The Best Father's Day Events In Boca Raton | Things To Do This Father's Day (2024)

fathers day in boca raton

In the shadow of Mother's Day, our fathers are often the unsung heroes of our families. Stoic, courageous, and hardworking, the dads in our lives helped instill the discipline and values that perfectly complement the nurture and kindness our mothers bring to our lives. Whatever Dad does and wherever he lives, our dads are the blue-collar workers of the home. They are the first line of defense against palmetto bugs, always there for the yard work in the scorching heat,  and the first to pick you up after a day at the principal's office. For the many reasons above and many, many, more - we take a Sunday in June to celebrate and spend time with our leader, first friend, coach, and guardian. For the best Father's Day events and things to do in Boca Raton, today's blog will showcase some of these fine events, brunches, and great deals around town for your #1 man!

classic car show mizner park

Classic Car Show at Mizner Park - Boca Raton

One of the ultimate annual events nearing its 15th Father's Day installment, The annual Mizner Park Classic Car Show is hosted by ECJ Luxe, an upscale jeweler and tenant of this lovely outdoor space. You don't have to be the child of a mechanic to have a love for classic cars. This showcase of American muscle is sure to have Dad spinning yarns of his youth, reminiscing about the power of these riveting vehicles. With numerous...

Where To Find The Best Sushi In Boca Raton | Best Sushi Near Me

sushi in boca raton 2024

In 2021, we wrote a wildly successful blog showcasing some of our favorite sushi restaurants in Boca Raton. From the fine dining experiences and Hibachi houses to the best everyday sushi spots to stop for a work lunch, our blog was visited and read through tens of thousands of times in the years that followed. However, as prideful as we are regarding the fanfare of that previous blog, the winds of change are always blowing strong in Boca Raton. With new residents, comes new money, new demands, and a cadre of forward-thinking restauranteurs drawing from every corner of the globe to ply their trade at our many fine restaurants. Today's blog seeks to update our prior entry surrounding the best sushi in Boca Raton, featuring new players on the scene and some of our very favorite spots from Downtown to the western reaches of the city limits. It's time to get started, and find out where your next favorite sushi spot can be found!

Stay tuned as we intend to add more entries and update as the days ahead unfold!

alleycat izakaya

Alleycat Izakaya

Alleycat Izakaya, a prominent name in the resplendent selection of Sushi hotspots in Downtown Boca Raton, has recently relocated directly to Palmetto Park Road. With their grand re-opening and ribbon-cutting event, hosted by The Gab Group, Alleycat Izakaya is an upscale, but unpretentious...

The Top Rated Boca Raton Restaurants For Foodies

the top boca restaurants for foodies

Boca Raton's restaurant scene provides outstanding options for all manner of consumers. From the sushi addict to the gastropub diner, craft beer lover, and fine dining aficionado, there's something for everyone in this remarkable city. A "foodie" is a relatively modern term, used to describe someone who shares a few defining qualities. Foodies are predominantly defined by their desire to explore new culinary horizons, try new foods, recognize the presentation, and take part in the total sensory experience. With that in mind, our list doesn't necessarily catalog the highest-rated restaurants in general, whether by Zagat or Chef's accolades, but instead focuses on restaurants that bring innovation and excitement to already delectable offerings. For those seeking to expand their mind, and their palate, look no further than the top Boca Raton restaurants for foodies.

french gazebo dover sole

The French Gazebo

Located near The Rogers House Condos, The French Gazebo is one of a few fabulous French restaurants in Boca Raton. Less fine dining focused than the nearby La Nouvelle Maison, The French Gazebo is a gorgeous expression of French restaurant culture, from the powdery blue walls and fine chandeliers...

Boca Raton History Part 3: Addison Mizner, The Land Boom, and The Great Depression

boca raton history part 3 - addison mizner and the land boom

Images and sources were provided in partnership and with immense gratitude to the Boca Raton Historical Society.

In the annals of Boca Raton's young history, the city has seen many historically significant names pass through its ranks. Today, the city is renowned for its gorgeous white sand beaches, remarkable luxury, and thriving business climate. From its initial groundbreaking via the likes of Henry Flagler and his agent, Thomas Moore Rickards, Boca Raton went from an untamed wetland to a global resort destination in less than a century. There are several crucial events from the late 19th century forward that deserve the attribution of success from Boca Raton historians: The importance of Boca Raton during the Second World War, establishing the lone RADAR school which led to the defeat of Nazi Germany among other factors. Then there is the IBM campus, where the personal computer (PC) was invented during Project Acorn, a major development in a city not among the first when "tech capitals" come to mind. The Yamato Colony of 1903, spearheaded by Jo Sakai left an indelible presence and one of the most majestic sanctuaries in South Florida. These names and events all played a crucial role in the ascension of one of South Florida's finest cities, but perhaps none played a bigger role than Addison Mizner. A short drive around Downtown Boca Raton will yield dozens of examples of his namesake. Whether that be on luxurious condos like Mizner Court...

Cinco De Mayo Parties In Boca Raton | Cinco De Mayo Events Near Me (2024)

cinco de mayo events in 2024

Viva la Fiesta! Today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog is here to give you the lowdown on the things to do, places to see, and the best-tasting margaritas, tacos, and salsas in Boca Raton and the surrounding area. As one of our favorite imported holidays, The Battle of Puebla has become so much more to the American public than a significant event in the annals of Mexican history. Beyond a great sales day for tequila companies, Cinco de Mayo is a terrific opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the finest cuisine and nightlife in Boca Raton. For our part, we're sharing some of our top choices to enjoy this wonderful holiday! As always, we urge everyone (especially on a day like Cinco de Mayo) to party responsibly, drive safely, and know your limitations.

naked taco boca raton cinco party 2024

Cinco De Mayo at The Naked Taco - Boca Raton

Amidst a crowded field of semi-upscale taquerias geared more towards fusion cuisine and margaritas than a dedication to authentic Mexican, The Naked Taco is a surefire bet for a great time on Cinco de Mayo. With locations across the county, including Coconut Creek and Boca Raton, this trendy eatery is the brainchild of Chef Ralph Pagano. With a year-round Dia de Los Muertos theme, vegan and vegetarian options, and scintillating margaritas, this West Boca...

Mother's Day Brunches & Events In Boca Raton | Your Guide To Mother's Day (2024)

mothers day brunches in boca raton (2024)

It's time once again to celebrate the women who made us who we are. Our Mothers are the first people we meet on this planet, the first shoulder to cry on, the one who was always there for scraped knees, half-days, and our first breakup. Needless to say, there is not enough to do in a lifetime to truly thank these incredible women for the work they put into our lives, and that of our community. When someone says "it takes a village," they're referring in part to the many roles our mother's and our neighborhood moms have served to enrich and protect our future. From scout leader, to t-ball mom, chef, nurse, therapist, and yes, sometimes a drill Sargeant, is there anything these women can't do? Today, as we do every year, we feature the most elegant and prominent locales to show mom a little bit of love, after the lifetime she's given you. Read on and be sure to RSVP quickly! These spots are sure to fill up. 

mothers day at abe and louies

Sumptuous Mother's Day Brunch at Abe & Louie's - Boca Raton

  • Price not Shown

We didn't call it sumptuous, they did! But with everything we know about Abe & Louie's, one of the best steakhouses in Boca Raton, we're excited to add Abe & Louie's to a list of usual entrants on our annual Mother's Day list. Renowned for its succulent steaks, wine list,...

Boca Raton Solar Power Pros and Cons | Is It Time To Invest In Solar?

solar power pros and cons

With the sometimes not-so-subtle push of green policies from our national politicians and our innate desire to do better and save money, it's no wonder the Sunshine State has been a hotbed (no pun intended) for a flurry of solar panels to adorn our open fields and rooftops. With tax incentives and nascent businesses across the board looking to put a dent in the demand for solar technology, we were eager to do our research and learn what experiences our agents and their past clients have had with this young but key technology. While solar panels have existed for a long time, we are still very much in the advent-phase for solar, as the current assemblage and efficiency of the technology is limited. Most famously, the German Energiewende stands as one of the remarkable calamities of green energy policy, showing the difference between well-meaning politicians and actual scientists grounded in the reality of solar's current state.Today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog gives a general and unbiased overview of the state of solar, its pros, cons, and whether your rooftop is apt for adding more power to your home with our galaxy's most significant commodity.

the sun beaming across a yellow background

Pro: Makes Use Of Our Largest Source of Power

We can't exist without the sun! While colder climes and more temperate regions may suffer from droughts of overcast weather, the beautiful Boca Raton sunshine stands...

Who Are The Key Players In A Real Estate Transaction?

who are the real players in a real estate transaction?

Like the players on a field, we list out the usual suspects that participate and facilitate in a real estate transaction. Through today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we'll review the title, role, and expectations of each of these key members you're likely to contact when buying a Boca Raton home for sale. Some of these may be core essentials, while other members may be called in to rectify certain problems or address disputes. Just like it's easier to play chess when you know the purpose and movement of each piece, the same goes for all things in business - your real estate transaction is not excluded. Read further, and learn who's who in your home buying or selling process.

real estate buyer


The buyer is the first person to dive into the market following the trail to their dream home. A buyer and seller are like yin and yang, and without one, the transfer of property would either be a donation or confiscation. Buyers often wield more power than sellers since they are not tethered to the home that is being listed, and can freely scrutinize the area within their price range. Their activity, or lack thereof upon viewing a property is the impetus for sellers to adjust pricing, seek renovations, and work to compromise. In addition, there are typically more buyer's agents than seller's agents among those who specialize in one side of the deal, as it's...

Boca Raton Real Estate Quarterly Market Update | (Q1 2024)

boca raton quarterly market update (q1)

It's been a wild few years in Post-Pandemic America, and with it, the downstream macroeconomic effects impacting all of us.  Boca Raton Real Estate, and South Florida as a whole is so sought after that it remains somewhat insulated from national calamities and rate increases. However, condo assessments, the staggering price of everyday goods, and the shortage of affordable housing have all had an impact on both our economic picture and the individual circumstances of buyers and sellers. The four metrics below paint a sufficient picture to speculate on the driving forces behind these numbers and how they may impact your outlook today and into the near future.

Please note: All commentary and reflections on this blog are informed opinions, and should not constitute actionable financial, legal, or any form of advice otherwise. 

boca average listing price (q1, 2024)

Average Listing Price

  • 04/01/2024 - $1,515,073 | +2.41% Increase

Listing prices can sometimes reflect a disconnect between sellers, buyers, and the timeline of macroeconomic events that impact the overall price of housing. Though Boca Raton, and South Florida as a whole are often more insulated from financial calamities at the national...

The Ultimate Guide To Placemaking

the ultimate guide to placemaking

As Realtors, we have a unique opportunity to participate in our community at several levels. Our understanding of the housing market, the needs of the people, and our connection to many adjacent parties are all assets to civic engagement. We have an understanding and a network that spans the worlds of local government and home design, along with numerous charitable opportunities to give back with our hands, heart, and wallets. Placemaking is one of the ways that our roles as professionals and members of our community begin to blur into one. It is an opportunity to leverage our talents and goodwill to create something unifying and lasting. In today's blog, we'll review this relatively new but growing term in city planning, what it is, and how you can get involved.

placemaking defined

Placemaking: Defined

The Project for Public Spaces defines placemaking as "a participatory process for shaping public space that harnesses the ideas and assets of the people who use it." Commonly seen in communities experiencing urban renewal and revitalization, it is an intentional project that intends to create a shared public space to bring people together and keep them active. Placemaking aims to create public spaces that are equal parts accessible, comfortable, safe, welcoming,...

The Top 5 Most Family Friendly Neighborhoods In Boca Raton

5 most family friendly neighborhoods in boca raton

With a sterling record of public safety, top-notch school district, and numerous recreational opportunities for all ages, Boca Raton Real Estate is among the very best suited for young, growing families. Despite the city's longstanding reputation as a second-home mecca and destination for retirees, Boca Raton has recently taken on a mishmash of FAU grads, young relocating families, and talented entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of the vibrant lifestyle and competitive business sector the city has painstakingly created for its citizens. To learn what 5 of the many family-friendly neighborhoods are in Boca Raton, enjoy today's blog. Keep in mind that these are largely subjective choices brought on by experience and the word of our own resident Realtors, their friends, and clientele. What's best for you may not be on this list, but we endeavor to bring you relevant, valuable information nonetheless. Looking to buy a single family home in Boca Raton? Start with these 5 beautiful family-friendly communities.

boca chase

Boca Chase

The massive Boca Chase is one of the most family-friendly communities in West Boca. With over 1,400 homes and villas spread across 15 unique subdivisions, Boca Chase provides a safe environment for children to venture outside and play. With a large, horseshoe-shaped main road, it's easy to see incoming traffic, keeping kids safe as they venture further from the home. Despite sitting off a main road, there are very few commercial centers...

St. Patrick's Day Events In Boca Raton | St. Patrick's Day Parties Near Me (2024)

st patricks day boca 2024

Boca Raton may not be renowned for its strong Irish influence, but it is never short on unique hospitality opportunities to get out and live your best. With the many transplants from Boston, Philadelphia, and even overseas, there is plenty afoot for Emerald-clad revelers to enjoy the weekend ahead. Today's St. Patrick's Day-focused blog will incorporate public events, pubs, family-friendly, and nightlife all into one comprehensive guide to St. Patrick's Day events in Boca Raton! Read on and set your calendar, and be sure to have your green wardrobe ready!

The Inaugural Proper St. Paddy's Day Celebration at Mizner Park 

The headline event for this year's Boca Raton St. Patrick's Day is the Proper St. Paddy's Day Celebration. This all-day celebration will occur from 12 PM to 10 AM on Sunday, March 17th. Like most holiday celebrations in Downtown Boca, this event will take place at the Mizner Park Amphitheatre. General Admission is free and includes a bevy of family-friendly and elevated experiences. Proper St. Paddy's Day will include live music, traditional Irish performances such as bagpipes, Irish dancers, and a live DJ. For children, face painting, an obstacle course, bounce houses, and arts and crafts are available. For the adults, there are a variety of handcrafted goods for sale, specialty craft cocktails, and even a "dry bar" featuring Guinness 0.0 or mocktails, for those who hold the keys. 

Irish whiskey on the rocks...

Boca Raton Easter Brunch | Where To Celebrate Easter Sunday In Boca Raton (2024)

Easter Brunch in Boca Raton 2024 edition

2024 has been off to a delightful start! With beautiful seasonal weather carrying the day (at least the day of this writing) we're eager and excited for a fruitful spring. As always, Easter Sunday is a keynote holiday and one of the only internationally celebrated holidays between March & May. For today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we present a round-up of some of the most elegant and mouthwatering Easter Sunday Brunches from our epicenter in Boca Raton throughout the greater Palm Beach area. Read on and learn more to set your reservations and pick out your best pastels. It's time for Easter!

marisol easter brunch at the boca raton

Marisol at the Boca Raton - Boca Raton

Marisol is but one of the fine establishments found at The Boca Raton, the famous resort & club founded and dreamed by Addison Mizner. Marisol will offer its very own brunch buffet menu from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Far from a basic buffet, Marisol incorporates a bevy of global flavors into a menu of finely procured, upscale dishes. Such examples include the Caribbean crab benedict, shakshuka, bread pudding french toast, and as always a fine assortment of handcrafted pastries and donuts.

easter brunch at the addison

Easter Brunch at The Addison...

Popular Boca Raton Home Renovations For Retirement

popular renovations for retirement

Retirement is sure to be a significant shift in your life. From daily labor to mornings on your lanai, the sweet fruits of decades of work have finally come to fruition. While the purpose and meaning of your life are sure to change, and with it your investments of time, money, and effort, don't neglect the potential your home may have for these popular retirement renovations. Whether to accommodate a health concern or make your home office more... recreational, ponder these exciting and popular home renovations for retirement in today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog.

home office remodel

Convert a Bedroom Into A Home Office

Whether you're fully retired, dabbling in work, or simply enjoying the game from your home office TV, this is one of the most commonplace renovations retirees in Boca Raton make. The den is the ultimate flex room, and like Madonna's looks over the years, changes dramatically depending on the decade. It may begin as a den, then converted to a bedroom for the next child on the way, only to find its way back into the hands of the original homeowners (the retirees) once again. What may have once been a place for toy storage and early childhood enrichment before bringing that last child into the world can now return to the multiuse, customizable den. Whether as an office, trophy room, study, or indoor lounge space, this is the first room you'll look to flex when you're an empty nester.


The Best Outdoor Activities In Boca Raton | Boca Raton Outdoor Recreation

best outdoor activities in boca raton

Boca Raton is an absolute paradise for nature lovers, beachgoers, and outdoor enthusiasts. With a rich selection of public parks and several renowned beaches, there's always something to do outside in Boca Raton while the sun shines and the sea breeze is blowing. For many, "outdoor activities" could be as simple as going for a walk or a quick drive and finding your own space of sun and sand to enjoy, but for our Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we're eager to share some of our favorite ideas for the best outdoor activities in Boca Raton.

a view of the  mizner park central promenade

Take A Jaunt Through Mizner Park

Mizner Park is the perfect gathering point for all downtown Boca activities. Whether it be a fine dinner before a riveting night out, a place to start or end your jog, or just a place to sip a coffee and enjoy the sights, there's a reason Mizner Park is named for our most stylish and historic residents. Mizner Park isn't quite a "natural" activity, in the sense that it resembles one of our beachfront parks or protected woodlands, but it is an indoor/outdoor setting that allows for a multitude of activities to center within. The Amphitheatre, named for famed donors the Count and Countess deHoernle, is the ultimate multiuse space, where seasonal festivals, special events, and evening concerts take place.

south inlet park entrance...

A List Of Helipads And Private Airfields In Boca Raton

airstrip and helipad boca

Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Miami Beach are three waterfront cities renowned for their concentration of wealth. Both for vacationers and residents, this luxurious triumvirate represents some of the most sought after real estate in the world. With wealthy businesspeople, upcoming entrepreneurs, and retired millionaires dotting the landscape, it's no wonder there are numerous opportunities for the aviation-enthused to live their best in the skies. In today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we shed light on the majority if not all local airstrips, hangars, helipads, and service stations for your helicopter or airplane. 

private airport in boca raton area

The following is a list of known airplane hangars, maintenance bays, landing strips, and fuel depots for private aviation.

Boca Raton Executive Airport (BCT)

The largest and closest to our offices, the Boca Raton Executive Airport services the majority of inbound private flights. Built on a portion of the former Boca Raton Army Air Force Base, BCT is now the main hub for private aviation in Boca Raton.


The 4-terminal midpoint between Palm Beach International and Miami, Fort Lauderdale International (FLL) includes rentable hangar space via the Fort Lauderdale Executive Jet Center (FXE) along with private charters outbound...

5 Hot Boca Raton Nightlife Spots To Visit This Weekend | Boca Raton Lifestyle

nightlife server with shots and beers on tray

Boca Raton may not have the raucous club scene found in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, but that doesn't mean the city doesn't have numerous locales for late-night fun. From swanky cocktail bars to seeing your favorite jam band and sipping a cold one, Boca Raton has many hotspots to hit with new visitors and locals alike. For our blog, we list 5 of our favorite spots to experience, with an emphasis on versatility. We don't want all 5 entries to represent one bracket, one style, and one type of night out. Worry not! Our list, and these clubs, represent the spice of life we're looking for on a late-night soiree. Here are 5 hot nightlife spots in Boca Raton to suit just about everyone.

Crazy Uncle Mike's

Crazy Uncle Mikes

Crazy Uncle Mike's is located in East-Central Boca along US-1, in a convenient and easily noticable location. Catering to fans of all ages and a variety of musical styles, Crazy Uncle Mike's also includes its own microbrewery, two bars, and an outdoor deck for the smokers among us. A spot popular among Blues fans, Jam bands, and avant-garde styles, Crazy Uncle Mike's may not be the hard-hitting club experience like some, but it is now a staple of Boca Raton nightlife, and a stage worth enjoying.

salt and spirits...

The 5 Largest Companies Headquartered In Boca Raton

who are the 5 largest companies in boca raton

Over the past few decades, Boca Raton has transformed from a waterfront gem to a bustling entrepreneurial hotbed. This growth has only compounded in the past few years, with the city and state vying for both new startup opportunists and major corporate relocations. While there are many mom & pop businesses, local nooks, and special legacy companies that built their brand in Boca Raton, for our blog we focus on the biggest, the richest, and the most significant employers in Boca Raton. Learn a little bit more about these international names and their significance to our city, and the economy as a whole.

tyco integrated security logo

Tyco Integrated Security

  • HQ - 6600 Congress Ave. Boca Raton, FL 33487

Tyco Integrated Security is the single largest company headquartered in Boca Raton. The company can trace its founding to the earliest days of commercial security in the United States, launching in 1874. After merging with ADT in 1997, the company grew to become one of the largest security providers in the world, eventually splitting into three companies in 2011. As of 2012, Tyco Integrated Security spearheads residential and commercial security systems solutions, which include electronic security products such as supporting software and integrated hardware, along with their installation and service. The company currently has over 200 North American offices with over 10,000...

The Impact Of Neighborhood Amenities On Boca Home Value

impact of neighborhood amenities in boca raton

When searching for new homes for sale in Boca Raton, amenities are certainly tertiary compared to major concerns such as safety and the home itself. However, beyond your home, the first thing a development will advertise are its list of amenities, common areas, and shared experiences. These luxurious additions are even more magnified in the Boca Raton condo market, where there is less individuality to sell per unit, and often many more amenities within a smaller space. While there may be larger determinants for valuing a Boca home, amenities play a major role in the decisions of who are often big money buyers. Buyers with more liquid capital can not only choose from a wider range of Boca Raton communities, they can also make changes to their homes as needed. With more necessities accounted for and less concern for the basics, amenities play a bigger role in higher-income communities. In today's blog, we'll shed light and share what we know about the role amenities play in the value of your Boca home, and community as a whole.

all inclusive lifestyle at home

Upscale Amenities Are Part of An All-Inclusive Lifestyle

Many Boca Raton communities are renowned for their all-inclusive lifestyle, featuring the basics like cable and lawn care to upscale frills like ...

The New Year's Resolutioner's Guide To Boca Raton

resolutioners guide to boca raton

There is quite a debate around New Year's Resolutions. For the more goal-oriented among us, they are a must and a means to a beginning into the next year. They are the stars that guide us in the direction we wish our lives to be. For the more... whimsical and realistic, sometimes New Year's Resolutions, though well-intended, represent a goalpost we will likely fall short of, setting the stage for disappointment. It's not that the standard is impossible, but like a small child at a dessert buffet, sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. The answer lies somewhere in the middle. New Year's Resolutions should not be about the result or the destination, but the journey and the process it takes to reach them. In that way, we inculcate better habits without setting ourselves up to fail, and while we're at it, become more comfortable with ourselves and the trajectory of our lives. We're not here to judge you or tell you what to strive for or how hard to work for it. You deserve to grow on your schedule, free from the leering eyes and burdensome gazes of those beyond your circle. We referenced this Forbes Article regarding the latest in 2024 New Year's Resolutions. Whatever your New Year's Resolution is, take it at your own pace, and see if any of these Boca Raton, places, people, and things can make your life a bit better every day.

new years resolutions by the numbers