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Mother's Day Brunches & Events In Boca Raton | Your Guide To Mother's Day (2024)

mothers day brunches in boca raton (2024)

It's time once again to celebrate the women who made us who we are. Our Mothers are the first people we meet on this planet, the first shoulder to cry on, the one who was always there for scraped knees, half-days, and our first breakup. Needless to say, there is not enough to do in a lifetime to truly thank these incredible women for the work they put into our lives, and that of our community. When someone says "it takes a village," they're referring in part to the many roles our mother's and our neighborhood moms have served to enrich and protect our future. From scout leader, to t-ball mom, chef, nurse, therapist, and yes, sometimes a drill Sargeant, is there anything these women can't do? Today, as we do every year, we feature the most elegant and prominent locales to show mom a little bit of love, after the lifetime she's given you. Read on and be sure to RSVP quickly! These spots are sure to fill up. 

mothers day at abe and louies

Sumptuous Mother's Day Brunch at Abe & Louie's - Boca Raton

  • Price not Shown

We didn't call it sumptuous, they did! But with everything we know about Abe & Louie's, one of the best steakhouses in Boca Raton, we're excited to add Abe & Louie's to a list of usual entrants on our annual Mother's Day list. Renowned for...

Boca Raton Solar Power Pros and Cons | Is It Time To Invest In Solar?

solar power pros and cons

With the sometimes not-so-subtle push of green policies from our national politicians and our innate desire to do better and save money, it's no wonder the Sunshine State has been a hotbed (no pun intended) for a flurry of solar panels to adorn our open fields and rooftops. With tax incentives and nascent businesses across the board looking to put a dent in the demand for solar technology, we were eager to do our research and learn what experiences our agents and their past clients have had with this young but key technology. While solar panels have existed for a long time, we are still very much in the advent-phase for solar, as the current assemblage and efficiency of the technology is limited. Most famously, the German Energiewende stands as one of the remarkable calamities of green energy policy, showing the difference between well-meaning politicians and actual scientists grounded in the reality of solar's current state.Today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog gives a general and unbiased overview of the state of solar, its pros, cons, and whether your rooftop is apt for adding more power to your home with our galaxy's most significant commodity.

the sun beaming across a yellow background

Pro: Makes Use Of Our Largest Source of Power

We can't exist without the sun! While colder climes and more temperate regions may suffer from droughts of overcast weather, the beautiful...

Who Are The Key Players In A Real Estate Transaction?

who are the real players in a real estate transaction?

Like the players on a field, we list out the usual suspects that participate and facilitate in a real estate transaction. Through today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we'll review the title, role, and expectations of each of these key members you're likely to contact when buying a Boca Raton home for sale. Some of these may be core essentials, while other members may be called in to rectify certain problems or address disputes. Just like it's easier to play chess when you know the purpose and movement of each piece, the same goes for all things in business - your real estate transaction is not excluded. Read further, and learn who's who in your home buying or selling process.

real estate buyer


The buyer is the first person to dive into the market following the trail to their dream home. A buyer and seller are like yin and yang, and without one, the transfer of property would either be a donation or confiscation. Buyers often wield more power than sellers since they are not tethered to the home that is being listed, and can freely scrutinize the area within their price range. Their activity, or lack thereof upon viewing a property is the impetus for sellers to adjust pricing, seek renovations, and work to compromise. In addition, there are typically more buyer's agents than seller's agents among those who specialize in...

Boca Raton Real Estate Quarterly Market Update | (Q1 2024)

boca raton quarterly market update (q1)

It's been a wild few years in Post-Pandemic America, and with it, the downstream macroeconomic effects impacting all of us.  Boca Raton Real Estate, and South Florida as a whole is so sought after that it remains somewhat insulated from national calamities and rate increases. However, condo assessments, the staggering price of everyday goods, and the shortage of affordable housing have all had an impact on both our economic picture and the individual circumstances of buyers and sellers. The four metrics below paint a sufficient picture to speculate on the driving forces behind these numbers and how they may impact your outlook today and into the near future.

Please note: All commentary and reflections on this blog are informed opinions, and should not constitute actionable financial, legal, or any form of advice otherwise. 

boca average listing price (q1, 2024)

Average Listing Price

  • 04/01/2024 - $1,515,073 | +2.41% Increase

Listing prices can sometimes reflect a disconnect between sellers, buyers, and the timeline of macroeconomic events that impact the overall price of housing. Though Boca Raton, and South Florida as a whole are often more insulated from financial...