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tips to stand out on linkedin

The job market is red hot, and so is South Florida's booming real estate industry! Millions of Americans are putting in their 2 weeks’ notice and moving on to greener pastures, leaving their lightly used green pasture for you to move into. You should always keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, not simply for a job search, but to make the right impression on any new connections you encounter in your professional life. There are some best practices for how to set yourself apart from the crowd on LinkedIn!

Use a Good Photo

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You might be thinking, “How can I market myself on LinkedIn,” as you look at yourself in the mirror one morning, followed by “Damn, I look good.” You flash yourself a smile as your confidence grows and then…you walk away. Wait! Come back! The answer was staring you right in the face. Put your best face out there and use a professional photo. Profiles with one, and we cannot stress this enough, up to 25 times more likely to be viewed than those without one. This is one of the most overlooked LinkedIn tips out there. “Smile at the world and the world smiles back,” goes the old adage. You could also say, “Smile at the world and the world clicks connect.”

Skill Me Up

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There is a certain baseline of modesty out there. We understand, most of us are mild-mannered people going about our daily life. We don’t want to be accused of being braggarts. However, this article isn’t about how to blend your LinkedIn profile into the background. One can still be humble and present their best self. Don’t skimp on the skills. Are you a master of conflict resolution? Did you teach English for 3 years in Cambodia? Do you have the most basic IT certification that you think is silly compared to the professionals? List it! Even if the skills don’t match whatever job you’re positioning yourself for now or in the future, employers love to see people who have done more than what their roles have required and it will also help you find

Summarize How Interesting You Are

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For most people, this is the most daunting of all tips for LinkedIn. Ask a person about themself and you have expert testimony. We can talk about ourselves at length, some of us for hours – days, depending on the ego. And yet, this portion is often omitted or given a cursory two or three lines in awkward third person sans pronouns. Tragic. You want to stand out? Don’t be afraid to speak about yourself as you would naturally, yet professionally. Don’t talk about your experience, you’ve got unlimited characters in boxes below to do so. Tactically deploy those keywords and show us that there is a real, interesting person behind this LinkedIn profile!

Status is Everything

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No, we’re not being crass. We mean your status updates! Posting frequently on LinkedIn will help you get noticed. If you’re hunting for a job, don’t be shy, find a way to put yourself out there in a modest yet dignified manner. Better yet, help someone with their cause or their own job hunt. People love a champion!

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