Top 5 Best Indoor Plants For Your Boca Raton Home

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You've done it; you've finally moved into your dream home in Boca Raton. The beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and lavish lifestyle have charmed you in and now welcome you into the community. The furniture is set, your decor is looking like paradise, but something just doesn't quite feel right. Those sliding glass doors are open, the break of dawn is shining through your window ready to awaken your senses, but you need something a little more 'lively.' Indoor plants are a common factor missing in some Boca Raton homes. While most of the natives find themselves immersed in the superficial architectures of Boca society, some acquire a more natural approach to happy living. Indoor plants can provide your new home a natural remedy to purifying the air and making the environment comfortably suitable. These top 5 indoor plants are sure to make your home the freshest living space in the community. 

Spider Plant

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A logical decision when researching the best indoor plants for a home, the spider plant does not disappoint. Easily one of the simplest plants to tend, this arachnid in a pot produces oxygen and purifies the air by absorbing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene. Humans are blissfully ignorant to the toxins we breathe in daily, and the spider plant gives us a natural solution to air purification. Another tremendous benefit of this variant is that it does not require a lot of water. Watering this plant once a week is a sufficient amount to sustain its optimal form. The spider plant is a nice introduction to maintaining and caring for indoor plants; its easy maintenance is in part to its ability to thrive in most lighting conditions as well. There is hardly any worry about where to position this plant, making your life that much easier. In addition to all these benefits, it is non-toxic to your four-legged friends, making it a perfect choice for home pet owners. 

Bamboo Palm

bamboo palm tree | aruca palm

Giving your home a Far East flair, bamboo palms are one of the best indoor plants for a Boca home thanks to their exotic appearance. Preferring little sunlight (direct heat can cause the leaves to burn) these mini variants of their bigger cousin need little to no care. Their low maintenance personality allows you to water them with room temperature water very rarely. Bamboo palms are another great source of getting your training wheels off in terms of plant growth. As you enjoy an afternoon game or read a book with the ocean breeze blowing into your home, rest assure that this plant will still be as happy as ever. 


succulents in individual pots

If you go to your local grocer's floral section, you'll almost immediately identify these little pots of charm. Succulents are one of the best indoor plants for a Boca abode solely based on their own ability to store water in their leaves. Their delightful appearance is a common choice for Boca residents, given the hectic South Florida lifestyle can permit plant enthusiasts from ensuring their plants are properly cared for. Coming in a myriad of different sizes, shapes, and even potting styles, these cuties will give your home the perfect ingredient to a garden of love. Succulents are also commonly collected by fanatics, as their easy maintenance makes people go wild with collecting. Adding to their pint-sized charm, they are also pest resistant, meaning the menace of insects or some indoor nuisances will not enjoy your plant. The occasional aphid may show up on outdoor succulents kept outside, but indoor succulents are virtually free of any pests. 

ZZ Plant

row of zz plants in pots

Sounding like the famous rock group hailing from Texas, these plants are just as popular. One of the best indoor plants for a Boca home, its drought tolerance and low light favoring leaves will love you from day one. Hailing from Africa, its drought tolerance is assumed to be a positive evolutionary trait picked up from living in dry conditions. This plant will not invade your entire living space, with its width reaching approximately two to three feet. With its resiliency, it's hard not to imagine one of these in your Boca abode. ZZs are also very adept at removing harmful toxins from the air, giving your home another top selection for natural purification. 


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A colorful specimen to add to your home, the Coleus is arguably one of the most delightful indoor plants for your Boca home. Despite them seeing their popularity in outdoor garden beds, these plants can thrive easily indoors. If left near a bright window, the Coleus can give your home the vivacity it deserves. Their adaptability allows them to thrive in clay, ceramic, and plastic pots. You can also let them grow in wooden planters for a more rustic approach. 

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