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With so much space and choice, Boca Raton is an ideal place to settle down. Nearly every development is idyllic in some way. One of the quickest ways to narrow down where you choose to move is by identifying which schools are in the area if you are planning to raise a family. You may be wondering what public schools are near me. Thankfully, there is a robust choice of public schools in Boca that will help you find the right neighborhood for you!

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A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School (K-12)

A.D. Henderson is one of the top-rated public schools in Boca Raton and the state of Florida as a whole with a student-teacher ratio of 26:1 and average SAT scores of 1370. To maintain small class sizes, admission into A.D. Henderson is via lottery. According to their website, “the selection process is focused on retaining a student demographic profile that reflects racial, ethnic, and economic diversity to fulfill the requirements provided by the state.” Their high school curriculum is as rigorous as any local private preparatory school and its students are allowed to participate in classes at the adjacent Florida Atlantic University and receive college credit.

Boca Raton Community High School (9-12)

Boca Raton Community High School is home to over 3,200, making it the largest public school in Boca. Despite its size, it has maintained an “A” rating from Florida’s Department of Education and has been ranked by US News & World Report as one of the Top 5% performing high schools in the country. Its curriculum includes honors, Advanced Placement, and dual enrollment with Palm Beach State College and its neighbor, Florida Atlantic University, giving its students a special leg up when applying to college. Nearly 40% of its faculty carry advanced degrees, one of the highest percentages among Boca public schools.

Spanish River High School  (9-12)

Spanish River High School is named for the beautiful water and famed state park which it calls its neighbor. In addition to the surrounding natural region rife with opportunity for those interested in biology and life sciences, Spanish River High School is renowned for its sky-high graduation rate and national marks for collegiate readiness. 

Omni Middle School (6-8)

Across the street from Spanish River Community High School is Omni Middle School, which offers a wide selection of extra-curricular activities that include a jazz band, robotics team, National Junior Honors Society, intramural tennis, and more. It is also one of the largest Boca Raton public schools with a student population of over 1,400.

Don Estridge High Tech Middle School (6-8)

A five-star and “A”-rated school by the Florida Department of Education, Don Estridge is a technical magnetic school that offers computers in every classroom, advanced STEM courses, and a wide selection of extra-curricular activities and after-school programs. This is one of the best Boca Raton public schools in terms of STEM education.

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