Where to Find The Best Margaritas in Boca Raton

where to find the best margaritas in boca raton

With the peak of Summer upon us and beach season heating up, the finger foods and cool cocktails of the summer months are on our minds. In a city absolutely overflowing with delectable culinary options representing the global palate, we decided to take America's favorite, and possibly most refreshingly sweet drink into focus. Learn where we found some of our favorite margaritas, whether it's with a full meal or a quick cocktail on a beach day, these spots are sure to suit your love for this iconic adult beverage.

salt rim margarita with sprig of mint

Calaveras Cantina

Calaveras Cantina has carved quite the name for itself in a relatively short time. Seated right in the thick of Mizner Park, Calaveras serves some of the best margaritas and tacos in town. The ambiance of ornate ceilingwork, deep wood and brick hues allows for a relaxed atmosphere perfect for anyone. Whether sipping the finest mezcal or enjoying a refreshing margarita on their Margarita Monday's, the location and flavors at Calaveras will surely have you coming back for more.

beautiful pineapple margaritas

Casa Tequila

With a name that translates to "tequila house," we expect a good margarita. Customer reviews reflect a widespread selection of laudable favorites, from their tableside guac, mango and shrimp ceviche, children's specials, and delicious margaritas. Their classic margarita is enough to suit even the most discerning, but their large margarita selection includes fruit-infused, frozen, specialty and organic tequilas. Perhaps most importantly, the service staff are friendly, efficient, and give every customer their best. For a margarita lover who really puts thought into the tequila they choose, Casa Tequila is the place to be.


Las Fajitas

Another aptly named Mexican eatery off Dixie Highway, Las Fajitas has one of the best deals in town. A house margarita on the rocks runs $6, house wines are $4, and made-to-order 20 oz. sangria runs for only $8. Their no-frills menu includes some of the best prices, service, and quality. By no means a discount in comparison to its contemporaries, Las Fajitas stands tall with or without its reasonable prices for bar fare. With over 1,000 Google Reviews, this humble little restaurant is beloved for its kind and accommodating service, authentic food, and of course, its perfectly balanced margaritas.

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Milagros Restaurant

Milagros shares a name with Milagro Tequila, so you're bound to enjoy some serious margaritas. The versatile menu, which includes plenty of milder items for those looking to avoid the heat of Mexican cuisine, is a favorite for families - especially when entertaining visiting relatives. The ambiance, desserts, and wine selection round out a menu that is built upon its authentic recipes and unique modern twists on Mexican cuisine. The stylish setting is matched by the rich colors and flavors found in their menu and margaritas. For downtowners and businesspeople, Milagros is situated right off Palmetto Park Road, just east of Mizner Blvd, only a short few minutes from our Boca Raton Beach Office.

silver upscale margarita

La Condensa

Spanish for, "The Countess," this aristocratically named Mexican Restaurant is branded by its gryphon logo and castle top, lending to its stately vibe. Far from pretentious, this well-regarded establishment is renowned for its authentic food, delectable margaritas, craft cocktails, and outdoor dining. Numerous reviews online reflect the notion that newcomers to Boca Raton have searched far and wide and settled on La Condensa as their go-to for margaritas and tacos. Much like the others on this list, they're clean, quick, and offer a beautiful atmosphere to dine in style.

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Mi Casita

This humble little stop in the Publix Plaza by Spanish River is a family-owned hidden gem in Boca Raton. The homemade guacamole and fresh chips lead a menu that is replete with traditional Mexican dishes featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients. Their taco tuesday deals include a sizable variety of options - from al pastor, chorizo, tinga, shrimp, and mahi to name a few. Mi Casita is a simple, humble Mexican eatery that includes all the expected fare at a reasonable price and portion. Don't forget the mole enchiladas!

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