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the best nature parks in boca raton

While being a metropolitan area, Boca nature parks are few and far between. The ever-growing urban sprawl has increased in numbers and residents, providing little space for nature to flourish. It seems around every corner is a new Boca condo development or shopping center in place. Despite this, there are a few gems that have managed to stay hidden amongst the sawgrass. These 4 nature parks are packed full of nature, allowing you to take a step back into the world before Boca became a bustling city.

blazing star natural preserve entry


Located nearby Old Floresta, Boca Raton Square and Sugar Sand Park, this nature park is a retreat mostly known to the locals. While Sugar Sand has more of a notable reputation, given its kid-friendly environment, Blazing Star is a nice escape from the commercial turf. 26 acres of scrub pine give any hiker the perfect opportunity to mingle with the local tortoises habituating the area and get an in-depth look at the wild cacti that grow sporadically. After a fun day of traversing betwixt and between the multiple trails, you can take the kids to downtown Mizner for some ice cream and a cold drink!

yamato nature scrub


This nature park is in an obscure spot on Clint Moore Road. Going inside the park, you are met with overhanging palm trees that canopy the entrance to the trail. The natural shading from the sun provides hikers and joggers the opportunity to enjoy the trail without unwanted sun. A delightful, little bridge crosses one of the canals, allowing trailgoers the opportunity to see them in an open area perfect for a photo-op! Going further inside, visitors can visit many of the twisting, winding trails to see some exotic iguanas or even an alligator next to the natural pond that sits toward the end. It’s important to note that the pond itself does not have a barrier between the water and the trail. If you have children, you must keep a close eye on them when walking along the pavement.

countess de hoernle park | boca raton


One of the more charming nature parks in the area, this place is a great opportunity to catch a great sunset! Located next to the Spanish River Library and athletic park, going inside is discovering a piece of Boca never seen before. With walkways that lead to canopied overhangs and boardwalks that go out into a natural lake, this place is truly a place you need to come to. The charming huts that end at the walkways are a nice way to enjoy the sunset or catch a glimpse of blue herons, ibises, and other native waterfowl. The large space allows visitors the opportunity to enjoy the city before the concrete jungle. Frequent visitors come to the place for the great birding migration; this time of year is a great way to catch a plethora of avian species in their glory.

morikami japanese gardens


Arguably one of the best nature parks in all of South Florida, Morikami is a must-see nature park. Built by Japanese immigrants in the 1800s, this place is a piece of Japan in Boca Raton. The lovely nature trails that line the outside of the gardens themselves are covered in pine trees where huge iguanas love to dwell. Lake Biwa has a smaller pavilion where kids can swing on the swing set and enjoy some hotdogs over the cookout. Heading deeper into the area, you are met with a large Japanese-style building, which houses a gift shop and an interactive look into some Japanese history. The interior of the gardens themselves is MASSIVE, allowing visitors to get a personal look into Japanese culture and tradition. Beautiful bridges, shrines, and old-world Japanese buildings are some of the things you can expect when you visit this place. The place also houses waterfalls and some beautiful koi fish that people are allowed to feed with fish food. This nature park is no stranger to weddings and other celebratory events. Their lantern festival in the autumn is a popular event that brings many guests local and afar!

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