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The Best Father's Day Events In Boca Raton | Things To Do This Father's Day (2024)

fathers day in boca raton

In the shadow of Mother's Day, our fathers are often the unsung heroes of our families. Stoic, courageous, and hardworking, the dads in our lives helped instill the discipline and values that perfectly complement the nurture and kindness our mothers bring to our lives. Whatever Dad does and wherever he lives, our dads are the blue-collar workers of the home. They are the first line of defense against palmetto bugs, always there for the yard work in the scorching heat,  and the first to pick you up after a day at the principal's office. For the many reasons above and many, many, more - we take a Sunday in June to celebrate and spend time with our leader, first friend, coach, and guardian. For the best Father's Day events and things to do in Boca Raton, today's blog will showcase some of these fine events, brunches, and great deals around town for your #1 man!

classic car show mizner park

Classic Car Show at Mizner Park - Boca Raton

One of the ultimate annual events nearing its 15th Father's Day installment, The annual Mizner Park Classic Car Show is hosted by ECJ Luxe, an upscale jeweler and tenant of this lovely outdoor space. You don't have to be the child of a mechanic to have a love for classic cars. This showcase of American muscle is sure to have Dad spinning yarns of his youth, reminiscing about the power of these riveting vehicles. With numerous...

Where To Find The Best Sushi In Boca Raton | Best Sushi Near Me

sushi in boca raton 2024

In 2021, we wrote a wildly successful blog showcasing some of our favorite sushi restaurants in Boca Raton. From the fine dining experiences and Hibachi houses to the best everyday sushi spots to stop for a work lunch, our blog was visited and read through tens of thousands of times in the years that followed. However, as prideful as we are regarding the fanfare of that previous blog, the winds of change are always blowing strong in Boca Raton. With new residents, comes new money, new demands, and a cadre of forward-thinking restauranteurs drawing from every corner of the globe to ply their trade at our many fine restaurants. Today's blog seeks to update our prior entry surrounding the best sushi in Boca Raton, featuring new players on the scene and some of our very favorite spots from Downtown to the western reaches of the city limits. It's time to get started, and find out where your next favorite sushi spot can be found!

Stay tuned as we intend to add more entries and update as the days ahead unfold!

alleycat izakaya

Alleycat Izakaya

Alleycat Izakaya, a prominent name in the resplendent selection of Sushi hotspots in Downtown Boca Raton, has recently relocated directly to Palmetto Park Road. With their grand re-opening and ribbon-cutting event, hosted by The Gab Group, Alleycat Izakaya is an upscale, but unpretentious...

The Top Rated Boca Raton Restaurants For Foodies

the top boca restaurants for foodies

Boca Raton's restaurant scene provides outstanding options for all manner of consumers. From the sushi addict to the gastropub diner, craft beer lover, and fine dining aficionado, there's something for everyone in this remarkable city. A "foodie" is a relatively modern term, used to describe someone who shares a few defining qualities. Foodies are predominantly defined by their desire to explore new culinary horizons, try new foods, recognize the presentation, and take part in the total sensory experience. With that in mind, our list doesn't necessarily catalog the highest-rated restaurants in general, whether by Zagat or Chef's accolades, but instead focuses on restaurants that bring innovation and excitement to already delectable offerings. For those seeking to expand their mind, and their palate, look no further than the top Boca Raton restaurants for foodies.

french gazebo dover sole

The French Gazebo

Located near The Rogers House Condos, The French Gazebo is one of a few fabulous French restaurants in Boca Raton. Less fine dining focused than the nearby La Nouvelle Maison, The French Gazebo is a gorgeous expression of French restaurant culture, from the powdery blue walls and fine chandeliers...

Boca Raton History Part 3: Addison Mizner, The Land Boom, and The Great Depression

boca raton history part 3 - addison mizner and the land boom

Images and sources were provided in partnership and with immense gratitude to the Boca Raton Historical Society.

In the annals of Boca Raton's young history, the city has seen many historically significant names pass through its ranks. Today, the city is renowned for its gorgeous white sand beaches, remarkable luxury, and thriving business climate. From its initial groundbreaking via the likes of Henry Flagler and his agent, Thomas Moore Rickards, Boca Raton went from an untamed wetland to a global resort destination in less than a century. There are several crucial events from the late 19th century forward that deserve the attribution of success from Boca Raton historians: The importance of Boca Raton during the Second World War, establishing the lone RADAR school which led to the defeat of Nazi Germany among other factors. Then there is the IBM campus, where the personal computer (PC) was invented during Project Acorn, a major development in a city not among the first when "tech capitals" come to mind. The Yamato Colony of 1903, spearheaded by Jo Sakai left an indelible presence and one of the most majestic sanctuaries in South Florida. These names and events all played a crucial role in the ascension of one of South Florida's finest cities, but perhaps none played a bigger role than Addison Mizner. A short drive around Downtown Boca Raton will yield dozens of examples of his namesake. Whether that be on luxurious condos like Mizner Court...