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boca raton art museum festival 2023

The Boca Raton Museum of Art is one of the preeminent fixtures among our annual slate of public events. For seven decades, the museum has served our community as the ultimate centrifuge of arts & culture, hosting clinics, exhibits, and its own art school. Combining a global reach with a local focus, the Boca Raton Museum of Art is a pillar of our creative force and our growth as an artistic community. Without the centuries of colonial-era artwork that preceded much of Florida's current landscape, much of "Floridian" art has been inspired by local flora and fauna and manifested in the 20th century through today.

Beginning with Addizon Mizner's development of what is now downtown Boca - home to magnificent condos like 200 East, Alina Residences, and more, Boca Raton has grown to become a cultural hotspot in one of the younger states on the Eastern Seaboard. The Boca Raton Museum Art Festival is a celebration of our artistic community and the many works that have graced these halls in years past. Without further ado, learn more about the 36th Annual Boca Raton Museum Art Festival, what's expected, and why you should check it out!


Where & When?

The Festival will take place on February 4th & 5th at Mizner Park from 10 AM to 5 PM. It is the only festival affiliated with the museum and the only one permitted to encompass the entire park. This massive festival draws between 40,000 - 60,000 art enthusiasts to peruse the more than 170 artists and artisans who have been selected to showcase their work. The festival is as much of a draw for art buyers as it is for general visitors.

The Mizner Park Amphitheatre will include a presence from local restaurants and food trucks in addition to the many delightful restaurants and superb upscale offerings found in and around Mizner Park. For an even greater selection, Royal Palm Place lies just a few steps to the south, giving even more dining options for visitors - along with hosting some of the finest private galleries and public works in the area. 

3d printed artwork

More Events at the festival

With over 170 artists and artisans representing dozens of styles, mediums, and inspirations, there is sure to be something to behold for everyone. Included among the festivities will be a demonstration by Mariana Monteagudo about the art of paperclay, a 3D printing ceramic coil building workshop, slip casting ceramics, plein air painting, and even the art of Japanese floristry. 

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