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Fourth of July Events In Boca Raton | July 4th In Boca

July 4th events in Boca

Boca Raton may be a sleepy paradise along the Atlantic, but we are as American as apple pie and our colors fly proud and true every Fourth of July! If you’re looking for a powerful annual bash or a quiet celebration, here are the best Fourth of July Events in Boca Raton!

4th of July Drive-in Fireworks Display

  • Sunset Lake in Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park
  • 11200 Park Access Rd, Boca Raton, FL
  • Gates Open at 7:00 pm, Fireworks at 9:00 pm (15-minute presentation)

beautiful fireworks display

Roll into this special FREE event! Want to stretch your legs? All attendees are welcome to walk outside of their personal vehicles to take in the summer air and fireworks show. For your convenience, there will be an on-site radio broadcast of the show’s accompanying music. We recommend that you arrive as early as possible, as space is limited. Best of all, this event is rain or shine. The show must go on!

July 4th Dance Party at The Boca Plaza Hotel

  • 2901 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL | 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

people sitting on hill watching fireworks

You don’t need to drive all the way to Miami to find a happening spot! Dance the night away at The Boca Plaza Hotel’s Norman’s Tavern. This is a fantastic event for grown-ups with a taste for live jazz and flowing drinks. Each admission ($15.00 per person) comes with July 4th goodie bags and glow...

5 Pest Control Tips to Try in Your Boca Home

pest control tips for your boca home

The Boca Raton lifestyle is one of leisure and relaxation. Life carries at its own pace under our verdant canopy of palm trees. But hidden within that thick foliage is another world of creepy crawlies and critters that would like to share your beautiful Boca home as soon as the thunder and lighting come calling. Here are 5 pest control trips to try in your Boca home!

Eliminate Standing Water

standing water

Mosquitos and flies are an especially tiring nuisance around our fair city, especially in the legendary humidity of August. Get those pests off the dole by eliminating pockets of standing water, which are mosquito's favorite places to breed. These could be found in buckets being left out after housework, hammocks, gutters stuffed with debris, or a slump in the elevation of your lawn.

Remove All Food Waste

food waste

Did you know that a cockroach can live for days off of a single crumb? Think twice about eating that cookie on the couch! Leaving food out overnight is a juicy opportunity for our multi-legged friends. Even our faithful garbage cans are no match to keep out the tiny opportunists. If you must throw out raw items or unfinished meals, dispose of them in a plastic bag to contain the smell before dropping them in the trash can. If you love to grill during our perpetual summer, make sure...

4 Must Have Items For Hurricane Preparedness | Prepare Your Boca Home

hurricane preparedness items

over the past decade, Hurricanes have been infrequent, but are still inevitable. For all residents, but especially buyers of single-family homes, it is fundamental to have a plan and the supplies needed to weather the storm. Here are 4 must-have items for your Boca home to be hurricane-ready.

Solar Powered Fan

solar powered fan

The silver lining of a hurricane is that due to its cyclical nature and megalithic formation, the weather shortly before and immediately after is often pristine. In the Sunshine State, this means the opportunity to soak up those precious rays and take advantage of solar tech. When the power goes out, perhaps nothing makes the aftermath more uncomfortable than the dearth of air conditioning. A solar-charged fan won't change the world, but it'll make things a bit easier as you work to get things up and running.

Battery Powered or Hand Cranked Radio

battery powered radio

Emergency services have dramatically improved with technology. The devastation of Hurricane Andrew in particular amplified the call for South Florida homes to vault towards the 21st century. Thus, the need for emergency communications is reduced, but not altogether eliminated. Hurricane first-timers experiencing their power, cable, and cell service going out at once may be safely ensconced in their home, but unable to learn what...

4 Simple Home Safety Tips | Keep Your Boca Home Safe!

boca home safety

We pride ourselves on Boca Raton’s lifestyle of leisure. It’s certainly one of the safest cities in all of Florida, thanks to a close-knit community of neighbors, good schools, and a general sense of well-being. However, crimes of opportunity have been on the rise in some pockets of the country, and here are 4 simple home safety tips to keep your Boca home safe!

Close Your Garage Door

closed garage door

We know how relaxed life is in the cul-de-sac. You know your neighbors well. The neighborhood kids ride their bikes in the street. No need to worry about anything it seems, so keeping the garage door open seems like a good idea. It even signals to the neighbors that you’re home and they’re welcome to stop by. But you’re not thinking about the ride-share drivers, the out-of-town workmen, or the opportunists cruising through your little piece of heaven. Many a Boca Raton resident has seen power tools, bikes, electronics, even their cars disappear thanks to an open garage door. More reason not to make it a habit of leaving it open? You could easily forget it’s still up by the time you go to bed.

Invest in a Cellular Alarm System

cellular alarm system


The Best Shopping In Boca Raton | Boca Raton Shopping & Retail

shopping districts in boca ratonThe Boca Raton's lifestyle is elegant but relaxed, but we certainly love our creature comforts. Almost anything you need is within a ten-minute drive to some of the best malls or cutest boutiques that our seaside town has to offer. Here are 5 of the best shopping centers, malls, and retail districts in Boca Raton!

Town Center at Boca Raton

6000 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431

mini shopping cart on laptop

Undeniably the gold standard for malls in Florida, or nationally for that matter. Town Center is the once, present, and future center of life for many a teenager, working professional or the leisurely retired. With its wide, avenue-like hallways with ceilings that reach up to three stories, and, most importantly, impeccable A/C maintenance in the summer, Town Center offers Boca Raton residents shops from the mid-range to Louis Vuitton. There are also ample restaurants, such as The Capital Grille or Grand Lux Café, to Earl of Sandwich and Chick-fil-A. Come as you are, because there is simply something for everyone at this Boca Raton mall!

Mizner Park

327 Plaza Real Suite 315, Boca Raton, FL 33432

retail therapy

As one of the most charming and open-air shopping districts in Boca, Mizner Park possesses an actual...

4 of the Best Gyms In Boca | Get Fit In Boca Raton

the best gyms in boca raton

In a place that's as humid and searingly hot as Boca Raton, with so much beach to explore, fitness is at a premium. Part environmental and part cultural, South Florida's workout and fitness culture is thriving, and growing! As we learn more about the many benefits of frequent exercise, find out where to try something a little different in Boca Raton - with these 4 incredible Boca gyms to check out!

Pit Fitness

Pit Fitness is a multipurpose HIIT (high intensity interval training) facility with an indoor/outdoor vibe, located just off Federal Highway. Pit Fitness is not for the faint of heart, and despite training all ages and body types, these classes are intense and driven - built around the fusion of hard work, motivation, and modern exercise science. For those recently moving to Boca Raton, Pit Fitness is a great place to socialize and meet new people, all while working on that beach body.

Busy Body Fitness Premium

dumbbell lunges in gym

Busy Body Fitness Premium in East Boca is the place to get the upscale treatment at a cost most can afford. Setting out to marry the deluxe with the discernible, Busy Body Fitness East Boca provides luxury amenities, high quality exercise technology, and one of the best personal training staff's in Boca Raton.

Purlife Fitness Center

dumbbell rack...

4 Home Building Trends Pacing The Market In 2021 | Boca Real Estate

home building trends

The housing market in 2020 and 2021 has roared to life with reckless abandon. With double-digit growth from Florida to Idaho (the second fastest-growing state in the nation), homes are being snapped up like popcorn on movie night. While existing homes are staying on the market for tens of hours, new home builds are backed up and purchased before a hammer meets a nail. Here are 4 home building trends that are pacing the market in 2021!

Specialized Office Space

home office space

With the pandemic, work from home became a once-in-a-while event to take on a slow Friday to a distinct way of life. One day soon, we expect PBS will dedicate an episode of their prestigious “American Experience” to the move from office to home. If you, too, have been touched by this tectonic shift in earning a living, you may be tired of staking out the sofa or the kitchen table to take Zoom calls between meals or fits of frenzy from your four-year-old. Homebuilders have taken note and an addition of an extra 80sq. ft in a living room to lavish ensuites have been repurposed in newbuilds to accommodate the new work-from-home lifestyle.

Outdoor Movie Theaters


The Pros And Cons Of A Boca Raton Open House

pros and cons of open house

We get it! Selling a house is hard and even worse in a buyer’s market. When you’re thinking of how to make your home extra-attractive to a buyer, aside from living in our perfect enclave of Boca Raton, opening up your inner-sanctum to anyone off the street (who might not even wipe their shoes at the door) might push the boundaries of your comfort zone. However, at the same time, you never know if your buyer will happen to see your sign and visit on a lark. Here are the pros and cons of an open house in Boca Raton.

Pro: First Hand Knowledge

open house for realtors

No matter how gorgeous your pictures are, nothing can truly capture the essence of standing within the genuine article. The smells, the light, the sounds of footfalls on your tile. To the buyer, they can finally estimate the livability for themselves once stepping inside. Avoid waiting for someone to spy on your ad and call...

The Best Rainy Day Activities in Boca Raton | Indoor Activities In Boca

boca raton rainy day activities

There's nothing quite like a midsummer in South Florida. The incredible heat, flash storms, and humidity all make outdoor fun in Boca Raton a challenge to plan for. While we get sun almost every day, the midsummer rain showers also are a relatively consistent expectation during hurricane season. Whether just looking to stay dry, or escape the dangers of lightning - here are rainy day activities for kids and adults alike!

Visit the Boca Raton Children's Museum

childrens museum

This local gem is one of the best museums in Boca Raton. Founded in 1979 by the Junior League of Boca Raton, this is the first children's museum anywhere in Florida. Full of interactive exhibits, exciting presentations and educational programs, the Boca Raton Children's museum has enriched the lives of well over a million children and continues to expand its impressive legacy as the forerunning of children's museum education in our state. 

The Wick Theatre & Costume Museum

Sure to ahem... light the fuse in your imagination, The Wick Theater & Costume Museum is one of the finest cultural establishments in Boca Raton - and a surefire way to enrich your rainy afternoon. Their theater delivers a slice...

Father’s Day In Boca Raton | Things to Do with Dad

fathers day activities in boca raton

Dads are the backbone of the family. They protect, serve, and work hard to build our communities, Their contributions can be felt in the legacies they create and leave behind. Our Dads are as good for words of encouragement as they are for a wisecrack, and are the only parental unit with their own joke category. This month, let's honor dad and take him for a day on the water, for a steak dinner, or for a festive night out. Whatever your family is into, here are a few Father's Day activities in Boca Raton!

Lake Boca

lake boca boating

Lake Boca is an inlet that's incredibly popular with boaters and weekend warriors. For boating Dads, we're sure a day floating on this picturesque blue-green lagoon is just the thing to do. On the weekends this otherwise tranquil anchorage turns to a party-like atmosphere, with what's sure to be plenty of families out on Lake Boca, grilling with dad, enjoying a cool drink, and having a blast. 

Celebrate Papà at Casa D’Angelo

penne pasta with basil

Casa D'Angelo is a name that carries weight in Boca Raton, Broward, and...

Boca Raton’s Best Public Pools | Stay Cool This Summer

boca raton public pools

Boca Raton Swim Center

kids swimming underwater in pool

The Boca Raton Swim Center is a city-owned pool complex at Meadows Park. This pool is open year-round from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays, 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM on weekends. This complex features a 25 yard, 6 lanes Olympic-style pool, temperature regulation, a spa, kiddie pool, aquatic chair lift, and pool equipment such as kickboards and noodles. Their staff is highly qualified, with each possessing several major water safety certifications and emergency administration. Perhaps best of all, swim instructors hold a Special Needs Water Certification, making the Boca Raton Swim Center a great place to gather, cool off, and enjoy the water.

Deerfield Beach Aquatic Center

crystal clear swimming pool

The Deerfield Beach aquatic center is located just a short trip south of Boca Raton proper - but we had to mention this sprawling athletic facility. This Olympic-sized pool includes a zero-depth entry, 8 lanes at a full 50 meters, and 10 lanes at 25 meters. The pool offers all-age group and private swimming lessons and even fields a competitive swim team - The Dolphins. This year-round recreational competitive swimming program offers instruction in all 4 major Olympic strokes.

Florida Swim School


5 Things To Consider When Moving To Boca Raton

5 things to consider when moving to boca

Compared to almost anywhere in the world, Boca Raton homeownership is like having your little slice of paradise. Much like other tropical climes of the world, there are many things to consider when relocating your family to Boca Raton. This includes much more than choosing the right home and schools. We know you have enough on your hands already, so we've made a quick list of 5 things to consider when moving to Boca Raton. Check them out below! 

It's not the heat, it's the humidity

condensation on glass

This is more than one of our favorite Dad-expressions. It's the absolute truth, and it's something few are prepared to encounter as part of their daily lives. While people moving from the Northeast have a bit easier time applying the heat to the existing east coast humidity found up the national coastline, it's the westerners that struggle to adapt. The biggest difference is, of course, the excessive humidity. If one could compare a massive Californian heatwave as standing in front of a recently opened oven, our Florida heat is like tossing a hot, damp blanket over us. It's stifling, but you're adaptable!

Upgrade Your Windows

broken window

Windows are one of the most important decisions any homeowner and homebuilder have...

5 Summer Tips to Keep Your Boca Home Cool | Beat the Heat!

5 summer tips to keep your boca home pool

Unless you haven't been outside in the past 2 months, we're sure you know it's scorching hot! Aside from dehydration, sweaty clothes, and hot cars, our homes and air conditioning units are one of the biggest challenges to account for over the Boca Raton summer. When you're not venturing out to one of our local beaches or watering holes, it's important to keep things cool at home. Save time, save money, and save a little grief with these 5 tips to keep your Boca home cool!

Keep Your shades down during the day

shades drawn to prevent heat

We're not suggesting you turn your home into a windowless dungeon, but your windows are magnifiers for sunlight and can do much more to make your Florida room feel like Florida outside if you're not wary. Heavy drapes or even drawn blinds can go a long way to keep your home cool.

Utilize ceiling fans to support A/C

ceiling fan

The A/C in your Boca home has two jobs - to create cool air and circulate it. Once your auto-set A/C turns off, it indicates that the internal temperature as a whole has reached the desired setting, not just the air coming from your ducts. Ceiling fans are incredibly inexpensive to run, and massively increase our overall air circulation at home, spelling the A/C as the sole circulator of cool air.

Change your air filters...

4 Real Estate Scams and Hoaxes To Look Out For

real estate hoaxes and scams

Dreaming about becoming a Boca Raton homeowner? Who can blame you! Life here in the high tropics is near picture-perfect 300 days out of the year. If you ask one of the tens of thousands of people who relocate to Florida each year why they moved to the Sunshine State, they’ll tell you that our quality of life was their number one reason. While most of us see these people as new friends and neighbors, some see them as dollar signs. Here are 4 real estate hoaxes and scams to look out for if you are thinking of moving to Boca Raton.

Fake Rental Units

fake rental unit

So you want to rent before you find a place to buy? Good idea! We agree that taking a month or two to get the feel of your new city is a safe and measured course to take, even if we are certain you’re going to love it here. However, with more and more people moving to Florida from the northeast, seasonal and full-time rental units have seen their supply begin to dry up and the scammers have found a score. Some scammers may have a key to show you an unfurnished (or even furnished) unit. They may put on a “hard sell” and say that they have offers, but a cash deposit on the same day will guarantee you the lease. Maybe that ad on Craigslist for a $900/month two-bedroom a block from the beach seems too good to be true? When in doubt, contact the local appraiser’s office for the name and contact information of the owner of the unit, to confirm the legitimacy of the let. Always write a check and always verify. 

Unlicensed Real Estate Agents...

The Ultimate Guide To Waterfront Dining | Boca Raton Waterfront Dining

the ultimate guide to waterfront dining | blog header image

Boca Raton is synonymous with the beautiful shining strands of shoreline, abundantly lush deciduous gardens, and a glamorous lifestyle between it all. Perhaps nowhere is the fusion between our natural environment and luxury lifestyle better than our many waterfront dining options. For those moving to or visiting Boca Raton, we're sure a beautiful waterfront dinner is top of mind after settling in. Whether along our sprawling Intracoastal or right on the beach, here's our Ultimate Guide to Waterfront Dining in Boca Raton. 

Updated (09/29/2023) - SeaSpray Inlet Grill added to list

seaspray inlet grill

SeaSPray Inlet Grill

Marked by its beautiful tropical scenery and mural work, this lovely Boca Raton waterfront restaurant brings "elevated Florida Coastal cuisine" to the southern shores of Lake Boca. Headed by Executive Chef Eduardo Ruberte, this menu features food and beverage options that match the ambiance seamlessly, providing the perfect environment for tourists and locals alike. Expected offerings include fish tacos, colorful salads, delectable sides like their garlic broccolini, and sweets such as Key Lime pie and gelato. Their menu and ambiance are rounded...

Best Burgers In Boca Raton | Where To Get A Burger In Boca

best burgers in boca

The hamburger - a Germanic sounding, very American classic of cuisine. This piled-high grilled sandwich has won the hearts & minds of our nation, as a central staple to any festive outing, patriotic holiday, outdoor party, ball game and so much more. With so many new people moving to Boca Raton, we wanted to ask our realtors who they thought had the best burger in Boca Raton. From their palate to yours, here's what we heard! Check out 5 of the very best burgers in Boca Raton.

Tucker Duke's

classic american burger

Tucker Duke's has carved its name out in the past few years of a dream for fans of the modern, gastropub culture. Their dessert bites and apps are exciting enough, but it's the inventive take on the burger that really takes the cake. Reflective of the type of gastronomic science seen in some of the most established corners of America's restaurant culture, they feature a piled-high burger for every preference. 

Burton's Grill & Bar of Boca Raton

burger trio on multigrain bun

Located in the Park Place Shopping Center towards West Boca, Burtons features... Lauds Champagne & Parisi Agent Karen Anderson's Big Week blog header

Champagne & Parisi realtor Karen Anderson hit a milestone this week amidst the backdrop of Florida's surging real estate market. The misfortune of many has been a boon for realtors across the state, as Florida shines nationwide as a destination for those looking for a fresh start. During the events that transpired as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, the reasons why people move to South Florida were magnified, while the reasons to flee certain real estate markets were as well. 

Karen's record week topped $11,000,000 (ELEVEN MILLION!) beginning with what may be the single largest sale in the history of the Alina Residences of Boca Raton. This luxuriant condo is as much a resort as a residence, boasting incredible amenities inspired by "the living art" of the space. Alina Residences have long been a significant partner of Champagne & Parisi, accounting for substantial volume in both total condo sales and overall revenue. 

Karen grew up in Ocean Township, NJ before relocating to Boca Raton 23 years ago. She was among the initial wave of founding realtors finding their home with Champagne & Parisi, a key cog in the growth and establishment of the brokerage as the go-to for Boca luxury condos and residential real estate across South Florida. top sales south floridaAs a result of her record-setting week, which included sales in Sable Pointe & Tropic Isle, Karen was featured in the blog, where she...

Best BBQ In Boca Raton | Barbecue Near Me

the best bbq in boca

Boca Raton might not show up on a map of BBQ hotspots in America, but you should give our local fare the attention it deserves. Our reputation might be more popularly aligned with gourmet cuisine and trendy wine & tapas establishments, but the glitz and glamor of our celebrated community don't have to eschew old-fashioned home cooking in lieu of the many fine dining options in Boca Raton. We can have both! Here are a handful of the finest places for smoked meats, soul food, and saucy goodness. Behold: the best BBQ in Boca Raton

Mississippi Sweets

bbq letters on wood background

One of Boca Raton's best-reviewed BBQ joints with nearly 800 positive entries, Mississippi Sweets is a no-frills, locally-owned spot renowned for its upbeat service, positive environment, and great sauce selection. Most locals will tell you Mississippi Sweets is their go-to for catfish, wings, and the home-friend sweet potato chips.

Lucille's Bad to the Bone BBQ

grilled steak tips on open flame

Lucille's Bad To The Bone BBQ has three locations spanning South Palm Beach County - from Boca to Boynton. Their appetizers include the classics and sports bar fare - like fried pickles, crispy fish fingers, and corn muffins. Their menu is a bit less traditional than Mississippi Sweets, offering tacos, melts, and a grilled chicken reuben. 


Where To Get The Best Seafood In Boca Raton

best seafood in boca raton

If there's one thing Boca Raton is known for, it's our incredible beaches and waterfront real estate. As with most seaside communities, seafood in Boca Raton is a big deal. from small fish shacks to the finest dining in Boca, there is an abundance of opportunities to enjoy something special from our waters, and beyond. Here are a small handful of many, many great seafood restaurants in Boca Raton.

Updated (01/16/2024): Papas Raw Bar added to the blog

papas raw bar oysters and mussels

Papas Raw Bar

Papas Raw Bar is a laid-back South Florida classic that charms the locals and visitors alike. Featuring an unpretentious environment and laid back atmosphere, don't let the relaxed nature of this local gem fool you. Papas Raw Bar stands up to any fine dining establishment regarding the quality and freshness of their seafood, the value of their service, and the cleanliness of their establishment. Papas Raw Bar features sushi along with more expected continental seafood favorites. Their weekly specials give diners a reason to choose any or every day to visit, with some vacationers taking a special trip (or two!) to this somewhat hidden, but very deserving local favorite.

Corvina Grill...