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5 Of the Most Popular Home Decor Trends In 2023

popular boca raton home design trends in 2023

Home exteriors are a style all of their own. Like home interiors, or the clothing we wear, even the natural world has trends. While we don't have the same breadth of design freedom in a less controllable environment like nature itself, there are still many ways we can tailor both our home interior, exterior, and the natural world around it to our liking. These home design trends represent a broader national example but are also acutely found here around many beautiful Boca Raton homes. We've observed and researched online and in-person, the latest direction home designers have taken their products. Our list is hardly comprehensive but represents some of the most significant and popular home decor trends for 2023. 

black and white interiors

Black and White 

We've made plenty of notes over the past years about the ascent of modern, contemporary decor after decades of Mizner-inspired Mediterranean Revivalism. Despite the beauty of the tans, beiges, and goldenrods that mark the walls, ceilings, and accents of these Boca Raton homes, many are choosing clean, crisp lines and simple palettes. Evidenced by communities like Lotus and Lotus Palm, home designers are now seeking black and white to define the home line by line, angle by angle. These crisp, colorless palettes...

New Years Parties In Boca Raton | Where To Celebrate New Years Eve

new years events in the boca raton area

Is it 2024 yet? We're a little bewildered that the year came and went faster than the Brightline, but here we are ready to ring in the New Year. In keeping you informed on the latest happenings, holidays, and celebrations around Boca Raton, today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog highlights the best events, parties, and fun things happening around the city. Read on and get your sparklers, champagne, and dancing shoes ready!

new years eve at crazy uncle mikes

New Year's Eve at Crazy Uncle Mike's - Boca Raton

  • When: Dec. 31 - Jan. 1 | 9 PM - 1 AM
  • Where: Crazy Uncle Mike's 6450 N. Federal Hwy. Boca Raton, FL

One of our favorite spots in Boca Raton, Crazy Uncle Mike's has become a premier destination for live music, craft beer, and easy bites. With an elevated stage and superb lounging area, alongside its outdoor deck, we love Crazy Uncle Mike's as a venue and a restaurant. In keeping with their namesake, Crazy Uncle Mike's has invited Southern Blood, a band saluting Southern Rock, to hit the stage for a celebration that's sure to rock the night away. 

noon years eve at boca


Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Resistant Windows: Which Is Right For Your Boca Home?

hurricane shutters vs impact glass

With today's new construction homes, hurricane-impact windows are almost an expectation. For older homes without the accommodations for impact windows, however, the question still looms. Do I spend (a lot more) on impact windows, or find a simpler, yet still reliable solution? In today's blog, we discuss protecting and securing the most vulnerable points of your home from the worst nature has to throw at it. Impact windows, or slide-out shutters? Read on to learn more about what might work for you!

hurricane shutters on teal home

Pros Of Hurricane Shutters

1. Hurricane Shutters Are Much Cheaper

Let's face it. Things aren't as cheap as they used to be. We're never one to compromise on our safety, especially in the wake of a potential life-altering natural disaster. However, buying an existing home in Boca Raton leaves you with the potential for expensive remodeling projects during a time of sky high material costs. Hurricane shutters are plug and play solutions that are easily affixed to the side of the home. Often made from simple sheet metal, they are easy to self-install and remove in a pinch, without requiring remodel work to the structure of the home.

2. They Can Easily Be Added and Subtracted From The Home

Hurricane shutters can be affixed to the home via a tracking system, allowing for an easy rollout. Whether attached via track or kept...

The 2023 Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade | Everything You Need To Know

2023 boca raton holiday boat parade

We're fired up for the 49th annual Boca Raton holiday boat parade! One of the most popular events in Boca Raton is nearly five decades old, returning for its next installation. The Boca Holiday Boat Parade is a coalescing event that incorporates much of what sets this community apart. The bright lights, beautiful boats, balmy weather, and neighborhood camaraderie are exemplified at this event. For our part, we've got our eyes on the water and our thumb on the pulse of our backyard, and are here to bring you everything you need to know about the 2023 Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade!

  • When: Saturday, December 16th 2023. 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Where: Boca Raton Intracoastal Canal (C-15 to Hillsboro Bridge)

The Parade Route

The Parade will follow its usual path beginning in the C-15 Canal of the Boca Raton/Delray Beach border. The parade boats will turn due south at the Intracoastal and follow along until the route end at the Hillsboro drawbridge. The boats will pass several waterfront communities in Boca Raton including the Boca Marina Yacht Club and Golden Harbour among several others. There are three drawbridges along the route: Spanish River, Palmetto Park, and Camino Real, beginning with Spanish River and ending beyond the picturesque twisting drawbridge...