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Where to Find The Best Margaritas in Boca Raton

where to find the best margaritas in boca raton

With the peak of Summer upon us and beach season heating up, the finger foods and cool cocktails of the summer months are on our minds. In a city absolutely overflowing with delectable culinary options representing the global palate, we decided to take America's favorite, and possibly most refreshingly sweet drink into focus. Learn where we found some of our favorite margaritas, whether it's with a full meal or a quick cocktail on a beach day, these spots are sure to suit your love for this iconic adult beverage.

salt rim margarita with sprig of mint

Calaveras Cantina

Calaveras Cantina has carved quite the name for itself in a relatively short time. Seated right in the thick of Mizner Park, Calaveras serves some of the best margaritas and tacos in town. The ambiance of ornate ceilingwork, deep wood and brick hues allows for a relaxed atmosphere perfect for anyone. Whether sipping the finest mezcal or enjoying a refreshing margarita on their Margarita Monday's, the location and flavors at Calaveras will surely have you coming back for more.

beautiful pineapple margaritas

Casa Tequila...

What Do Millennial Home Buyers Look For?

what do millennial home buyers look for?

Millennials have now outpaced the Baby Boomers and are the largest home-buying demographic in the United States. This generation has been at the forefront of some of the most challenging economic circumstances and changing times. From bearing the brunt of the student loan crisis, and rightfully dismayed at the lack of education regarding these high-interest calamities, to experiencing the final years of the analog world, millennials have become quirky, unique home buyers who look for things that prior and likely future generations may not have emphasized. This is as true among Boca Raton home buyers as it is nationwide. After reading many articles, speaking with young people (including the author), and reviewing some of the favorites of recent millennial clients, we've compiled a list that represents the demographic's wants and needs - from floor to ceiling, and everything in between.

hardwood floors for millennial homes

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood always speaks to elegance. However, hardwood in South Florida is not the most apt of flooring solutions. Modern textured tiling has come to the rescue, providing easily installed, beautiful wood grain designs that function at the highest level while still providing that attractive signature look. Shades of grey, mahogany, beige, ebony, and many other solutions color and texture your home, bringing an...

What Are The Top Trends In Real Estate In 2023? | Boca Raton Real Estate Trends

top trends in real estate 2023

2023 thus far has been reflective of the efforts to revert our economy to a more level basis. With the surge in prices and the massive reduction in inventory, the nation's builders are working diligently to provide home buyers with what they're looking for while developing new land into available housing. As a result, the ongoing major construction projects nationwide will better reflect the latest trends in real estate, rather than sporadic construction in smaller pockets. We've studied these trends, especially those most seen in Boca Raton Real Estate, and reviewed some of the most prominent to grace our area have been.

low housing inventory but rising

Low (But Growing) Inventory

In recent years, the inventory has bottomed out in some areas, especially South Florida. Low supply and high demand have driven up costs, but area developers are hard at work providing additional units in the form of new single-family developments and condominiums alike. While the housing shortage is more acute in South Florida, the escalation of mortgage rates along with the expected delivery of several marquee new developments will ensure the next 3-5 years expect a gradual easing of the skyrocketed prices we saw during the apex of COVID.

more online activity...

August Events In The Boca Raton Area | Things To Do In Boca This August

August Events In the Boca Raton Area

The dog days of Summer are well underway and the final month of the season looms large. While Florida's summers may not adhere to the expected dictates of our Gregorian calendar, the "summer" proper is soon to end. Before the snowbirds show up and our roads get too busy, find out what's happening around town with our August Events blog.

puppy yoga with bianca

Puppy Yoga with Bianca - Boca Raton

  • Where: Fabletics, Boca Town Center Mall - 6000 Glades Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33431
  • When: Saturday, August 19th. 9 AM

Fabletics, in partnership with The Yoga Joint is hosting a puppy yoga class at the Fabletics storefront in the...