The Pros And Cons Of A Boca Raton Open House

pros and cons of open house

We get it! Selling a house is hard and even worse in a buyer’s market. When you’re thinking of how to make your home extra-attractive to a buyer, aside from living in our perfect enclave of Boca Raton, opening up your inner-sanctum to anyone off the street (who might not even wipe their shoes at the door) might push the boundaries of your comfort zone. However, at the same time, you never know if your buyer will happen to see your sign and visit on a lark. Here are the pros and cons of an open house in Boca Raton.

Pro: First Hand Knowledge

open house for realtors

No matter how gorgeous your pictures are, nothing can truly capture the essence of standing within the genuine article. The smells, the light, the sounds of footfalls on your tile. To the buyer, they can finally estimate the livability for themselves once stepping inside. Avoid waiting for someone to spy on your ad and call their agent by inviting them in without an appointment!

Con: Needing to Lock-Up Your China

china closet

We’ll admit it, we in Boca enjoy the finer things in life – inside and outside the home. If you’re concerned about your valuables, we recommend locking them away in a safe or locked cabinet or possibly taking them off-site until the end of the open house. Not every prized possession requires three men and a truck to slip away with and, while we’d like to expect the best of people, the specter of theft will remain above your open house in Boca Raton.

Pro: Save Time

save time

You may have had your home on the market for a week or a month, but each time your realtor stages a showing it always seems to be a dance to find a reason to be out of the house – especially on those pesky Saturday mornings when you’d rather just be in bed. Holding an open house for several hours at a time of your choosing does seem to be the most attractive option when your schedule is concerned and it will allow you to host the largest number of people within the shortest window of time.

Con: Too Many Unqualified Visitors

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You’ve done it. Your parents have done it. Your aunties have done it. On some lazy Saturday, usually after lunch, you’ve taken a drive to see some open houses. There’s no shame in it! It can be fun to get a feel for the market (even if you’re not planning to move) or see how the other half lives (but a bit voyeuristic). However, once you hold your own open house in the hopes of finally selling your Boca Raton home, you’ll have to contend with plenty of people who are not serious about buying but are happy to ogle your wares and track dirt in from the backyard.

Happy Hunting! 

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