Spring Cleaning In Boca Raton | 5 Tips to Rejuvenate Your Boca Home

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The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming – it’s time for Spring Cleaning! Now, to the Boca homeowner, this may describe spring, summer, autumn, and winter. However, “Year-Long Cleaning” feels like non-stop chores. Nevertheless, here are our top 5 spring cleaning tips for your Boca Raton home!

#1 Change Your HVAC Filters

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It’s no coincidence that Florida became more populous around the same time A/C became cheaper and more commonplace. With temperatures that can hover around 83 degrees Fahrenheit on an August night, we Boca homeowners run our HVAC systems 24-hours a day. That means constant air circulation that will clog your HVAC Filters with hair, dust, and our infamous pollen. Forgot to change your filters every three months? Prepare yourself for a bitter reminder as your electricity costs continue to creep as your central unit works harder and harder to keep your home habitable!

#2 Power Washing

power washing deck

Florida’s famous rainy season, about June through September, brings thunderstorms and showers on a near daily basis. With your gutters catching some of our annual 54 inches in precipitation per year, you’re bound to get a bad imitation of a Rothko on your stucco. Got a driveway with cement or pavers? All the dirt from your car’s tires and our fertile soil will make their home in their nooks and crannies following one of our signature deluges. Thankfully, your local Home Depot or Lowes will rent you a heavy duty 4500 PSI pressure washer for the day to pulverize all that dirt, grime, and mildew. If you’re not keen on DIY, almost any landscaping company will be happy to do it for your Boca Raton home!

#3 Vacuum Your Mattress

vacuuming mattress

Those of us who suffer from dust and pollen allergies will be well served by an annual once-over of our mattress. We spend a third of our life on it, after all! This tends to be one of the most overlooked spring cleaning tips. Florida’s pollen seasons are among the most brutal in the country. Those of us who suffer through them and soldier on eventually enjoy the bucolic spring and summer times, but that pesky pollen can make it into your mattress and find ways to bring chaos to your peaceful slumber.

#4 Your Garage is For Your Car

garage with red car inside

Is your car catching more rays in your driveway than you do at the beach? Careful, or that fresh paint job will fade into a distant memory. Many of us still use our (mostly) non-airconditioned garages as storage for all manner of nostalgia or rarely used items. But these are Boca Raton homes, not your average orange storage locker! Services like Dr. Junk are ready and able to help you throw out the Christmas tree you only used once, for a fee. Additionally, local thrift stores, like Faith Farm, will be happy to pick up your old furniture, toys, tools, and books free of charge! Your car will thank you!

#5 Evict the Termites

termite protection under tree

We may build most of our homes with concrete blocks, but wood remains ubiquitous on the inside. Save yourself months or years of headaches by scheduling a yearly termite inspection, if your home’s wood is untreated/unbonded. Like our other pests, termites thrive in our humid Floridian environment and your home is their cheeseburger in paradise.

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