What Do Millennial Home Buyers Look For?

what do millennial home buyers look for?

Millennials have now outpaced the Baby Boomers and are the largest home-buying demographic in the United States. This generation has been at the forefront of some of the most challenging economic circumstances and changing times. From bearing the brunt of the student loan crisis, and rightfully dismayed at the lack of education regarding these high-interest calamities, to experiencing the final years of the analog world, millennials have become quirky, unique home buyers who look for things that prior and likely future generations may not have emphasized. This is as true among Boca Raton home buyers as it is nationwide. After reading many articles, speaking with young people (including the author), and reviewing some of the favorites of recent millennial clients, we've compiled a list that represents the demographic's wants and needs - from floor to ceiling, and everything in between.

hardwood floors for millennial homes

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood always speaks to elegance. However, hardwood in South Florida is not the most apt of flooring solutions. Modern textured tiling has come to the rescue, providing easily installed, beautiful wood grain designs that function at the highest level while still providing that attractive signature look. Shades of grey, mahogany, beige, ebony, and many other solutions color and texture your home, bringing an upscale energy from the ground up.

large open kitchen space

Large Open Kitchens

Millennials love to entertain. Small group get-togethers, or even group home purchases have become much more common. Open-concept kitchens allow for the prep and cleaning work to exist within the space of the group, rather than separate. Large, granite-topped center islands are perfect for guests to push up with a barstool, enjoy the cheese platter you've prepared, and laugh over dinner. Minimalistic, sleek appliances and refined modern hardware go a long way in accenting the open floor and vaulted ceilings that make for a modern millennial-approved kitchen.

smarthome panel on wall in boca home

Remote/Smart Home Access

Millennials are the first generation to fully embrace modern tech, like the iPhone. As time has progressed, this generation has only advanced with the technology, while still maintaining a safer distance than the Gen Z youth who appear less and less sentient every day. For young people, the relationship with technology is as much about ease of use as it is about entertainment. Gone are the days of fearing if you forgot your garage door up, the days when our pets and space were unaccounted for from afar, and the days when package thieves could simply walk up and steal without surveillance. Remote access is another way millennials can transfer the power from the world outside them to the palm of their hand, and give significantly greater control to young homeowners than in years past. 

eco friendly homes for sale


Eco-Friendliness to millennials is a two-pronged approach. An eco-friendly home reflects both the concern for our environment which is a greater force among millennials and the desire to save money on utilities. Thankfully, technology has progressed to provide all home buyers with an unprecedented set of tools, fixtures, and upgrades to make their homes greener from every perspective. LED lightbulbs, high-efficiency toilets, thick impact windows, modern HVAC systems, tankless water heaters, solar arrays, and so many more technologies have made running your home more efficient than ever before. Millennials would love a home that is either built with or remodeled with at least a few of these high-efficiency, low-impact systems.

laundry room

Laundry Rooms

Millennials were the wave that flocked to the big cities. It was on the sidewalks of The Village and the steps of Golden Gate Park where the stereotype of the 5th-year art student was born. These brunch-obsessed hipsters are the archetype of the millennial in the minds of sardonic older generations. Millennials, in their wide-brim hats, sipping a needlessly complex latte with a slice of $12 avocado toast, are the nadir of entitlement and laziness, according to their most cynical elders. Yet, despite there being some truths to these harsh judgments, millennials also faced circumstances they were not aptly prepared for and were not within their control. College, for example, was promoted as the ultimate and often sole form of charting success, but students were never truly educated about the impact of student loans nor the increasingly nullified value of their degree program. As little as 50 years ago, students paid their tuition and books with a summer job and emerged into a job market with significantly fewer college graduates. Long story short, whether by urban student housing or one of the many shared laundry spaces they've had to endure through their 20s, millennials are sick of laundromats. These urban ex-pats will be delighted to find upscale laundry equipment, a folding table, and gently toned cabinets to take them away into a new phase of luxury & simplicity. 

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