The Best Pho and Ramen In Boca Raton | Where To Get Pho In Boca

the best pho and ramen in boca raton

Boca Raton has long been renowned for its trendy cocktail bars and exquisite cuisine. Thanks to South Florida's position as one of the biggest trending real estate markets in the country, people from around the world venture to visit and take residence in our beautiful beachfront community. Thankfully, their flavors tend to follow! Asian noodle bowls like the Japanese ramen and Vietnamese Pho have taken root in our hearts and carved their place in our local cuisine. Check out 5 of the best places to get pho and ramen in Boca Raton today!

Kapow Noodle Bar

pho in black bowl topped with greens

This trendy pan-Asian restaurant sits at the heart of Mizner Park, and seems to always be full of happy customers. Formed from a triumvirate of South Florida restauranteurs, this comic-themed contemporary Asian restaurant brings the vibrancy of South Florida to the modern twist of pan-Asian cuisine. Specializing in small plates, noodles, and shareables - Kapow is one of the most fun places to enjoy pho and ramen in Boca Raton.

Basilic Vietnamese Grill

ramen with corn and soy base

Perhaps the most purely Vietnamese place to get pho in Boca Raton, Basilic has a longstanding tradition of being one of the foremost East Asian restaurants in Boca Raton. Situated off U.S. 1 in the Mizner Park area, this unassuming tan-painted corner restaurant has one of the most exciting to-go options anywhere in the area - with a semi-DIY take home pho that's to die for!

Ramen Lab Eatery

pho with cilantro and lime wedges

Like its namesake suggests Ramen Lab is much more ramen than pho, with their menu favoring traditional Japanese style noodle bowls, spices and flavors. Their woodear mushrooms add a riveting chewy-crunch to their ramen bowls, and the boba tea offerings give it that exciting Tokyo vibe that's one part tradition, one part modern. Lastly, don't forget their contemporary appetizers to get your meal started!

Dragon Pho express

pho bowl with scallions

A pho and boba eatery with that hole-in-the-wall charm just a few steps from FAU, Dragon Pho express is a local favorite that gets less love than its more corporatized or main-street based counterparts. Rest assured, Dragon Pho express is known for its fabulous service and even better flavors, catering both to new pho eaters and veterans of Vietnamese cuisine alike.

Pho Boca

pho on bamboo table

These folks take their pho seriously - with a stated commitment to create healthy, traditional Vietnamese noodle bowls, banh mi, and other localized favorites. Their noodle bowls, wok plates, and appetizers utilize the highest grade meats, limiting cholesterol while sourcing local fresh fruit & vegetables. For a truly localized take on a global classic, try Pho Boca.

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