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The Pros and Cons of Cosigning a Mortgage | Buying a Home In Boca Raton

the pros and cons of cosigning a mortgage

As you age and grow wealthier, you may have children or a special someone in your life you'd like to share your prosperity. Oftentimes this can lead to considerable financial risk on behalf of both parties, but co-signing is nonetheless one of the most potent and impactful ways you can benefit another person. When co-signing a mortgage, you are likely taking one of the biggest financial risks of your life. For such a risk and little reward, you should be certain you are very close to, and trust your co-signee. For our part, we're drawing from our experience and discourse with our partners at Supreme Lending to learn what cons and pros (if any) there are to co-sign a mortgage.

the pros of cosigning a mortgage

Pro: The Spirit Of Giving

Admittedly, there are few pros to co-signing a mortgage for someone else. Very rarely does it lead to a financial boon for the secondary signer, and more than often is a lateral move made out of good faith. Considering student loans still loom large and younger people are facing economic circumstances unique to themselves, its incumbent on the prior generation to support its younger people as they seek the benefits of homeownership. Obviously, no personal relationship should be transcended by money, but co-signing a major investment such as a home loan...

Revealing The Top Turnoffs For Boca Home Buyers

the top turnoffs for home buyers

Home buyers may have vastly different needs. After all, a burgeoning young family and a successfully retired couple may not have much in common save for their shared destination: Boca Raton Real Estate. When Realtors "sell" a home, they are acting both as your advocate in the home buying or selling process and as keys to the city at large. The adage about location is one of the most consistent market principles known to mankind, as it is entwined with our very DNA. Humans are creatures of habit and work to seek comfort both in times of distress and to increase this comfort in times of prosperity. After all, if the earliest Boca Raton Pioneers had access to central AC, wouldn't they enjoy it? All of this esoteric talk leads us to acknowledging one principle: despite the diversity of needs, backgrounds, and budgets, many of the "turnoffs" that break a deal are similar across all demographics. Protect your home from these commonalities, and ensure your home sale goes off without a hitch. Read on and learn what these super common turnoffs for home buyers are, and prepare your home for a smooth, easy sale.

dirty old welcome mat

Dirty/Muddy Front Door Mat

First impressions are everything, right? A messy exterior with unkempt shrubbery, dust,...

Boca Raton Real Estate Market Report (Summer 2023)

boca raton real estate market report summer 2023

Boca Raton is one of two centerpieces of Palm Beach County, with the other being its namesake city. This magnificent luxury destination has proven to be a sustainable and accelerating real estate market, with more growth on the horizon. Following the extreme circumstances of 2020 and the market fallout that followed, we're rounding up what should be a responsive but stabilizing year after a rip-roaring ride through real estate. At this midsummer point in 2023, it's time to take a look at Boca Raton Real Estate and the changes that we've seen, and how the numbers reflect our on-the-ground observations.

All data is sourced from FlexMLS and compares the current 6-month period with the previous year.

large crane building condo at sunset


Boca Raton has been at the epicenter of massive growth throughout South Florida since the post-2020 acceleration. The population has grown by over 13,000 people since the 2010 census and continues its meteoric growth. To provide for this unyielding expansion, Boca Raton has continuously developed its western corridors and beachfront condos, including...