Boca Raton is becoming more of a concrete jungle with each, passing day. The construction that litters the sides of major highways is indicative of the large influx of people moving in. With hip college communities nestling next to natural areas--it's hard to imagine how any native wildlife can flourish outside the cemented streets. On the contrary, the floral diversity allows many natives to obtain delicious, edible, and HEALTHY plants to munch on. 

You've been on many nature trails here in South Florida and always wondered if those delicious-looking fruits hanging from trees are edible--well, you're about to find out. Here are 4 examples of some tasty, edible, wild treats you can find here in Boca. 



Go to any beach here in Boca and you'll most likely find this dotted along A1A. You may have found yourself perusing the fruits this shrub produces and wondered many times if it is, in fact, edible. Well, you're in luck; seagrapes are very much edible! With a fruit-bearing plant, it's hard to imagine how it survives the conditions that beaches can certainly face. With hurricane season producing potential hurricanes, seagrapes manage to survive the onslaught of wind, sand, and rain. Their resilience to such conditions allows them to flourish, and many beachgoers are unaware of how unique these plants really are! Be mindful, though, only females produce fruits, so it's important to plant a male alongside it for pollination. These grape variants are a wonderful alternative to its expensive big sister at your local Publix. 

St. John's Wort

st. john's wort

Arguably the most important mention in this article, but St. John's Wort is becoming popular very fast. This yellow flower is harvested and used for many teas and herbal remedies across the country. Its usages are most commonly associated with people ailing from depression and have become an alternative from traditional pharmaceuticals. Whether you want to blend its essences into a hot tea or introduce it into your daily health regimen--you won't go wrong. This edible plant harnesses the potential to combat one of the most misunderstood diseases in the world. Mental health professionals oftentimes recommend St. Johns over some over-the-counter remedies. With its natural accessibility, it's a good idea to think about planting this in your Boca Garden. 


betony flower

One of the less common edible plants you probably aren't familiar with, but Betony is just as delicious as its counterparts. This wild radish is found sporadically in flatwoods across South Florida. The benefits of these radishes are absolutely amazing. Prompting in cleansing the liver, blood, and stomach--you shouldn't ignore this small plant if you come across it. Don't be discouraged by its unattractive appearance, though, as a Florida native, this plant has been a part of the indigenous peoples' cuisine long before European settlement. 


kumqaut fruit on tree

This edible Boca plant is probably the most well-known outside of the seagrape. Kumquats are a part of the citrus family, and a small, round, orange fruit that is bore from trees across Florida. Most people who pick kumquats utilize their benefits for a plethora of things. Kumquat marmalade can be found throughout the state and is a pleasant surprise to many folks curious to try its flavor. Apart from jams, kumquats are also a popular choice for cakes, too! That's right, this edible fruit is a good way to introduce a little bit of citrus into your favorite sponge cake or cannoli cream! Like lemons and oranges, kumquat's peel can also be consumed. Packed full of antioxidants and high in vitamin C, these little fruits keep you healthy and are a wonderful treat for a hot Boca day!

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