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Top Window Design Trends To Beautify Your Boca Raton Home

top window design trends for your boca home

Windows are the gateways to your home and have a significant impact on the beauty, light, and color within. Beyond offering visibility to the world outside, windows are opportunities to make your home your own. From curtains to colors, to framing, and modern tech, windows are one of the most important and often underrated means of decorating your interior. 2023 has given way to some significant changes in the way we decorate our properties. Gone are the days of heavy Mediterranean hues, replaced by whites, blues, and light palettes to suit a more refined and minimalistic visage. Today, we discover and review some of the most popular ways Boca Raton residents have been treating their windows, and why you might consider one of these ideas for yourself.

roller shades

Roller Shades

Anyone who has ever rented a home with cheap Venetian blinds knows just how important window treatments can be. Roller shades are often cordless, canvas-style, neutrally colored, thick and durable fabric. They are effective for preventing heat intrusion as well as providing optimal privacy. Without the pull strings and easily snappable thin plastic blinds, Roller shades are easily deployed, affordable, attractive, and effective.

lined draperies...

What Are Some Common Contingencies In Real Estate Contracts?

what are common real estate contingencies

Contingencies in real estate contracts are specific clauses that trigger or prevent certain events from occurring. They are often routinely added to ensure certain conditions are met before entering the contractual phase. Many of these contingencies are common, and sometimes even required to ensure a fair and balanced transaction occurs. In today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we're bringing several of the most universally observed contingencies in real estate contracts, and how they shape the nature of buying or selling a Boca Raton home.

home sale contingency

Mortgage/Loan Contingency

A mortgage contingency is a way to protect home buyers from rejection by a financial institution. This contingency, also known as a loan contingency or financing contingency, allows buyers to cancel the contract without legal penalty or loss of deposit in the event they are unable to secure a mortgage. The loan contingency period is usually 30-60 days, and permits the buyer a grace period to search for a financial product that works for them. If unable to, both parties can walk without repercussion.

home inspection contingency


The Pros and Cons To Paying Your Mortgage Off Early | Boca Raton Home Mortgages

the pros and cons to paying a mortgage early

It sounds ludicrous to not pay a loan off early. After all, in the commission of a 30-year mortgage, oftentimes more than half of the loan is paid in strict interest. However, in part to some seemingly perverse and conflicting financial incentives to the way our system is set up, it isn't always the wisest to pay off your mortgage early. There are credit, tax, and future loan considerations to take into account, along with the principal and interest of the home itself. In today's blog, we give you the pros and cons of paying your mortgage early and hope you find a way forward that best suits you.

free up cash flow

Pro: Free Up Cash Flow

Paying off your mortgage faster means more cash in the future. Even if your mortgage is still active, you can pay down heavily in the beginning, creating a healthy habit that reduces the term of your loan, freeing up cash flow in the future. In addition, automating extra payments will ensure you build your budget around this higher number. In the event, you require a few extra bills to take care of a one-time problem, you've already been overpaying and can safely regress to the mean without losing any momentum. Now, imagine the beauty of paying down your mortgage 3, 5, or maybe 10 years early. All of that money thrown at interest is now back in your pocket for all those years to come!

you could lose your tax deduction ...

Boca Raton Halloween Events Near Me | 2023 Halloween In Boca Raton

2023 halloween events in boca raton

It's officially autumn in South Florida! With the slight inward breeze and a resurgent Miami Dolphins, we have so much to celebrate as the year winds down and the days grow shorter. For this year, we've organized a myriad of events for kids, families, and adults for our Halloween 2023 blog. Whether looking to dress up and party on, or bring the kids to some wholesome family fun, our Boca Raton Real Estate blog has you covered!

halloween brunch

Halloween Brunch at Throw Social - Delray Beach

  • When: Saturday & Sunday, October 28-29, 11:30 AM - 2:00 AM
  • Where: Throw Social - 29 SE 2nd Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33444

Delray Beach is always abuzz when learning of festivities at the ever-popular Throw Social. Just a few minutes north of Boca Raton, this off-the-Ave. hotspot is as exciting during brunch hours as it is into the night, combining kinetic activities like ping-pong, axe throwing, and giant Jenga with craft cocktails, dancing, and more. Thematic cocktails will headline the party, with four stations featuring Frankenstein Jello shot syringes, Witches brew sangria, and even a drag brunch and doggie costume contest!

boca pumpkin patch

Boca Raton Pumpkin Patch Festival...