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Middle Eastern Restaurants In Boca Raton | Where To Enjoy Middle Eastern Food

the best middle eastern food in boca

Middle Eastern food may be the best represented among the many cuisines that are showcased in Boca Raton. From the Levant to Hijaz, the deft use of exotic spices, legumes, and flatbreads mark some of the many characteristics that unite Middle Eastern cuisines. Despite these similarities, each region and nation have something unique to offer. With a robust Jewish and Middle Eastern population, the best Middle Eastern food can be found around every corner. From a quick falafel pita on the go to halloumi and hummus, here are a few from the long and growing list of the best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Boca Raton. 

bowl of hummus with parsley and olive oil

Mediterranean Kebob House 

The Mediterranean Kebob house is a renowned favorite in the heart of Mizner Park off US1. Serving a primarily Turkish menu, their menu includes Greek favorites like gyros, Greek salads, and kofte. With a simple yet refined decor, excellent service, and sterling reviews, the Mediterranean Kebob House is a notable recommendation straight from many of Boca Raton's Turkish population.

middle eastern food on wood plate

Hannah's Kitchen 

Hannah's Kitchen is a versatile one-stop for all things the Mediterranean. With a fully handcrafted menu, all dishes are from scratch and made to order. Their menu covers all the bases from the Grecian Islands to the Persian Gulf, with a full bakery and dessert list. Perhaps best of all is the wallet-friendly prices, offering...

Boca Raton New Construction | New 3 Building Complex Proposed Near Sanborn Square

sanborn square new construction

Sanborn Square is one of several key shopping and office areas within the broader landscape of Downtown Boca Raton. Residing just beyond Palmetto Park Road's northeast corner, the open space is one of the last untapped areas in the Mizner Park district, and a hotbed of spirited debate ahead of yet another multibuilding complex proposed in its stead. Compson Associates, the firm responsible for the 12 story Tower 155, has received stiff opposition despite the nascent stages of the discussions with the city council.

The Proposed Project in Detail: What We Know

The proposed Aletto Square would sit just southeast of Sanborn Square and will (if approved) include a 93 unit, 12 story apartment complex, a 7 story office and retail building, and an eight story automated parking garage. According to Compson Architects, the need for added luxury apartment space is omnipresent, with lessons learned from the Tower 155 project - namely, the reduction during its build from 170 planned units to 128.

In addition to the major proposals stated above, Aletto Square would feature rooftop pool and dining as part of its luxuriant allure, and satisfy what Compson believes is a major need for Class A office space as part of Boca Raton's drive to lure more high value blue ribbon companies to open branches or even headquarter in Boca Raton.

With so many fleeing lockdown conditions and perverse disincentives for businesses, Compson argues that Aletto Square would further enhance the opportunities in Boca Raton for continued economic growth - while its detractors see otherwise.

protecting the last vestiges of downtown character...

St. Patrick's Day Events Near Boca Raton | St. Patty's Near Me

St. Patrick's Events Near Boca

It's St. Patrick's Day week! One of our favorite imported holidays is back for another round after a year orbiting the sun. Thursday, March 17th will mark the spectacular Irish holiday we all have come to love. With so many ways to celebrate the festivities, the Champagne & Parisi blog is here to show you where the locals are planning to be this weekend and through the 17th!

bagpipes at st pattys parade

St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival - Delray Beach

  • Where: Downtown Atlantic Avenue
  • When: Saturday, March 12th, 12 PM - 4 PM

Delray Beach always seems to make the most of Atlantic Avenue's outstanding presence. The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is responsible for what Atlantic Avenue is today, and for unique festivals such as this. A family-friendly atmosphere, there will be plenty for the kids to do - crafts, snacks, community groups, live music, and more. For the parents and adults looking to enjoy St. Patrick's in its truest form, there will be plenty of beer and wine vendors, cocktails, and handheld snacks. The St. Patrick's Day Parade on Delray Beach has been running since 1968, and with 70+ floats entering, we can't wait to find our spot behind the ticker tape.

st. patricks at the dubliner

St. Patrick's Day at The Dubliner - Boca Raton

  • Where: The Dubliner -  435 Plaza Real. Boca Raton, FL
  • When: Thursday, March 17th, All Day

A longstanding talisman of Mizner Park, The Dubliner was...

Community Feature: Tri County Animal Rescue | Boca Raton Nonprofits

our partnership with tri county animal rescue

Champagne & Parisi is enormously proud of our growth as a brokerage. Our Realtors go above and beyond getting top dollar for you, always giving back as individuals and as a team. On the heels of our many successes, we're honored to contribute annually to several nonprofits - impacting everything from animal adoption to child safety, foster education, and aid for the elderly. Beyond our monetary partnership, we're not afraid to get our hands dirty, with many of our Realtors dedicating their free time in support of the neediest among us. With so many animal lovers and such a robust dog culture here in Boca Raton, we knew we'd have to share the love with the animals.

As an extension of our desire to further our support for our nonprofit partners, we've reached out and taken the time to learn more about the "who's and the why's - the people and motivations that power these nonprofits we've teamed up with for over a decade. Today, we're honored to feature The Tri-County Animal Rescue, the preeminent animal welfare organization in the Greater Boca Raton area. We sent our Director of Marketing to sit with the founder, Suzi Goldsmith, and members of her team. After learning more about their mission and the people who bring it to life, we're as honored as we've ever been to support this wonderful group.

The Early Days                

suzi goldsmith and jeanette christosSuzi Goldsmith and...

4 Historic Visionaries Who Changed Boca Raton Forever | Boca Raton History

historic visionaries boca raton

Our history is the amalgamation of a global descent on this spectacular land. Our structures, homes, and public works reflect the ingenuity of decades of visionary work by those who saw Boca Raton as more than an untameable swampland. Through decades of dedication, sacrifice, and savvy the Pioneer Era of Boca Raton began through our first entry below and carried us to the luxury destination we live in today. These four visionaries span a breadth of time from the early 20th Century to the mid 2000's; developing our agrarian, real estate, and infrastructural sectors that today house some of the most sought-after real estate in the world. Read further to learn who these 4 (actually 5) historic visionaries were, what they did, and how their indelible contributions changed Boca Raton for the better.

thomas moore rickards

Thomas Moore Rickards

Thomas Moore Rickards is widely regarded as the first resident of Boca Raton, playing a significant role in the city's development during the earliest days of recorded settlement, known as the Pioneer Era. Born in Ohio in 1845, Rickards moved to Florida in 1896 with his wife Lizzie and their 5 children, where he became involved in the surveying and railroad business. While traveling as a state-appointed surveyor, Rickards purchased 50 acres of land in the Boca...