Top Window Design Trends To Beautify Your Boca Raton Home

top window design trends for your boca home

Windows are the gateways to your home and have a significant impact on the beauty, light, and color within. Beyond offering visibility to the world outside, windows are opportunities to make your home your own. From curtains to colors, to framing, and modern tech, windows are one of the most important and often underrated means of decorating your interior. 2023 has given way to some significant changes in the way we decorate our properties. Gone are the days of heavy Mediterranean hues, replaced by whites, blues, and light palettes to suit a more refined and minimalistic visage. Today, we discover and review some of the most popular ways Boca Raton residents have been treating their windows, and why you might consider one of these ideas for yourself.

roller shades

Roller Shades

Anyone who has ever rented a home with cheap Venetian blinds knows just how important window treatments can be. Roller shades are often cordless, canvas-style, neutrally colored, thick and durable fabric. They are effective for preventing heat intrusion as well as providing optimal privacy. Without the pull strings and easily snappable thin plastic blinds, Roller shades are easily deployed, affordable, attractive, and effective.

lined draperies

Lined Draperies

Gone are the days of heavy, monochrome cloth drapes. Today, the use of lines, patterns, and shapes on window treatments replaces areas of the home where artful patterning was once often found - such as carpeting and wallpaper. The proper use of fine lines and shapes can transform a home from a domicile into an art piece, and lined draperies are here to lead the charge.

wooden blinds

Wooden Blinds

A more costly and permanent solution, wooden blinds are some of our absolute favorite touches. Whether it be thin bamboo reeds replacing those dreadful (and easily broken) Venetian blinds or large, auburn slats functioning like outdoor shutters, wooden blinds are effective, durable, and absolutely gorgeous in the right context. Colors are often abundant and easily fit the scheme of your home - whether that be via a natural finish or painted. Wooden blinds also refract heat well, though they don't offer the totality of coverage that a full-cloth drape will. 

motorized curtains

Motorized Window Treatments

Ahh yes. What is better than smart home technology coming to a window near you? Motorized window treatments are simply roller shades with an automatic deployment and retraction mechanism that keeps things cool without the need for manual adjustment. In some more expensive, and refined systems, such as those found in modern upscale homes like Boca Bridges and Lotus, entire patios and sliders may be remote controllable. For smart home owners, this means savings on power when outside the home, and privacy at the flick of a switch.

minimalistic curtains

Minimalistic Curtains

Communities in Boca Raton are undergoing major renovations. The days of Mediterranean-inspired decor dominating the land are no more, and many communities are modernizing their look to fit the desires of contemporary homeowners. The gaudy, golden hues of yesteryear are giving way to muted greys, whites, and beiges. In addition, window treatments have seen less emphasis on decorative value as standalone fixtures, meaning they blend better into the room around it rather than provide a focal point for the aesthetic eye. Much like floors, countertops, and paint colors are focused more on the ensemble rather than the individual impact of each piece, minimalistic curtains blend into the home beautifully, matching pillows, rugs, and seating finishes.

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