South Florida Mosquito Control | 4 Ways To Protect Your Boca Home

4 ways to fight back against mosquitos

Nothing says summer more than exotic cocktails, sunsets on the beach, and the smell of smoked meats in every backyard. Summer is ultimately one of the reasons so many natives love our state. The closest thing before the Caribbean, South Florida is a nice introduction into the island vibe mentality. With tourism more in the fall/winter season, the roads, beaches, and avenues aren't jam-packed, letting the natives have some time to enjoy. Where summer is--the heat is sure to follow, and as every resident knows, the heat can be absolutely unbearable. The rainy season can rear its ugly season, and within an instant, the rain pours down--only to become sunny again minutes later!

South Florida is indeed a tropical paradise, but not all paradises come without troubles, too. You're grilling out in the backyard during dusk; the smell is lovely, the beer is flowing, and the atmosphere is ideal. Things go as planned and your soiree is an instant success...except for one thing: mosquitoes. Yes, the one thing most of us absolutely detest more than any insect that exists on this earth. South Florida natives know that mosquitoes are absolute killjoys during the summer season, and a lot of natives refuse to go outside because of it. With that being said, not all is completely lost! There is a multitude of ways you can experience the best of the summer season, without being bitten to death! These simple tips will reduce your bites and stay safe.

Eliminate Standing Water

standing water
It may seem foolish on a grand scheme, but having excess, standing water in or around your yard can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. As kids, we all have at some point looked into a puddle of standing water and seen hundreds of tiny larvae floating atop. As children, we probably thought to a certain degree it was cool, but little did we know, it was a haven for the adult bloodsuckers that annoy us. Common things like birdbaths, trashcan lids, flowerpots, and kiddie pools can be an ideal spot for mosquitoes to start breeding. Be sure to avoid anything that collects water, and if you do own a birdbath, change the water quite frequently to avoid any water from going stagnant; stagnant water is optimal for mosquitoes, and they quite enjoy dirty water. Also, storing any containers you have upside-down will reduce the chances of water from collecting.

Utilize Outdoor Fans

outdoor fan

You are probably thinking, "how is a fan really going to stop bites?" Well, to a certain extent, your inner monologue has every right to question this, but fans are in reality one of the easiest ways to keep them at bay. Mosquitoes are by nature terrible fliers; in fact, they're really bad. Bars and restaurants here in South Florida are no stranger to fans. But there is a reason for this. Fans, whether standing or installed actually prevent them from completing their heinous assault on your skin. Because mosquitoes are not adept at flying, they tend to fly closer to the ground. A standing fan can be your greatest ally when having to host those Fourth of July BBQs

Avoid Overexposure At Dusk and Dawn


That's right, even these flying nightmares crave meals at a certain time. Dusk and dawn are typically the preferred times mosquitoes make their way into your yard. South Florida's nightlife before the night starts to come out, and that's prime time for mosquitoes. But why are they so punctual in terms of times? It turns out that wind dissipates during the evening, and because mosquitoes are terrible in the air, they can fly freely without resistance.

Use Aerosol and Spray Insect Repellent

spraying insect repellent

Probably the most common way to avoid bites on this list but spraying yourself with insect repellent can drastically reduce bites. Even if you are wary of the infamous DEET, other options pose less of a risk. Oils with lemon and eucalyptus are a great alternative to DEET.  The ingredients on the back of mosquito repellent do, in fact, contain amounts of lemon eucalyptus. Having these oils on hand gives you the option to lather up before a day out. As an EPA registered repellent, lemon eucalyptus can provide up to 100% protection for up to 12 hours.

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