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new construction in west boca

In the midst of a red hot housing market and critically low home inventory, area developers are seeking to accommodate the influx of people moving to Boca Raton. Florida has always been a premier destination for retirees and semi-permanent vacationers, but in light of the recent global events, Florida has become more than a place to lay back between the swaying palms and avert the state income tax. 

As a response to the overwhelming quantity of new residents moving to Boca Raton, the vast swathes of open farmland strewn across the westernmost reaches of Boca Raton are rife for the picking.

clint moore road and 441 in west boca

Map View of the West Boca Corridor - North of Clint Moore Rd. and West of 441

From Farmland to Housing

With the value of land skyrocketing and the demand for space at an all time high, GL Homes has taken up the mantle as the first to land their bid, developing land north of Clint Moore Rd. and west of State Road 7 (US 441). GL Homes is noted for its luxury developments, such as the ultramodern and sleek Lotus, The Bridges and the noted 55+ active adult Valencia Communities. 

The initial plan is for 1,250 homes. 1,000 will be dedicated single family housing, while another 250 will be utilized for the workforce. In addition, GL plans to add 679 new homes on Glades Rd. Between State Road 7 and Glades Rd. According to VP of Develoment Kevin Ratterree, these homes will be built upon 300 acres of recently acquired farmland purchased by the prominent local developer. zuptown boca pre construction rendering

3D Render of Pre Construction Uptown Boca (Source: Sun Sentinel)

Uptown boca: a major addition to the west boca lifestyle

The coalesence of Uptown Boca, a significant lifestyle and shopping center in the vicinity, has given even greater cause to area developers to pursue new single family home building. Uptown Boca features upscale and daily eateries, boutique gyms and fitness studios, and classy beauty salons. The presence of this major lifestyle centrifuge spurred West Boca further as a cause celebre for development, even beyond the existing need due to the mass migration of new residents and the liquidation of farmland. The optimistic position taken after a successful debut and growth of Uptown Boca is the expectation that other shopping centers in the area will reinvest and work to compete with this beautiful new shopping center.

The Issues ahead...

With the battle between environmentalists and area developers handily won (as expected), the preeminent issue most residents are concerned about is traffic. While the glut of East Boca traffic tends to rescined beyond Lyons Rd. the addition of nearly 2,000 new residences alongside Uptown Boca is sure to create more of a jam than once experienced. The City Commission has met several times with GL Homes to discuss traffic mitigation measures such as the widening of Lyons Rd. Despite extant concerns regarding nearby transit corridors, these new construction homes are fundamental to the growth of Boca Raton and the accommodation of new residents amidst such incredibly high demands for housing.

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