Realtor Hacks | 5 Ways To Maximize Your Time

real estate time saving hacks

The market has never been more competitive. We certainly chase quality leads and commissions, but the most valuable commodity of all tends to be overlooked: time. With a constant undersupply of properties and an oversupply of real estate professionals, only the leanest and meanest will be able to call this work a full-time career. There are no half-measures and managing your day-to-day is paramount as all industries demand higher productivity each year. It’s time to hack your routine with these 5 tips to maximize your time as a real estate agent.

Set Appropriate Boundaries

setting professional boundaries

Want to go all-in for the first few years to build your reputation? Do it! Is it your priority to raise your family? Set your schedule to make sure you are available for them consistently. This is easier said than done, but regardless if you’re a fresh-faced agent with a newly minted license or a seasoned pro with a family, setting clear boundaries between your work and home life will stave off resentment for your work and eventual burnout.

No Distractions

distraction free work environment

It’s been proven that lots of little distractions that take you away from your work rob you of your momentum. Just like a car that has to stop for gas, it takes time to reaccelerate to its previous speed plus the lost ground that will need to be made up. Don’t overburden yourself with too many tasks or responsibilities. Learn when to say “no,” and prioritize what needs all of your attention. Set reminders on your phone or calendar apps. Timers are also a great resource. Remember to identify your most productive hours, as in, use the time when you are most clear to devote to your most strenuous goals. At the beginning of the week, creating a schedule of each day down to the hour (or every 15 minutes) can make you a rockstar and free-up time that you never knew you had. This brings us to…


relax and meditate

Carve outbreaks in your day for time to relax. Steve Jobs called it his “No Time.” Time in his day where he would simply do no work, or read for pleasure, where any communication or task is verboten. Now, if you are a hungry agent who is “always available” for their buyer leads, we trust that you will use your best judgment when the bat-phone rings during the decision phase. However, days without breaks cause breakdowns themselves and push our mental capacity to its limit – and that is when avoidable mistakes can multiply. Do yourself and the quality of your work a favor and take it easy.

Get Help

hands clasped by reassuring presence

Yes, the professional kind! However, therapy is optional. There is a huge pool of talent for virtual assistant work out there. It’s common for those of us to start to bite off more than we can chew, especially because we’re starting from zero. Well, once you have a bit (or a lot) of income stroll through the door, we highly recommend that you seek out the services of an online virtual assistant. They’re more affordable than you may realize, as many of them work overseas, speak very good to advanced English, and are there for you to delegate the busy work to like a boss.

Automate Your Social Media

automation technology

This is extremely important work to keep yourself as top-of-mind with your buyer leads, but also extremely rote. It can also conflict with your larger goals, as breaking away to make a post can slow down your work and force you into ramp-up mode every hour or so. Utilizing programs such as Hootsuite, Loomly, or Sprinklr will remove these obstacles from your path by allowing you a set block of time to get all of your postings out of the way well in advance.  

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