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Boca Raton Midterm Elections Information | What You Need To Know To Get Out And Vote!

boca raton midterm election info

The crucial 2022 Midterm Elections are upon us! No matter where you stand, knowing the ins and outs of civic engagement is a fundamental way to participate in the future of our country, state, and city. For our part, the Boca Raton Real Estate blog will provide the details on your candidates, precincts, and voting requirements. Read on to learn more about the 2022 midterm elections in Boca Raton!

Precincts and Polling Centers

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th between 7 AM - 7 PM. If you are still waiting in line by the 7 PM closing time, you will be permitted to complete your ballot. Voting Precincts are divided across two zones: Zones 5 and 6.

Click HERE to find your exact polling center.

Zone 5 includes much of the area north of Boca Raton, but also includes parts of Northern Boca and Highland Beach.

boca raton voting precinct 5

Zone 6 Includes the sizable majority of Boca Raton and Highland Beach. If you are a resident...

Boca Raton New Condo Updates | Newest Updates On Boca Raton Condos

boca raton new construction updates

Despite the gorgeous veneer and seemingly polished-off finished product that is Boca Raton, there's always something new happening in our beautiful city. Even amidst a crowded waterfront, several new luxury buildings and several old are seeing sprawling new construction. From all new condominiums to added amenities, we give you the latest news on Boca Raton New Construction Real Estate. Read along to learn more, and be sure to stay tuned for more updates and news items like these.

under construction

Under Construction

3000 South Ocean Blvd.

3000 South Ocean Blvd is the southeasternmost address along the waterfront in Boca Raton. This work is in accordance with the Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) to replace an existing seawall in the location. The CCCL Program regulates all things related to projects that could impact the beach - namely erosion, dune stability, public access interference, or the damaging of inland properties. In addition, the pool and deck will be replaced seaward of the CCCL.

171 W. Camino Real (Camino Square)

Camino Square is a shopping center with an adjacent parking garage just west of Dixie Highway on Camino Real. The project in question aims to increase the square footage of the property while simultaneously decreasing the square footage of the nearby parking structure.


5 Ultra Luxury Gated Communities In Boca Raton | Boca Raton Real Estate

ultraluxe boca raton neighborhoods

Boca Raton is synonymous with sunny beaches and high-end luxury. Beyond the numerous, illustrious Boca condos and beach clubs, we've reviewed some of the most sought-after Boca Raton real estate in these 5 ultra-luxury gated communities, representing some of the finest homes in the country. 

the sanctuary boca raton


Sanctuary is a highly exclusive enclave of luxuriant waterfront homes located along the Intracoastal. This quiet, private Boca Raton neighborhood is tucked behind an outcropping of protected mangroves, offering unprecedented privacy to its high-profile residents. Many of The Sanctuary's residents are counted among the global elite, including celebrities, executives, and the ultra-wealthy. Between its geographic location, the mysterious nature of its big-name residents, and the breathtaking homes that dwell within, it's no wonder The Sanctuary is among the most sought-after developments in all of Boca Raton.

long lake estates blog


Boca Raton Halloween Parties | Things To Do For Halloween

boca raton halloween parties

Welcome to October! Spooky season has officially arrived. In today's Boca Raton Real Estate, we give a brief rundown of some of the most prominent Boca Raton Halloween Parties and Events, with something for everyone young and old. Read on to find something for you!

halloween at the addison presents: gotham

Halloween At The Addison Presents: Gotham

  • When: Monday, October 31st 7:00 PM
  • Where: The Addison - 2 East Camino Real. Boca Raton, FL 33432

The classy Addison Hotel always commemorates holidays with a bang. Halloween is no exception, where the Boca mainstay will offer a Gotham themed Halloween celebration including award winning five start cuisine, open bar, dancing, and live entertainment. VIP tables include a three-course tableside dinner, champagne service and valet parking. Best of all, a percentage of the sale will support Boca Helping Hands, an organization Champagne & Parisi supports annually.

halloween bath throw social

Halloween Bash at THRoW Social Delray Beach

  • When: Saturday,...

Boca Raton October Events | October Events Near Me

boca raton october events

Spooky season has arrived! And with it - whatever vestige of autumn that we can scrounge together in our subtropical clime. For residents of Boca Raton, pumpkin spice candles, fleece jackets, and the Mizner Park Pumpkin patch are the images of fall that our local flora and fauna refuse to provide. October is the final month before tourist season truly begins, with its peak arriving shortly after Christmas. For that one final month before the squawking flock pitter patters to town, here are the things you can enjoy throughout Boca Raton and beyond! 

music of light and shadow


  • Where: FAU - University Theatre - 777 Glades Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33431
  • When: Friday, October 7th. 7 PM - 9 PM

The nearby campus at Florida Atlantic University always has something for the avant-garde in all of us. The FAU University Theatre by way the Wind Ensemble will play a genre-spanning concert featuring woodwind and brass instruments. Most prominently, the concert will feature FAU Faculty Member and accomplished trombone soloist, Jose Leonardo Leon.

community bbq fun

Community Fall BBQ Fun

  • Where: 1530 W. Camino Real. Boca Raton, FL 33486
  • When: Saturday, October 8th 1 PM - 5 PM

This FREE entry event in one of Boca Raton's oldest districts will offer something for the whole family. The event will be hosted...