The Best Donuts In Boca | 4 Local Donut Shops to Visit

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Off the beaten path, lie a few places that contain some of the best food on this side of Palm Beach County. Here in Boca, the word "donut" is synonymous with Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks. It's a given that anyone would suggest those global brands as the ideal place to grab some delicious, sweet treats or an afternoon snack, but did you know that there lie 4 donut places in Boca worthy of taking a gander? Truthfully, these places undeniably put America's best-known donut shops on the back burner, and for good reason; craft donuts have become an ever-increasing trend in the U.S. and more people are doing extensive research into finding the best donut around. If you're a Boca native, these best 4 places in our beloved city deserve a place in your heart (or stomach.)

Parlour Vegan Bakery

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Anyone who is familiar with this place knows its specialty in fine vegan foods. Parlour specializes in making vegan food DELICIOUS and it is. Ranging from a menu of their city-famous empanadas, chocolate chip cookie dough cookies, Jamaican "beef" patties, and an assortment of lattes and teas, this place also serves up some of the best donuts in Boca Raton. With their seasonal selection of flavors, Parlour makes sure never to skimp on flavor despite its lack of sinful components. The "Chocolate Glazed Donut" alone is worth coming for. Being a gluten-free selection, how can you go wrong? While donuts are not necessarily Parlour's sole focus, their "Churro Donut" that came out for Cinco de Mayo hit the traditional flavor on the head. These hidden gems are worthy of praise, and you'll go home satisfied knowing you went vegan for a day. 

Jodi's cupcakes & more

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Locally family-owned & operated, Jodi's Cupcakes & more primarily focuses on cupcakes, layer cakes, and cake pops, but is sure to put the 'more' in "& more." Jodi's line features conventional flavors and a decadent line of special creations such as "The New Yorker," "Elvis," and "Campfire Cupcake." For many locals living in Boca Raton, Jodi's Cupcakes is their go-to for catering and birthday parties.

Duck Donuts 

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This place redefines the grand standard of how donuts SHOULD be made. Opening up a couple of years ago in the prestigious Polo Club Shoppes located on Champion Blvd and Military Trail, Duck is a tiny duckling amidst its neighbors. With that being said, there is nothing about this place that leaves you thinking their presence is small. Being made fresh to order in front of you, the smells permeating this place are simply amazing. Their rich, cakey vanilla interior is a delicious experience from the first bite to the last. With over 20 flavors, this top donut place in Boca is a juggernaut within the craft donut community. With their made-to-order promise, the glaze you select will be warm, and gooey and keep you coming back to try all the unique flavors they offer. 

Dandee Donut Factory

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The Dandee Donut Factory is a mainstay of South Florida's local business climate. With multiple locations, including the nearest in adjacent Deerfield Beach, and a longstanding positive reputation with the locals, Dandee Donuts is as good for a rare treat as it is for your go-to morning breakfast run. The Dandee Donut Factory also features an entire breakfast menu and fresh, delicious coffee. Dandee Donuts are as popular with the sunrise commuter as they are with the late-night club-goers, supplanting the traditional big-chain eateries for when you need that sweet fix at a good price. 

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