The Best Everyday Italian Restaurants In Boca Raton

italian food in boca raton

The comfort food that transformed America - the 20th-century contribution of Italian-Americans to our national cuisine cannot be ignored. From massive delivery pizza chains to high-end trattorias, Italian food in boca Raton is a flourishing culinary scene, with a spot for every moment and a dish for every taste. see where some of the best Italian food in Boca Raton can be found below!

Maggiano's Little Italy

penne arrabiata with basil

Maggiano's has endured as one of Boca Raton's best Italian restaurants. Just northeast of our Central Boca Raton office, Maggiano's has been a popular destination for birthdays, date nights, graduation parties, and whatever reason calls you and your loved ones to gather. Their menu covers it all - classic Italian favorites, high-end steaks, and delectable cocktails. There's a reason Maggiano's is still a popular Italian restaurant in Boca Raton - and they continue to forge ahead with a great reputation around the community.

Giuseppe's Cafe

gnocchi with parmesan

Giuseppe's Cafe brings an original, authentic Italian menu that draws inspiration from family-style recipes hailing from the Adriatic. As such, their menu features a strong complement of seafood options - both as entrees and pasta. Speaking of which, their diverse pasta menu rounds out a menu that features a taste of their home, Bisceglie, Italy, and Italian cuisine at large.

le sorelle italian restaurant

seasoned focaccia bread

Founded by the Mazzella family who settled in the US in 1898, Le Sorelle's two locations in Boca and Delray offer the best of Italian fine dining, wine pairings, and everyday selections. Similar to a place like Maggiano's, Le Sorelle's menu includes elegant seafood options, a beautiful choice of classic pasta dishes, and a pizza and sandwich menu to wrap it all up.

Mario's Osteriaitalian herbs and spices

In Italy, an Osteria is traditionally seen as a casual spot for locals to enjoy a glass of wine, play cards, and socialize. Over the years, osteria's have seen their purpose expand to home-cooked meals - bringing the same rustic charm that osteria's came to be known for in the old country. Their menu is enormous but delightfully paced and easy to work with, combining affordable osteria favorites with higher-end dishes that Boca Raton's best Italian restaurants are known for.

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