The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Food In Boca Raton

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South Florida has always been a health-centric area of the country. With so many people moving to Boca Raton - particularly near the waterfront, living and looking out is just another part of our routine. best Plant-based cuisine has seen a rapid rise worldwide in the last decade. While always an undercurrent of our culture, the powerful information available and an abundance of vegan restaurants have given plant-based living exponential growth. It's not just rabbit food and a hippie diet anymore, and this incredible vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Boca Raton will show you what you're missing!

Parlour Vegan Bakery

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Parlour Vegan Bakery is one of the earliest and most enduring names in the South Florida vegan scene. With locations in Plantation and our very own Royal Palm Place, they've seen a steady growth from their initial perception as a cupcake and doughnut hotspot. Parlour Vegan Bakery also features delicious lattes, sandwiches, empanadas, and more! Their countertop is loaded with delicious sweet treats and savory options to balance it all out - all served with their handmade sauces.

Raw Addiction

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Raw Addiction is a multiple franchise location owned by family man Saifur Rahman, who after deepening his responsibilities as a father and adult, fell out of his healthiest habits. In an attempt to offer people on the go access to delicious, super clean juices, salads, and wraps, Raw Addiction was born. Raw Addiction specializes in acai bowls, smoothies, juices, and wraps and is one of the perfect ways to shirk fast food and get something clean and inviting while you're busy living your life.

Artichoke & Vine

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Artichoke & Vine offers a clear contrast to the grab-and-go countertop order style of Raw Addiction. This beautiful sit-down restaurant offers a wide selection of cuisines to choose from - with pizza, empanadas, seitan wings, and hummus to name a few from their appetizer menu. As a fully vegan restaurant, their kitchen and staff are as reticent as any regarding dietary needs, allergens, gluten-free, and whatever else your party needs to ensure the best dining experience. With well over 100 5 star Google Reviews, we're sure the Artichoke & Vine Vegan Restaurant will continue to please Boca Raton locals and visitors alike!

True Food Kitchen

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True Food Kitchen bills itself as a seasonal and health-focused restaurant. True Food is keenly focused on not just the relationship with its customers, but also the farmers, growers, and local communities delivering fresh food for their chefs. Featuring its rotational menus, its seasonal offerings draw inspiration from founder Dr. Andrew Weil, an integrative medicine doctor who created the antiinflammatory guidelines that True Food Kitchen follows to ensure the peak freshness and best possible quality in every bite. This in conjunction with their menu's adherence to est agrarian practices ensures True Food Kitchen is as sustainable and delicious as can be!

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