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Top 10 Invasive Species In Boca Raton | Boca Raton Nature

the top 10 invasive species in boca raton

If one were to look at a map of the planet and find the equator, they'd find the dividing line that splits not only our hemispheres, but sets the bar for wildlife diversity. It is a known fact that the further from the poles and closer to the equator we reach, the more biodiversity we experience. The frigid climes of the northern and southernmost reaches of our planet don't provided cold-blooded denizens a survivable climate, nor is it optimal for lush plant life. Biologists refer to this concept as the LDG, or Latitudinal Diversity Gradient, and it is the broadest indicator of noted biodiversity patterns on earth. As the southernmost state in the U.S. and a major attractor of foreign business, visitors, and exotic pet owners, Florida is a perfect place to harbor invasive species from Burma to Belize and almost anywhere in between. Learn about 10 of these invasive species and what you should look out for if you encounter one in the wild, or on your doorstep. 

cane toad

Cane Toad

Outside of the now-notorious Green Iguana, the Cane Toad is one of the most common invasive species in the world. The South & Central American native has long been a commonality at our doorsteps, driveways, front yards, and... everywhere else too.

Caution: Keep your pets away, as when bitten they secrete a poison that is often fatal to animals. They are not dangerous to humans....

The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Realtors Today

the 5 biggest challenges facing realtors today

The Real Estate profession has long been erroneously maligned as a pure "dog-eat-dog" world with everyone out for themselves. While Realty does afford a greater opportunity than most professions for one to indulge in their... Machiavellian tendencies, it is the way infrastructure of the profession that opens the door for such behavior, rather than a black hole attracting bad actors and unethical professionals. We write this because we are entering an era of unprecedented cooperation, even amongst bitter rivals in premier Real Estate markets. With the abundance of data, the speed of information, and the prominence of social media, it's easy to see why so many otherwise independent Realtors have now found new ways to expand their practice and involve new methods, ideas, and key players for the benefit of all. Yet, even with this newfangled positivity, there are significant challenges our team faces that are as relevant today as ever. Without further ado, here are 5 challenges facing Realtors today!

online branding


Realtors are expected to communicate, advocate, and fight for the best deal on behalf of their clients. It's what you do outside of these basic expectations that set you apart. It could be your origin, place...

The Best Smoothie And Juice Bars In Boca Raton | Where To Get Your Healthy Fix

the best smoothie bars in boca raton

South Florida is the natural attractant to healthy, fit people. The hot sun and year-round beach weather permit the less-than-shy to spend a remarkable amount of time in bikinis, board shorts, and workout gear. Nowhere (except maybe California) is there a greater presence of athleisure wear than in South Florida, and with its celebrity population, bustling fashion districts, and fitness subculture it's easy to see why. For those of you who struggle to eat breakfast, need a bigger boost in the morning, or simply want to enjoy the decadence of dessert without the guilt, look to the best smoothie and juice bars in Boca Raton for that healthy fix!

array of colored juices and fruits

PURLife Cafe

Purlife Cafe (formerly known as PurGreens) sits on one of the busiest corners of Mizner Park. The long-serving juice, wrap, and healthy bites cafe has been a staple of Mizner Park's bustle for more than 3 years, with its own high-end, trainer-focused gym on the premises as well. Alongside its terrific food, smoothie, and juice offerings, PurLife has hosted health-focused events and been a place for those living the lifestyle to gather.

ginger juice being blended...

Boca Raton Mother's Day | Things To Do On Mother's Day

mothers day events in boca raton

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! Today, we take a moment to share some of our favorite events and local hotspots to enjoy some special downtime with mom. From natural immersion to white-glove dining, we've lined up some of the best events for all ages to celebrate the most special woman in our lives. Read on to learn more!

gumbo limbo boca raton

Mother's Day In Mother Nature - Boca Raton

  • Where: Gumbo Limbo Nature Center - 1801 N. Ocean Blvd. Boca Raton, FL 33432
  • When: Sunday, May 8th. 11 AM  - 12 PM

Celebrate Mother's Day at one of the most beautiful natural destinations in Boca Raton. The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is less than a mile from our Boca Raton Beach Office and has long served as a major source of education, enrichment, and natural connection for Boca Raton residents and visitors alike. This event will include natural crafts, a special outdoor program, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the splendor of South Florida's beauty.

mothers day at the addison ...

Boca Raton Cinco De Mayo Events | Cinco De Mayo Events Near Me

cinco de mayo boca raton 2022

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! It's America's favorite internationally borrowed party holiday. Although St. Patrick's Day would take umbrage at such an assertion, our hot, humid environment and sizable Latin population make the aura of Cinco De Mayo that much more conducive to our South Florida bar & restaurant scene. With the theme set, the calendar turning and the heat on the rise, let's not waste any more time. Read on for some ideas on where to enjoy the Cinco De Mayo Parties & Events near you! 

cinco de mayo boca 1

Cinco De Mayo at Crazy Uncle Mike's - Boca Raton

Crazy Uncle MIke's, the popular bar, music venue, and in-house brewery at the heart of Boca Raton is always an opportunity for a great time - especially on a night like Cinco De Mayo. The staff is always eager to bring the fun, with music, vibrant cocktails, and specialty menus catered to the day. The event features a free shot of tequila with admission, including margarita pitcher specials, DJs, pinatas, and a constant deluge of delicious tacos.

cinco de mayo boca raton party at the naked taco

Cinco De Mayo at the Naked Taco - Boca Raton

The Naked Taco at the popular Promenade in Coconut Creek rests on the edges of Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, and Boca Raton,...