The Top Rated Boca Raton Restaurants For Foodies

the top boca restaurants for foodies

Boca Raton's restaurant scene provides outstanding options for all manner of consumers. From the sushi addict to the gastropub diner, craft beer lover, and fine dining aficionado, there's something for everyone in this remarkable city. A "foodie" is a relatively modern term, used to describe someone who shares a few defining qualities. Foodies are predominantly defined by their desire to explore new culinary horizons, try new foods, recognize the presentation, and take part in the total sensory experience. With that in mind, our list doesn't necessarily catalog the highest-rated restaurants in general, whether by Zagat or Chef's accolades, but instead focuses on restaurants that bring innovation and excitement to already delectable offerings. For those seeking to expand their mind, and their palate, look no further than the top Boca Raton restaurants for foodies.

french gazebo dover sole

The French Gazebo

Located near The Rogers House Condos, The French Gazebo is one of a few fabulous French restaurants in Boca Raton. Less fine dining focused than the nearby La Nouvelle Maison, The French Gazebo is a gorgeous expression of French restaurant culture, from the powdery blue walls and fine chandeliers to the renowned Dover Sole, the French Gazebo provides the extrasensory experience and regionality that speaks to foodies much more than just their phenomenal cuisine can. Both prix fixe and daily special menus routinely feature classic French dishes such as duck l'orange, dover sole, escargot, and foie gras.

twenty twenty grille lamb shanks

TwentyTwenty Grille

TwentyTwenty Grille has one of the most fascinating menus we've seen. The modern twist on classic fare, part of the vision of Chef Ron Weishet brought to this Royal Palm Place locale. Award three gold medals at the Culinary Olympics, TwentyTwenty Grille bills itself as Contemporary American, but incorporates so much more - smashing together global influences in a menu that twists, turns, and infuses its way into our fascination.

chef marie french bistro sandwich

Chez Marie French Bistro

Family-owned and operated, this artisanal French Bistro is an excellent alternative to the pricier La Nouvelle Maison. The owner-operator partnership of Chef Stephane and his wife, Marie began their love and the journey they'd share in Grenoble, later leading them to gain further education in the US, eventually arriving to open this delightful and modestly priced French Bistro. Chez Marie Bistro offers a fantastic menu that ranges from reasonably priced to fine dining, with entrees like the branzino and duck magret headlining an impressive selection.

alleycat izakaya

AlleyCat Izakaya

In Japanese, the word "Izakaya" translates to "stay-drink-place." It is the Japanese equivalent of the classic Irish pub, purpose-built for the relief of the bustling businessmen of Tokyo. Though a world apart culturally, the form and function of an Izakaya is not far from a pub, where modestly priced small plates, comfort food, and drink specials provide a needy demographic with a place to unwind and relax after a busy day. Located on the north side of Palmetto Park Road just west of Wildflower Park, this awesome addition to our culinary diversity is nearly within walking distance of our beachfront offices.

loch bar seafood buffet

Loch Bar

We've mentioned the Loch Bar in blogs before, but as a foodie-forward destination, it also deserves a place here. Located in the confines of Mizner Park, this upscale seafood and whiskey bar features one of the largest and most impressive raw bars in South Florida. Complemented by live music every day of the week, the Loch Bar certainly doesn't sacrifice atmosphere for culinary quality. Handcrafted cocktails match an impressive array of entrees, shellfish appetizers, and charcuteries available. For a truly exquisite coastal dining experience, look no further than Loch Bar.

greek salad and appetizers

Rafina Greek Taverna

Between the Mizner-inspired Mediterranean revival and the coastal proximity of Boca Raton, it's easy to see why so many outstanding Greek and Italian restaurants have taken hold in Boca Raton. Rafina features a quantity of outstanding Greek dishes that begin with its appetizers. Spanakopita, dolmas, grilled octopus, and saganaki headline their starters, leading the diner on a journey through the Aegean, ending at an entree menu that features both affordable and simple options alongside its outstanding high-end finishes, such as the seafood paella and lamb shank. 

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