The New Year's Resolutioner's Guide To Boca Raton

resolutioners guide to boca raton

There is quite a debate around New Year's Resolutions. For the more goal-oriented among us, they are a must and a means to a beginning into the next year. They are the stars that guide us in the direction we wish our lives to be. For the more... whimsical and realistic, sometimes New Year's Resolutions, though well-intended, represent a goalpost we will likely fall short of, setting the stage for disappointment. It's not that the standard is impossible, but like a small child at a dessert buffet, sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. The answer lies somewhere in the middle. New Year's Resolutions should not be about the result or the destination, but the journey and the process it takes to reach them. In that way, we inculcate better habits without setting ourselves up to fail, and while we're at it, become more comfortable with ourselves and the trajectory of our lives. We're not here to judge you or tell you what to strive for or how hard to work for it. You deserve to grow on your schedule, free from the leering eyes and burdensome gazes of those beyond your circle. We referenced this Forbes Article regarding the latest in 2024 New Year's Resolutions. Whatever your New Year's Resolution is, take it at your own pace, and see if any of these Boca Raton, places, people, and things can make your life a bit better every day.

new years resolutions by the numbers

New Year's 2024: By The Numbers 


In a survey conducted on Oct. 23, 2023 of 1,000 U.S. Adults, these results were taken from the study group regarding the attitudes and priorities of New Year's Resolutioners.

  • 62% felt pressured to set a New Year's Resolution.
  • 48% of respondents claimed improved fitness as their top priority in 2024.
  • 38% cited improved Mental Health as their top priority.
  • 20% of respondents claim they hold themselves accountable, a massive drop from 77% last year.
  • 80% feel confident they will reach their goals, with a slight nod to men over women.

And now, for the 5 most common New Year's Resolutions, and how to make good on them as a resident of Boca Raton!

new year's resolution - get fit

New Year's Resolution 1: Get Fit/Lose Weight

Again, as we've said above: we're not here to judge! We're simply here to provide the largest amount of people with the best quality information. The most common New Year's Resolutions all fall under this category. The top 5 goals according to Forbes almost all fit this category, with "stop smoking" and "improved diet" falling under this general umbrella. At risk of making this seem like a gym blog, here are a few ways to get going on your health goals this year!

For gyms, visit our blog: 4 Of The Best Gyms In Boca

For blogs on healthy eating and all the right spots to enjoy, visit these blogs below.

new year's resolution: improve my finances

New Year's Resolution 2: Improve My Finances

This is far more nuanced than the principles of fitness and healthy eating. While our bodies are different, there's always some commonality when it comes to fitness and dieting. Spinach is spinach unless you're allergic. With money, it's even more personal and nuanced. For our part, here are some of the best free, or incredibly affordable activities to enjoy the best of Boca Raton on a budget.

  • Visit the beach! Here is our Ultimate Guide to Boca Raton Beaches
  • Enjoy our public parks, like Sugar Sand and Red Reef Park
  • Visit the Boca Raton Historical Society
  • Stroll through Mizner Park and Royal Palm Place

We're not going to suggest any financial advisors, banks, or local money managers. Alternatively, there are courses on financial literacy offered at places like FAU. You can also reach out to the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA) Boca Raton chapter. They are a nonprofit dedicated to financial education and monetary wellness.

new year's resolution - improve mental health

New Year's Resolution 3: Improve Mental Health

Mental health has been on the decline in America for some time. Blame on whatever you wish, but it's a dark and entirely secret problem that is now further into the foreground of our national discourse. Like your money, we're not going to suggest therapists, treatments, or other clinical solutions to improve your mental health,  but we can share a few more... unofficial ways that have stood the test of time when improving your mental health.

Visit the Beach! Grounding and fresh air are tantamount to improving your mental health. There are a dozen or more picturesque spaces to enjoy our beachfront from north to south.

Volunteer at a local nonprofit, like Boca Helping Hands. It is a known fact that cheerfully serving others is a way to build value in our own lives. Also consider adopting a local pet from one of the shelters in our community, such as the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue.

Plant more flowers, add more houseplants, and brighten up your home. Visit our blog on Resilient Outdoor Plants here.

new year's resolutions: become a homeowner

New Year's Resolution 4: Become a Homeowner

Whether it's as an investment or a permanent residence, Boca Raton is a remarkable place to call home. If you're ready to jump from renter to homeowner, we have an incredible roster of talented and experienced Boca Raton Realtors to suit your needs!

Some of our suggested communities for first-time homeowners include, but are far from limited to:

For all things Boca Raton Real Estate, visit our site (you're here! or call our agents). 

new year's resolution - read more

New Year's Resolution 5: Read More

We thought that "travel more" didn't make much sense for a locally focused blog, so we've swapped the travels of the body with those of the mind. Reading has a special meaning when living on the beachfront, or under the swaying palms of a West Boca gated community. For readers, there are some outstanding options for buying, borrowing and enjoying books in Boca Raton. Beginning with Bookwise, a premier used bookstore in Boca Raton, and the Friends of the Boca Raton Public Library bookstore, which supports (you guessed it) our public library. Speaking of which, The Boca Raton Public Library is the flagship of our community's learning resources, with several rooms and multiple stories replete with popular and esoteric selections alike. 

We wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2024! 


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