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Boca Home Improvement Ideas | 15 Boca Homeowner Tips

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If you ask homeowners in Boca Raton, you’d find out why we are one of the most desirable places to live in America. With year-round warm weather, a lush environment, and the beach only minutes away, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more ideal place to live. However, all the warm weather and stormy summers mean that nature comes for its toll: rain. Nature’s bounty comes at a price that can sometimes make South Florida homeownership look like a daunting endeavor. Not to worry! Here are 15 easy home improvement ideas that will prepare the Boca Raton homeowner for even the toughest season!

1. Install Gutters

Between 40 to 60 inches of rain falls on our fair city every year! How else do we have such verdant roads and parks? However, that will punish your roof and the runoff from the water can stain your newly painted stucco or flood your manicured landscaping. Ask your friends and neighbors for a referral to a good contractor who can provide you with a quote for a gutter system around your home. You definitely don’t want water infiltrating your home!

2. Invest in Storm Windows or Shutters

South Florida has been lucky these past few years, but when hurricanes decide to pay us another visit they come in force! One only has to look back to the storm season of 2005, when Florida was hit by 7 hurricanes. We have had our fair share since, but we are overdue for an active season such as that one. While an expensive investment, purchasing storm windows and shutters is a home improvement step that will spare the Boca Raton homeowner from hours of aggravation of searching for and installing plywood boards (which can be in short supply) over their windows, mere hours from a storm’s landfall....

Boca Raton Home Gardening | Tips For Boca Raton Gardeners

Boca Raton truly is the city beautiful. Touches of the Mediterranean greet you from the local Publix to Highland Beach. Boca Raton homeowners do appreciate their appeal with manicured front lawns and gardens that are true labors of love. If you are planning to move to Boca Raton, or are already settled in our bucolic town, here are 5 great home gardening tips for a true Boca Raton home!

Water Your Garden at Night

sprinklers running at night

Your local HOA and the city may have already made this abundantly clear, but just in case, despite Boca Raton’s effusive humidity 9 months out of the year one should always water their grass at night. Our shining sun, who is usually our best friend when it comes to drying us off after a summer thundershower, still does its best to dry out everything and everything. If you plan to water your beautiful Boca Raton garden in the middle of the day, chances are the sun will snatch that water up before your thirsty plants have their fill.

Talk to Your Neighbors

neighbors talking and smiling outside

Have you seen a Boca Raton home that inspires serious garden envy? Don’t be shy and say hello to your neighbor with the green thumb. If they are not using a lawn service, chances are they will be familiar with the temperament of the soil, which plants respond best to the local climate,...

New Restaurants In Boca Raton | 4 New Boca Spots To Explore

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Boca Raton used to be a sleepy seaside town, but these days it seems as if the world comes to us. In years past, Boca Raton restaurants used to be good, but conventional. Now, nearly every conceivable kind of cuisine can be found here or in the greater South Florida area from every inhabited continent. Here is where you can find restaurants opening in Boca Raton!

peruvian scallops

Kousine (Peruvian-Asian Fusion)

1668 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Fresh off his star-making run in Fort Lauderdale, Chef Danny Kou of Lima Peru, has set up shop on his second South Florida location right here in Boca Raton! Its locale is modest, inside an unassuming shopping plaza off of Federal Highway. However, inside, a master chef is at work bringing a special kind of vitality that earns this venue a place at the top of any Boca Raton restaurant guide. Chef Kou is a former protégé of famed Chef Gaston Acurio. With dishes like jumbo scallops in passion fruit-black bean sauces and cocktails named “Mad About You” (Japanese whisky, yuzu, tangerine, lemongrass, Polynesian bitter), Kousine is a must-visit for the adventurous gourmand.

Chloe’s Bistro (Italian)

6885 SW 18th St B7, Boca Raton, FL 33433

close up of chloes bistro entree


The Top 4 Nature Parks In Boca Raton | Nature In Boca Raton

the best nature parks in boca raton

While being a metropolitan area, Boca nature parks are few and far between. The ever-growing urban sprawl has increased in numbers and residents, providing little space for nature to flourish. It seems around every corner is a new Boca condo development or shopping center in place. Despite this, there are a few gems that have managed to stay hidden amongst the sawgrass. These 4 nature parks are packed full of nature, allowing you to take a step back into the world before Boca became a bustling city.

blazing star natural preserve entry


Located nearby Old Floresta, Boca Raton Square and Sugar Sand Park, this nature park is a retreat mostly known to the locals. While Sugar Sand has more of a notable reputation, given its kid-friendly environment, Blazing Star is a nice escape from the commercial turf. 26 acres of scrub pine give any hiker the perfect opportunity to mingle with the local tortoises habituating the area and get an in-depth look at the wild cacti that grow sporadically. After a fun day of traversing...

Top 5 Best Indoor Plants For Your Boca Raton Home

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You've done it; you've finally moved into your dream home in Boca Raton. The beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and lavish lifestyle have charmed you in and now welcome you into the community. The furniture is set, your decor is looking like paradise, but something just doesn't quite feel right. Those sliding glass doors are open, the break of dawn is shining through your window ready to awaken your senses, but you need something a little more 'lively.' Indoor plants are a common factor missing in some Boca Raton homes. While most of the natives find themselves immersed in the superficial architectures of Boca society, some acquire a more natural approach to happy living. Indoor plants can provide your new home a natural remedy to purifying the air and making the environment comfortably suitable. These top 5 indoor plants are sure to make your home the freshest living space in the community. 

Spider Plant

spider plant close up in pot

A logical decision when researching the best indoor plants for a home, the spider plant does not disappoint. Easily one of the simplest plants to tend, this arachnid in a pot produces oxygen and purifies the air by absorbing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene. Humans are blissfully ignorant to the toxins we breathe in daily, and the spider plant gives us a natural solution to air purification. Another tremendous benefit of this variant is that it does not require a lot of water. Watering this plant once a week is a sufficient amount to sustain its optimal...

Boca Raton Aquatic Activities | 4 Ways to Enjoy the Summer In Boca

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Summertime is fast approaching, and naturally, people are in full gear to enjoy some aquatic activities! Locals and tourists come in search of the best ways to enjoy the summer and stay cool during those sweltering months. Here in Boca, there are multitudes of ways you and the family can experience the highlights of living in sunny South Florida. The water is waiting, are you ready?

Snorkeling At Red Reef Park

snorkeling at red reef

Red Reef Park is a popular favorite among many on the Champagne & Parisi team

This popular destination located on the scenic A1A here in Boca is the perfect place to enjoy the summer. With a 67-acre park for swimming, snorkeling, surf-fishing, parasailing, and a nature center—what more could you ask for? The aquamarine water and white sand is an enticing sight for sure, but let’s dive into the real reason you’re here. The fresh, cool water is a great way to take a nice dip and enjoy some marine life. A plethora of local scuba diving shops are eager to rent you out the best gear to get an up-close and personal look at nature! After a cooling swim in the water, the nature center is...

Supporting Local Boca Businesses from Home | Online Support For Local Business

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COVID has most certainly put a damper on the normalcy of our lives. With most of our lives becoming affected by the virus, and going out a taboo subject these days, ordering online has been the dominant source of providing the public with needs. With the status quo slowly changing, online ordering is here to stay. Small businesses that existed before the pandemic have taken the hardest hit, with a good majority closing their doors forever. However, the community here in Boca has been doing its part to support local Boca businesses from home. Curbside pickup (via online order) is a great way for people to still receive the things they need and want, without having to worry about COVID. The virus aside this option has breathed life back into small businesses and the local community. 

Barrel of Monks Brewing

barrel of monks brewery logo | black letters

You may be scratching your head at this selection, but even the craft beer industry has taken a major hit. Barrel of Monks Brewing introduced its online ordering as a way to let people still get a refreshing "Single in the Sun." While the taproom is now reopened, their online ordering has increased their support, letting their clientele know that they are still here to accommodate everyone's preferred methods of buying. They're easy to navigate website lists all your favorite flagship beer (available for...

4 Home Staging Tips | Sell Your Home Faster

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Moving is a hassle, and as any homeowner knows, undertaking taking such a rigorous task requires a lot of preparation—mentally and physically. Home staging is the process in which the homeowner showcases the best features of a home. From the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, and foyers, it’s important to make your home a hot commodity on the Boca Raton housing market. Our expert realtors on the Champagne & Parisi team recommend home staging as a way to help you earn a quick sale, and make you walk away with the confidence in knowing you made the right choice. However, home staging can be a very time-consuming process and it’s important to know the right tips and tricks. The profit you make from your home is an important number when it comes to moving into your next home. These 4 tips will guide you down the right path towards earning your next dream home.

Rearrange Furniture to Open Space

two movers in blue shirts lifting couch

You may love your big recliner right where it is, but when showing your home to a prospective buyer, open space is essential. Stoking the imagination of the buyer is much easier with less personal material and more open space in your home. When the buyer can visualize how they would utilize the space, their imagination begins to run and they begin to wrap their head around the prospect of...

Top 5 Real Estate Selling Myths | Boca Raton Real Estate

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Many of us daydream from time to time about trading up to a new home, or ponder a downsize to a place that is easier to clean, but take it further and the logic center of our brains begin to heat up with questions. You might even doubt that you know enough about selling real estate to get the best deal, or if the time is right for selling a home in Boca Raton. The good news is the market is red hot right now and Boca Raton’s real estate inventory is shrinking by the hour. In order to get you on the right track with selling your room (or any property for that matter), we’ve broken down the Top 4 Real Estate Selling Myths for the Boca Raton resident!


home door open with keys in the handle

You may be the friendliest person one could hope to meet, but never do a walk-through of your home for a prospective buyer ever. Full stop. We may be a nice group of people in Boca Raton, but home selling is best left to your real estate agent. Behavioral surveys have found that showing a home with the owner present that create an awkward atmosphere that may feel like intrusion and prevents the prospective buyer seeing the house as their own.


commission definition on paper under highlighter...

5 Tips to Make Your Boca Home the Ultimate Getaway | Boca Raton Home Decor

5 tips for boca raton home decor

Boca Raton homes are well-renowned for their Mediterranean-style charm. It's hard not to imagine why; our exotic vibe has made South Florida a popular tourist destination, allowing visitors to partake in the beautiful allure of the Florida lifestyle. Though Boca tends to lean toward the upper echelon of societal lifestyles, its luxury exterior is not impervious to wholesomeness. Often times we all fall into the trap of having cabin fever after a workweek full of stress but making your Boca Raton home the ultimate getaway is a useful way to enjoy downtime at your pad. One primary reason that so many folks choose to leave their homes for more fun atmosphere is simply because of the decor. You won't need a degree in interior decorating to transform your home into paradise. With these simple tips, adding your own flair will be a cinch.

Utilize Light/Pastel Colors

pastel colored wood panels

Obviously, the first thing anyone thinks of when they think of the Sunshine State is the beach. The beach is what draws in millions of visitors a year from all over the world. In order to make your Boca home the ultimate getaway, why not bring the beach to you? A popular motif for most homes in Boca is the classic white wall with some pastel color thrown in for good measure. Florida by nature is very sunny, vibrant, and introducing lighter colors into your home will evoke the same feeling of an afternoon on the beach, or a nice, relaxing brunch by the sea. Pastel colors are also...

The Ultimate Guide to Boca Raton Beaches

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Boca Raton is home to some of the most beautiful beach strands found anywhere in the world. With so much to do in every corner of the map, Boca Raton beaches still encompass a significant piece of your recreational puzzle. We've written about Boca Raton beaches before, but we've never put a guide together as wholly complete as what's written below. The Champagne & Parisi team loves to make life easier for families moving to Boca Raton. Our growing resource page and blog are some of the best ways to give access to the key information you need. Read on below to learn what you need to know before visiting one of Boca Raton's best beaches.

beach view with clouds in sky


South Beach Park is one of the premier central beaches in Boca Raton. This park offers more in the basics - a beautiful strand of swimming space, open sand, and picturesque walkways. For those looking for more of a traditional beach day, South Beach Park is one of the best beaches in Boca Raton to do just that. Nearest Communities: Corniche, Meridian Condos

5 Tips for People Moving to Boca Raton | Moving to Boca Raton

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Shoveling your sidewalk of snow for the umpteenth time? Did your pipes freeze overnight? We can guarantee that these are not problems you’ll encounter in sunny Florida. In a most unsurprising survey, most of the people we polled said that the weather was why most people were moving to Florida and Boca Raton. There is something to be said about Boca living and its perpetual Spring/Summer. When you’re ready to make the move to our blissful high tropics, here are 5 tips for our future neighbors moving to Boca Raton!

 #1: Check the Elevation

south florida canal system

Every Floridian will tell you, be prepared for the rainy season. Nearly every afternoon from May to September will see a thunderstorm or two below through your neighborhood, before breezing off into the Atlantic. With these daily deluges, street flooding can go from a minor nuisance to a full-on stranding if you are driving in anything shorter than a crossover. With that being said, take note of the elevation of your house or first-story condo/apartment concerning the road or any body of water (canal, pond, etc.) check the city or county’s website for their flood zone maps. You’ll be glad you did when your first hurricane rolls in.

 #2: Hurricanes – You’ll Get Used to Them

palm trees blowing in hurricane winds

Hurricanes are tremendous forces of nature with winds...

5 Top Sushi Restaurants in Boca Raton | Where to Get Sushi in Boca

top 5 sushi restaurants in boca raton

Date night, a work lunch, or for something light yet decadent - sushi does it all. What began in Japan is among the complement of Boca Raton's best restaurants. Sushi in Boca Raton is an institution, despite there being limited Japanese influence, the community has not shied away from our love for sushi restaurants. There are so many more to list, so don't just take our word for it! Here are OUR Top Sushi Restaurants in Boca Raton.

UPDATED: 05/08/2023 - Visit our new blog for the latest! - Where To Find The Best Sushi In Boca Raton

lemongrass asian bistro boca raton

Lemongrass Asian Bistro

Lemongrass Asian Bistro has been an absolute favorite for Boca Raton and South Florida residents for nearly two decades. With locations dotting South Florida, Lemongrass is everything you'd want in a reliably delicious, classy East Asian restaurant. With an atmosphere and service to match their fresh ingredients and superb flavors, Lemongrass has become one of our favorites for everything...

Cigar Bars in Boca Raton | Where to Enjoy a Cigar in Boca Raton

cigar bars in boca raton | blog header image

Cigar Bars are one of the mainstays of Boca Raton's nightlife scene. While cigars aren't for everyone, cigar bars in Boca Raton provide the opportunity to enjoy a stogie with your glass of wine. Boca Raton's cigar bars mirror Boca's wine bars, featuring the perfect blend of entertainment, delicious wine & food pairings, and well-versed knowledgeable staff. We asked a few of our Champagne & Parisi realtors where they choose to have a victory cigar after a big closing. Check out 4 of the best Cigar Bars in Boca Raton.

Casa De Montecristo

lit cigar in ashtray

Casa De Montecristo is one of the finest cigar bars in Boca Raton. With over 100 humidified lockers, several HDTVs, and private event booking, the Casa De Montecristo is a great place to catch a game. Their humidor is one of the best stocked in Boca Raton, featuring many of the finest brands of all price ranges - prominently featuring, of course, their namesake Montecristo cigars.

Ash Cigar Bar & Lounge

row of hand rolled cigars

The Ash Cigar Bar & Lounge has sterling reviews from prominent local guides and hospitality aficionados. Viewed by many as a local gem, featuring the ultimate trifecta of great food, drinks, and smoking options. From the hosts to...

Buying a Home in Boca Raton | 4 Big Mistakes Home Buyers Make

4 common home buying mistakes | blog header image

Not Setting Financial Boundaries

big red stop sign

Right now, with so many incentives for people to move to Boca Raton, it's easy to throw caution to the wind and let our emotions get the best of us. Having a rigid set of financial boundaries based upon a well-researched set of parameters will keep your emotions in check during the home buying process. An agreed-upon number will put a ceiling on the potential to make irresponsible decisions that are unrealistic to your financial circumstances.

Not Using An Agent

female realtor strolling through front door

Buying a house is one of the most significant commitments you'll ever make in life. Not using a real estate agent is like going to court without a lawyer, or out to sea without a captain. A real estate agent is constantly in the thick of the home buying market. Real estate agents, especially our Champagne & Parisi Team, are proud to advocate for their clients. They use the latest knowledge and a network of committed professionals who know how to get the best value for you. 

Ignoring the Natural Elements

heavy rain falling past rooftop...

Craft Beer In Boca Raton | 3 Craft Breweries In The Boca Area

boca raton craft breweries | blog header image

Updated (11/30/2021) - Saltwater Brewery, a Delray Beach based microbrew, was added.

Boca Raton. When we think of Boca, we think of the high-roller lifestyle: glitz, glamor, wealth, and a multitude of luxury vehicles. Underneath the veneer of the Boca luxury lifestyle, there's a little subculture that exudes much more than meets the eye. Craft Breweries are blowing up and trending across the United States. A community of creative entrepreneurs who have taken the age-old process of brewing hops, yeasts, malts, and other essentials, into a delicious beverage that kisses your pallet with relative ease. Craft breweries in Boca Raton are something of a misnomer, but don't let this city's superficialities fool you: there ARE some pleasant surprises awaiting discovery. 

Crazy Uncle Mike's

crazy uncle mikes logo

Located on the long stretch of US 1, toward the Delray/Boca border, this craft brewery offers a hipper...

Make Your Boca Home Green | 5 Eco Friendly Steps to Improve Your Home

make your boca home green | blog header image

Going “green” is a popular way of saying environment friendly. Our contribution to the earth has been a popular debate among politicians in the past few years, and the country’s direction towards cleaner alternatives has been on the rise. With many individual homeowners looking to save more money while helping the environment, even Boca Raton luxury condos are looking to follow suit. You don’t have to cut out all your creature comforts to enjoy this way of living; in fact, many people who switch over to a more green way of living feel healthier—mentally and physically. You are probably unaware, but the minor choices we make can put us one step closer toward an eco friendly Boca home, and you’ll feel good about it, too.

Use Green Cleaning Products

green cleaning homemade supplies

Most of the cleaning products we see on the shelves are chock-full of components that are hazardous to the environment. The chemicals (the ones that are especially hard to pronounce) we use to clean our clothes, countertops, and home in general, are good candidates to blame for the damage done to the environment. You probably think those astringent-smelling ingredients are the...

The Top 5 Best Private Schools in Boca Raton | Boca Raton Private Schools

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While Boca Raton is a seaside community that luxuriates in its leisure time and remains renowned for its larger-than-life retirees, Boca Raton is home to thousands of families and education remains a priority. Parents-to-be and those buying a new home in Boca Raton often wonder, “what are the best private schools near me?” To those we say, fear not! Here are the Top 5 Best Private Schools in Boca Raton:

private school students socializing

Pine Crest School – Boca Raton Campus

Originally founded in 1934 in Fort Lauderdale as a Pre-K through 12 preparatory school, Pine Crest opened their Boca Raton campus in 1987, which serves grades Pre-K through 8, after which those students who choose are offered automatic admission to the “Upper School” campus in Fort Lauderdale. Today, it sits on St. Andrews Blvd, less than five minutes from the Town Center Mall. Known for its rigorous academics, Advanced Placement courses, and state-of-the-art learning tools, Pine Crest prepares each of its students for the collegiate experience and beyond.

Saint Andrew’s School

Out of all the private schools in Boca Raton, Saint Andrew’s School has the distinction of being one to offer boarding on their Pre-K through 12 campus. With a curriculum borne out of the Episcopalian tradition, Saint Andrew’s offers both Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, and dozens of clubs and...

The Top 5 Public Schools In Boca Raton | Public Schools Near Me

the top 5 public schools in boca raton | blog header image

With so much space and choice, Boca Raton is an ideal place to settle down. Nearly every development is idyllic in some way. One of the quickest ways to narrow down where you choose to move is by identifying which schools are in the area if you are planning to raise a family. You may be wondering what public schools are near me. Thankfully, there is a robust choice of public schools in Boca that will help you find the right neighborhood for you!

public school students walking up to school

A.D. Henderson University School & FAU High School (K-12)

A.D. Henderson is one of the top-rated public schools in Boca Raton and the state of Florida as a whole with a student-teacher ratio of 26:1 and average SAT scores of 1370. To maintain small class sizes, admission into A.D. Henderson is via lottery. According to their website, “the selection process is focused on retaining a student demographic...

Live Music In Boca Raton | Where To See Music In Boca

live music in boca raton | blog header image

Live music lives on! Find out where some the very best live music venues in Boca Raton are with our list below. Enjoy the best in jazz, blues, rock, and much more at these 3 Boca Raton live music venues. As the rest of the country slowly reopens, the Boca Raton lifestyle is taking flight! Enjoy dinner & a show at these three live venues below.

The Funky Biscuit

tab benoit playing at the funky biscuit

Tab Benoit & guest JP Soars performing at the Funky Biscuit in Royal Palm Place

The Funky Biscuit is known as the music lover's music venue. Many other live music venues in Boca Raton are restaurants with a stage, but owner Albert Poliak has extended his music career into this intimate, yet spacious live music venue. See the best Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Roots music at a venue created by musicians, for music lovers. Within the past few years, a full kitchen has been added to accommodate the delicious specialty cocktails, along with an outdoor bar to accommodate those reluctant to return to indoor venues.

Loch Bar

Situated in the classy Mizner Park district, the Loch Bar specializes in classic seafood fare and rare whiskeys. A true experience for the connoisseur, featuring one of the largest raw bars in Boca Raton - Loch Bar also includes a live music featurette...