Popular Boca Raton Home Renovations For Retirement

popular renovations for retirement

Retirement is sure to be a significant shift in your life. From daily labor to mornings on your lanai, the sweet fruits of decades of work have finally come to fruition. While the purpose and meaning of your life are sure to change, and with it your investments of time, money, and effort, don't neglect the potential your home may have for these popular retirement renovations. Whether to accommodate a health concern or make your home office more... recreational, ponder these exciting and popular home renovations for retirement in today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog.

home office remodel

Convert a Bedroom Into A Home Office

Whether you're fully retired, dabbling in work, or simply enjoying the game from your home office TV, this is one of the most commonplace renovations retirees in Boca Raton make. The den is the ultimate flex room, and like Madonna's looks over the years, changes dramatically depending on the decade. It may begin as a den, then converted to a bedroom for the next child on the way, only to find its way back into the hands of the original homeowners (the retirees) once again. What may have once been a place for toy storage and early childhood enrichment before bringing that last child into the world can now return to the multiuse, customizable den. Whether as an office, trophy room, study, or indoor lounge space, this is the first room you'll look to flex when you're an empty nester.

remodel bathroom

Remodel Bathroom

You may have been putting this off due to a variety of circumstances. The kitchen and living room may feel like there's more to remodel, more traffic, and more reasons to put money and effort into them. However, with no time in the workplace and more time spent at home, don't you think you deserve to... "go" in a place that's clean, comfortable, and elegant? Bathrooms are some of the most important parts of the home, but often something we ignore until we're frantically cleaning to accommodate incoming guests. As an act of self-love, and to make that momentary but necessary time of the day a breeze, remodel your bathroom and learn to enjoy your space once again.

grab bar in bathtub

Look Into Age-Proofing Solutions

Age looks different for everyone. If you've ever had the chance to compare two different people in their 80s, you can see the dramatic differences some may have in mobility, communication, and overall energy. We're not saying slowing down a little is a fast track to assisted living, but for those with past injuries, living alone, far from their families or for some other reason, there's no shame in age-proofing your home as you come to these inevitable moments in life. Whether that means adding voice activation, new light fixtures, handrails in bathrooms, or something else altogether, be honest with yourself and know there is no shame in aging. It's something we all do, and it would be unfortunate if an accident could be averted with a little more effort in this department.

remote access technology for home

Consider Remote Access Tech

Even if you're not limited in your mobility, who wants to sit down for the game in their favorite chair, only to have to rise up before settling in to shut the garage you left up? Thankfully, with the advent of smart home tech and mobile home technologies, many of the headaches of yesteryear are gone with the press of a button. Just a little tech savviness is all that is needed! Mobile remote access technologies can distill lighting, air conditioning, home monitoring, security, and even 2-way communication into a single app aboard a single piece of hardware. For our elders, many of whom may move a little slower than in decades past, this quick solution allows you to focus your movement on exercise, and not toil.

hardscaping for retiree gardens

Replace Excess Grass With Hardscaping

Hardscaping is the use of manmade materials within a broader landscape design. While many of the finest Boca Raton gated communities include lawn care as part of their HOA fees, reducing the overall impact of undergrowth and vegetation on your monthly workload is never a bad idea. This is especially true with hardscaping. Hardscaping doesn't reduce liability for the sake of it, but instead enhances and adds depth to your Boca Raton home garden. Brick walkways, fountains, statues, and short walls can add breadth and beauty to your garden while subtly reducing the overall labor impact your home exterior makes.

fix flooring in boca home

Fix/Replace Floors

Let's face it: as we age, so does our ability to lift our feet and move like we used to. This unfortunate fact of life is something we all face, and something many of our community elders have unfortunately collided with and become injured as a result. Examples of such are shag carpeting, or otherwise thick and abrasive flooring, such as wide-grout Spanish ceramic tiling, splintered and aging hardwood flooring, or other forms of high carpeting. With less elevation in our gaits, these unwieldy flooring options can lead to slips, trips, and falls that would otherwise be avoided with a simple new floor solution. We hope everyone takes these tips into account when gearing up for retirement. These home renovations are just some of the ways retired Boca Raton residents can enjoy their beautiful homes more while reducing the risk of accidents or unneeded expenses.

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