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In 2021, we wrote a wildly successful blog showcasing some of our favorite sushi restaurants in Boca Raton. From the fine dining experiences and Hibachi houses to the best everyday sushi spots to stop for a work lunch, our blog was visited and read through tens of thousands of times in the years that followed. However, as prideful as we are regarding the fanfare of that previous blog, the winds of change are always blowing strong in Boca Raton. With new residents, comes new money, new demands, and a cadre of forward-thinking restauranteurs drawing from every corner of the globe to ply their trade at our many fine restaurants. Today's blog seeks to update our prior entry surrounding the best sushi in Boca Raton, featuring new players on the scene and some of our very favorite spots from Downtown to the western reaches of the city limits. It's time to get started, and find out where your next favorite sushi spot can be found!

Stay tuned as we intend to add more entries and update as the days ahead unfold!

alleycat izakaya

Alleycat Izakaya

Alleycat Izakaya, a prominent name in the resplendent selection of Sushi hotspots in Downtown Boca Raton, has recently relocated directly to Palmetto Park Road. With their grand re-opening and ribbon-cutting event, hosted by The Gab Group, Alleycat Izakaya is an upscale, but unpretentious take on the Izakaya-style eatery that is so prominent with the Tokyo business community. Literally translated to "stay drink place," the Izakaya is the Japanese take on the pub, which has long served as a gathering point for all walks of life in the anglosphere. Whether it's a work lunch or a hot date, tapas-style small plates and handcrafted cocktails seem to be the newest trend in East Asian cuisine, with more choices and variety available to discerning customers of all budgets, rather than the heavy plates that are synonymous with American restaurant culture. Alleycat blends a welcoming atmosphere with trending culinary innovations and a menu that encourages you to try it all! Their dedication to quality ingredients and the remarkable skill of their kitchen staff round out Alleycat Izakaya as a prime choice for sushi-goers in Downtown Boca Raton.

ke-uh sushi roll


The curiously named but equally delicious Ke-Uh of Central Boca follows suit with Alleycat's style of small plates and unique fusion dishes. Diners will enjoy the expected complement of sushi-thai favorites, with menu designers not overlooking the usual delights like spicy tuna rolls, yakisoba noodles, and more. Their well-designed menu is bolstered by a compelling lunch hour menu that features more than the 3-5 items we'd expect from a lunch special. With a location not far from many of the commercial spaces and shopping malls of Boca Raton, it's become a popular hotspot for the businesslike among us.

assorted sushi from sushi by bou

Sushi By Bou

Set in the picturesque confines of Royal Palm Place, not far from our Beachfront Offices, Sushi By Bou is a strinkgly beautiful locale with an interior dining room that matches the flair of its menu. Featuring a rich combination of Japanese and Mizner-inspired art deco energy, Sushi By Bou might be our very favorite sushi spot in Boca Raton for an intimate evening with a special someone. Most notably, however, is its Omakase table, or Chefs Choice, where 12 and 17-course experiences are offered for the adventurous and discerning among us. Chefs serve guests directly from the sushi counter, in a timed-omakase setting to ensure maximum freshness. Imported sakes, colorful cocktails, and the pleasant waitstaff are all part of this exclusive and unique sushi restaurant in Boca Raton.

rise sushi

Rise Sushi

Rise Sushi incorporates more fusion than Sushi By Bou, swapping a more traditionalist interpretation of Japanese cuisine for something more modern. Serving the Boca Raton community for over 14 years, their beautiful dining room, backlit by the neon blue you'd imagine in a neo-Tokyo setting. Noted for hosting private parties, catering, and their fresh takeout options, Rise Sushi provides delicious East Asian fare to the community no matter where you choose to sit and dine. One unique quality of Rise Sushi, is the inclusion of Chinese menu items. Options such as Hong Kong Wok Noodles, Chow Fun, and Crispy Fusion Duck are rare to find in Sushi restaurants, who normally pair with Thai cuisine. At Rise, you truly get the fusion options you're looking for, in a sizable menu replete with Far East flavors.

sushi go assorted pieces

Sushi Go

Sushi Go is an anomaly among the best sushi restaurants in Boca Raton. A tiny locale in one of the Mizner-adjacent retail centers, Sushi Go is possibly the ultimate destination for the sushi purists among us. What's sacrificed in size, scope, and decor, is made up for in spades by the omnipresence of one of the planet's finest names in sushi - Chef Sung Joe. Also featuring an omakase experience with reservations available on their website, Chef Joe rose to prominence as an apprentice under Chef Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa. The name "Nobu" should always ring a bell to anyone who knows what the best sushi can be found, as Nobu is one of the preeminent names and locales in sushi. Chef Joe brings his 20+ years of experience and immense talent to Downtown Boca Raton, where the small and reduced confines of Sushi Go is one of the worst-kept secrets in Boca Raton sushi, for the best reasons imaginable.

neatly arranged sushi on wooden plate

Taki Omakase

Continuing on our Omakase lean, Taki Omakase provides a complete Omakase experience, spearheaded by Chef's Hiro Jiang and Masa Zheng, both of whom have extensive experience at some of the most notable NYC sushi hotspots. Their bespoke experience includes one of the most resplendent selections of handmade fresh sushi. Taki Omakase takes the experience to the next level with a restaurant built entirely around this concept, with the chefs eager to showcase their pride through the quality of their work and the selection of the finest, freshest ingredients. With a more traditional Japanese setting, Taki Omakase may be the closest exemplar of Japanese culture on our list. As one of the most popular date night establishments in Boca Raton, reservations must be made!

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