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the best smoothie bars in boca raton

South Florida is the natural attractant to healthy, fit people. The hot sun and year-round beach weather permit the less-than-shy to spend a remarkable amount of time in bikinis, board shorts, and workout gear. Nowhere (except maybe California) is there a greater presence of athleisure wear than in South Florida, and with its celebrity population, bustling fashion districts, and fitness subculture it's easy to see why. For those of you who struggle to eat breakfast, need a bigger boost in the morning, or simply want to enjoy the decadence of dessert without the guilt, look to the best smoothie and juice bars in Boca Raton for that healthy fix!

array of colored juices and fruits

PURLife Cafe

Purlife Cafe (formerly known as PurGreens) sits on one of the busiest corners of Mizner Park. The long-serving juice, wrap, and healthy bites cafe has been a staple of Mizner Park's bustle for more than 3 years, with its own high-end, trainer-focused gym on the premises as well. Alongside its terrific food, smoothie, and juice offerings, PurLife has hosted health-focused events and been a place for those living the lifestyle to gather.

ginger juice being blended

Pure green

Pure Green, not to be confused with the aforementioned, is one of the fastest-growing top-quality smoothie and juice bars in the entire country. With new locations reaching Parkland, South Beach, Aventura, and soon-to-be Mizner Park. Pure Green is renowned for its long-lasting, high-quality cold-pressed juices that have long served the likes of Space-X, The Hilton Hotels, major airports, transit corridors, and professional sports teams. With their expanding franchises, Pure Green is eager to bring the same value that the Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, and Boston Red Sox (among so many more) find in their products. Eat, drink, and train like the best at Pure Green!

blueberry smoothie

The Healthy Spot

The Healthy Spot is located in an adjoined but separate alcove of Busy Body Fitness in East Boca, just a few short minutes from our Beach Offices. Busy Body is a renowned gym for bodybuilders, strength competitors, and even wealthy locals. The need for a smoothie bar and menu that caters to elite athletes and foodies at once was the premise behind the Healthy Spot, whose decadent protein balls and even the most dessert-like of smoothies pack a nutritional punch to support the effort you're putting into being fit and eat clean. We recommend the Pralines and Cream!

acai bowl with granola and blueberry topping

SoBol Boca Raton

Sobol specializes in acai bowls, smoothies, and small bites. Unlike some acai bowl cafes, they blend their in-house acai base to ensure freshness at every layer. They pride themselves on their food quality and authenticity, with daily fresh fruit deliveries from local farmers, handmade granola, a choice of plant-based milks, and more. Their West Boca Location is closest, but Sobol locations are also found in Boynton Beach, Wellington, and Delray Beach.

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Living Green Cafe

Living Green Cafe is the most complete "restaurant" on our list, with a broader menu and more hot plates than the standard healthy bites and lite fare of the previous entries. Living Green includes smoothies and juices as part of its overarching menu of hot food, sandwiches, salads, and even a hot bar buffet for carryout. Their bold proclamation for quality ingredients includes their promise of no coloring, preservatives, vegetable oils, and artificial flavors.

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