Make Your Boca Home Green | 5 Eco Friendly Steps to Improve Your Home

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Going “green” is a popular way of saying environment friendly. Our contribution to the earth has been a popular debate among politicians in the past few years, and the country’s direction towards cleaner alternatives has been on the rise. With many individual homeowners looking to save more money while helping the environment, even Boca Raton luxury condos are looking to follow suit. You don’t have to cut out all your creature comforts to enjoy this way of living; in fact, many people who switch over to a more green way of living feel healthier—mentally and physically. You are probably unaware, but the minor choices we make can put us one step closer toward an eco friendly Boca home, and you’ll feel good about it, too.

Use Green Cleaning Products

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Most of the cleaning products we see on the shelves are chock-full of components that are hazardous to the environment. The chemicals (the ones that are especially hard to pronounce) we use to clean our clothes, countertops, and home in general, are good candidates to blame for the damage done to the environment. You probably think those astringent-smelling ingredients are the ones that make your product “work” better, but in reality, you can get the same result with an eco-friendly alternative. By switching out the toxic ingredients for sustainably sourced alternatives, it reduces the chances of depleting the ecosystem when expelled back out in wastewater. 

Evaluate Your Shampoo & Body Products

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Yes, even the shampoo you put into your hair can damage our environment! (imagine what it's doing to your hair). In addition to your cleaning products, shampoos and body care products can also be harmful to our environment. Did you know that when your shampoo, body wash, or conditioner goes down the drain, it enters our wastewater system and runs the risk of reaching back into the oceans and canals? That sounds pretty scary considering Boca lies next to the water. Using products with non-synthetic ingredients can give back to the planet tremendously, and help your hair and skin. Parabens, sulfites, and other harsh chemicals can damage hair contrary to the amazing 'benefits' listed on the label.

How Will Your Vehicle Fare In South Florida?

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An obvious fact, but cars are antithetical to most eco friendly practices. Ditch the diesel for a hybrid or electric variant, and watch your savings rise. Because they run on battery, these variants drastically reduce emissions and help your gas mileage skyrocket. Boca is no stranger to luxury vehicles privy to gas-guzzling tanks, but hybrids have an amazing ability to switch sources if your car is low on gas—providing you with an additional source that is eco-friendly and reliable. 

Ditch Plastic Straws 

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Even down to straws, these colorful additives to any drink are another primary culprit. It’s Boca—we all host parties at some point—but switching over to bamboo or metal straws not only saves you money at the grocery store but makes your Boca home more eco friendly. Straws can take up to an average of 200 years to decompose, posing many problems for animals and the environment, especially sea life. Metal straws are also a great way to reduce germ intake as well. Carrying a backup extra straw with you when going out can reduce the risk of germ transference, and fewer hands-on your straw means fewer chances of getting sick!

Be Mindful of Paper Use

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Your Boca home probably comes equipped with a home office. Even while you work on the business at home, you can take minor steps into being more eco-friendly. Our trashcans become full before we even know it, with the paper being one of the main reasons for its fullness. Printing is a necessity no matter what, but unless you need a hard copy, sending documents, files and contracts can simply be exchanged via e-mail, reducing the carbon footprint. A good PDF is your best friend! Also, don’t throw out those spare pieces of paper—recycling paper and using them as “scratch sheets” for notes and other projects can help your trash can stay empty, and your Boca home more eco friendly.

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