Revealing The Top Turnoffs For Boca Home Buyers

the top turnoffs for home buyers

Home buyers may have vastly different needs. After all, a burgeoning young family and a successfully retired couple may not have much in common save for their shared destination: Boca Raton Real Estate. When Realtors "sell" a home, they are acting both as your advocate in the home buying or selling process and as keys to the city at large. The adage about location is one of the most consistent market principles known to mankind, as it is entwined with our very DNA. Humans are creatures of habit and work to seek comfort both in times of distress and to increase this comfort in times of prosperity. After all, if the earliest Boca Raton Pioneers had access to central AC, wouldn't they enjoy it? All of this esoteric talk leads us to acknowledging one principle: despite the diversity of needs, backgrounds, and budgets, many of the "turnoffs" that break a deal are similar across all demographics. Protect your home from these commonalities, and ensure your home sale goes off without a hitch. Read on and learn what these super common turnoffs for home buyers are, and prepare your home for a smooth, easy sale.

dirty old welcome mat

Dirty/Muddy Front Door Mat

First impressions are everything, right? A messy exterior with unkempt shrubbery, dust, cobwebs, and a muddy mat as its centerpiece is a surefire way to show your possible home buyer that you haven't put the effort into the most basic areas. While a front doorstep may not ultimately have the decision-swaying power that the bedrooms, bathrooms, and overall location do, a poorly maintained front of the home is a terrible way to lead a potential buyer into the interior. 

bad odors

Bad Odors

What does a celebrity looking for a home in The Sanctuary and a new family of 5 in Boca Chase have in common? Nobody likes to live with bad odors! Sometimes, the reclaimed water from your sprinkler system may not be the most pleasant, but there are many more... controllable odors that our Realtors have encountered during housing tours. A dirty mat may be a bad impression, but it's far less offensive than an odor that affronts one of our most personal and palatable senses: our sense of smell. Look at it like you would a first date. If anything, the most basic of expectations would be reasonable hygiene. Your home is no different. It would be a shame if a small cleanup and refresh of a room caused a home buyer to lose interest.

overgrown grass in side yard

Poorly Maintained Yard

Similarly to the front doorstep, a weedy, overgrown yard shows signs of neglect, apathy, and an additional workload for a new homeowner who wishes to elevate the standard of the yard. In South Florida, weeds are often marked with stickers (if you've lived here long enough you know) and grow aggressively. The potency of our midsummer rainfall coupled with the tropical hardiness of these weeds makes for a true challenge, but something that if neglected, is a mark against the value of your home. This also includes fences, possible debris, garbage, kids toys, or other signs of general unkemptness around the home exterior.

family photos on wall

Too Many Personal Items

When a home buyer enters a room, the idea is to provide them with a space that allows their imagination to roam. While we don't suggest stripping every surface of your framed photos, too much personalization can dampen the thought process of your buyer. Examples are:

  • An excess of family photos
  • Too much religious iconography
  • Sports memorabilia and hobby displays
  • Any esoteric, or highly personal material

We're never going to suggest you live anything but your best life as your authentic self, but perhaps that life-sized statue of The Predator is best suited for your next destination, and not looming in your office den. Your buddies at Comic-Con might think it's the coolest thing they've ever seen, and we're never going to knock a good hobby, but use this overwrought example as your guide to depersonalizing your home just enough to let that buyer's mind run wild.

bizarre decor

Bizarre Decor Choices

Ploning of our previous but totally nonjudgmental discussion of large, gaudy hobby items throughout the some decor choices areat are too far from neutral to appeal to most home buyers. Perhaps painting all 4 walls in your den Rastafarian colors was one of the coolest things you've done, or how you decorated your music room, but remember that nothing is personal when home buyers are looking at the house itself. Their disapproval of your art selection is not a slight to you or your tastes, but simply a response to something on the far side from neutral. There is a reason home stagers suggest muted tones, simple colors, and calming tabletop and wall decor. If selling a home with a bizarre choice of decor, especially if it is semipermanent like paint, consider repainting before showing the home and bring your best black light posters to your next place.

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