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Cinco De Mayo Events In Boca Raton | Cinco De Mayo 2023 Events

2023 cinco events in boca raton

It's that time of year again! Some of us may still be recovering from St. Patrick's Day, but Cinco de Mayo is firmly on our calendar. For a city quite a few miles from Mexico, and a larger Latin influence via South America and the Caribbean, Boca Raton has solidified itself as a destination for Mexican cuisine. Featuring both the larger, best-known restaurants and lesser-known locales, Boca Raton always does Cinco de Mayo right. For some of the best events in Boca Raton and nearby, read on and set your calendars!

4 tequila shots with lime wedges

Cinco de Mayo at Calaveras Cantina - Boca Raton

Our list begins at one of the closest locales to our Beach Offices with Calaveras Cantina in Mizner Park. Live entertainment will be provided by a trio of acts, beginning with a live DJ, mariachi band, and a percussionist performing from 8:00 PM - 1:00 AM. Specials include $5 bottled beer, shots of Corazon Tequila, and deals on margaritas all day and night.

mexican female dancers in traditional garb


4 Major Incentives To Sell Your Property This Summer

4 major reasons to sell your home this summer

Summer is on the horizon. For Floridians, it’s been here since Valentine’s Day, but the rest of the country is still catching up.  Boca Raton Real Estate was once considered a seasonal market, both in terms of tourism and Real Estate. Yet, with the massive paradigm shift that was 2020, we now see that South Florida homes are not only relatively insulated from economic forces that impact most of the country, but that demand is a year-round expectation. The market is still as hot as your car engine after a trip to the beach on a midsummer day. Similes aside, we provide you with four reasons why you should consider listing your home or condo this summer! Read on to learn more as we strive to keep you informed on both current events and market forces that may change your mind about where you’ll hang your hat this Autumn.

high demand

High Demand

Summer is the norm for us, but for northerners who represent the lion’s share of relocation cases, summer is the cessation of gridlock. Elderly clients are more likely to visit, school is out so families are mobile, parents are seeking out new condo options and rental opportunities for their young collegians, and there are few significant holidays to work around. For all these reasons, summer is when...

The Most Pet Friendly Boca Raton Neighborhoods | Boca Raton Real Estate

the most pet friendly boca raton neighborhoods

"Pet Friendly" can mean many things, but for our best definition, we perceive a pet-friendly neighborhood as one with a combination of qualifying factors. These include pet-friendly policies, clean walking trails, low traffic, safe crossings, and crisp, open-air spaces. While there are many more than these five pet-friendly neighborhoods in Boca Raton, we had to limit our list to just these superb selections. For more about these developments and the prospects, challenges, and expectations when moving your pet to Boca Raton, learn about these lovely homes and see where your pawprint will be made!

boca west country club front entrance

Boca West

Based on sheer size alone, the enormous Boca West is one of the preeminent locations to enjoy life, especially with your four-legged friends. Voted one of the top country clubs in the entire country, Boca West sits on a massive space in Central Boca, featuring dozens of subdivisions and housing options to choose from. It's this versatility that allows Boca West residents to carve out their future, without the stark limitations and close confines of certain master-planned communities. Boca West features an enormity of amenities, shimmering waterways, and shady walking paths that provide ample space for you and your pup to explore. As a plus, there are numerous nearby highly rated veterinarians and ...

Real Estate Startup Expenses: What Costs Can New Agents Expect?

what expenses can new realtors expect?

Becoming a real estate agent can offer unprecedented professional freedom and prosperity, but it is important to consider the expenses associated with getting the ball rolling. While no two brokerages are identical, there are common fees and expected expenses that are usually essential to the startup process. A key benefit of working with Champagne & Parisi is the lack of fees and costs associated with equipment, office space, and even in-house marketing services. For most new Realtors, however, these costs can be unilaterally expected, especially when working with a fee-based brokerage. Here are a few common real estate startup expenses new agents can expect when launching their careers.

licensing and education fees

Licensing and Education Fees

This is universal. Every Realtor needs to be educated and officially licensed before facilitating a real estate transaction. This requires a review of ethics, best practices, legal concerns, and any state & local considerations as part of a broader and ongoing educational process. The licensing exams can become quite pricey, which is part of why pre-licensing courses and seminars are a significant component of startup costs for Realtors. Testing can cost up to a thousand...