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While Boca Raton is a seaside community that luxuriates in its leisure time and remains renowned for its larger-than-life retirees, Boca Raton is home to thousands of families and education remains a priority. Parents-to-be and those buying a new home in Boca Raton often wonder, “what are the best private schools near me?” To those we say, fear not! Here are the Top 5 Best Private Schools in Boca Raton:

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Pine Crest School – Boca Raton Campus

Originally founded in 1934 in Fort Lauderdale as a Pre-K through 12 preparatory school, Pine Crest opened their Boca Raton campus in 1987, which serves grades Pre-K through 8, after which those students who choose are offered automatic admission to the “Upper School” campus in Fort Lauderdale. Today, it sits on St. Andrews Blvd, less than five minutes from the Town Center Mall. Known for its rigorous academics, Advanced Placement courses, and state-of-the-art learning tools, Pine Crest prepares each of its students for the collegiate experience and beyond.

Saint Andrew’s School

Out of all the private schools in Boca Raton, Saint Andrew’s School has the distinction of being one to offer boarding on their Pre-K through 12 campus. With a curriculum borne out of the Episcopalian tradition, Saint Andrew’s offers both Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, and dozens of clubs and enrichment activities.

Donna Klein Jewish Academy

The Donna Klein Jewish Academy is a Kindergarten through 12 Jewish day school whose mission is to instill Jewish values and love for learning in its students. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is one of the pillars of its curriculum, as the school seeks to create well-rounded individuals and future leaders. Not only is it one of the best private schools in Boca, but it is also the largest Jewish community school in the nation.

Grandview Preparatory School

As one of the smallest Pre-K-12 private schools in the state of Florida with an average class size of 12 students, Grandview Preparatory School focuses on an individualized curriculum to build character and instill values in their students. Also of note is their travel experience program for students to travel to South America and Europe.

Boca Prep International School

Another one of the rarified International Baccalaureate private schools, Boca Prep International School has over 50 nationalities represented in its student body, specialized fine arts and sports academies, and offers opportunities for its students to study abroad at other International Education Systems schools around the world.

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