Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Resistant Windows: Which Is Right For Your Boca Home?

hurricane shutters vs impact glass

With today's new construction homes, hurricane-impact windows are almost an expectation. For older homes without the accommodations for impact windows, however, the question still looms. Do I spend (a lot more) on impact windows, or find a simpler, yet still reliable solution? In today's blog, we discuss protecting and securing the most vulnerable points of your home from the worst nature has to throw at it. Impact windows, or slide-out shutters? Read on to learn more about what might work for you!

hurricane shutters on teal home

Pros Of Hurricane Shutters

1. Hurricane Shutters Are Much Cheaper

Let's face it. Things aren't as cheap as they used to be. We're never one to compromise on our safety, especially in the wake of a potential life-altering natural disaster. However, buying an existing home in Boca Raton leaves you with the potential for expensive remodeling projects during a time of sky high material costs. Hurricane shutters are plug and play solutions that are easily affixed to the side of the home. Often made from simple sheet metal, they are easy to self-install and remove in a pinch, without requiring remodel work to the structure of the home.

2. They Can Easily Be Added and Subtracted From The Home

Hurricane shutters can be affixed to the home via a tracking system, allowing for an easy rollout. Whether attached via track or kept separately altogether, hurricane shutters are deployable and removable within minutes. If your new Boca home doesn't have impact windows, or remodeling to that extent is beyond your budget, hurricane shutters are an easy and affordable way to keep safety within an arms reach and a few turns of the drill.

3. Hurricane Shutters Are Mobile

If you don't have existing impact windows, you could be in for a very expensive project. Depending on the size of the home and the quantity of windows, an impact window installation could cost a decent percentage of what you paid for the home itself! If you're not planning on remodeling and staying long-term, or factoring the value of impact windows in as your investment for a future sale, it may make more sense to keep your existing shutters knowing you can pick up and move your protection without spending another penny.

Cons of Hurricane Shutters

1. Hurricane Shutters Are Loud

There's nothing quite like the whooping sound of a high-speed hurricane moving through your community. The sound is comparable to a freight train traveling directly through your front yard and can be as dangerous as it is intimidating. While noise pollution may not be your biggest concern in the wake of a hurricane, the rat-a-tat of your shutters against the exterior of your home can be quite aggravating. With impact windows, the protection is fused within the home and allows for quiet where the familiar rattle of steel was once heard.

2. Darkens The Home And Obscures Visibility

Again, visibility isn't the foremost concern when securing your home from a hurricane, but for many, it can be a bit less fright-inducing if you can see what's happening outside. The shutters and the subsequent darkness may have been a culprit in the hurricane party "lock-in" culture that many young and lifelong locals have enjoyed, but the lack of visibility can be frustrating for many. 

iimpact glass installation

Pros of Impact Glass

1. Much Stronger

We've never heard of impact glass shattering or steel shutters bending under the weight of even the most intense storms, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive for the strongest materials. Impact windows are thick, prevent noise pollution, and are fused into the structure of the home. Storm surges, falling debris, and gusting winds are what account for the majority of hurricane damage, but the advent and proliferation of impact windows are a major part of why homes have seen less damage over time.

2. One and Done

Unless you're a professional impact window installer yourself, there is no safe or likely legal way to install impact windows in your home. Anyone with a little strength and the right tools can bolt on a shutter, but none of us can source and install impact windows ourselves. However, once you go through with the endeavor, the job is done, and the home is forever safer and more secure from the ravages of hurricanes.

3. Maintain Visibility

Visibility isn't the most important thing, but it's something. Beyond a more pleasant hurricane experience, you can rely on what little natural light is provided during the storm despite the dark clouds to see around your home in the event of a power outage. Impact windows are easy to clean. Dust doesn't cling well to them, streaks wipe right off, and they provide year-round coverage of whatever scene is happening in front of your home - rain or shine.

Cons of Impact Glass

1. Much More Expensive

As stated above, Impact Windows is the ultimate one-and-done solution. Once you've obtained a quote, hired the team, and had the windows put in, that's it! However, this comes at a great cost. Impact glass is one of the most expensive home improvement projects one can undertake, and can take days to complete. A highly skilled installer can implement an average-sized window in around an hour. If your home is multiple stories with dozens of windows, such as the beautiful multistory homes found in Boca Bridges, it can take more time and money.

2. No Portability

The inverse of hurricane shutters, impact windows are not portable. Thus, when considering whether to use old-school shutters or modern impact windows, the time in the residences, cost of installation and desire to relocate should all factor into your plans for hurricane safety. Even tracked hurricane shutters can be displaced and moved to the next home by professionals. Impact windows, however, are a one-and-done solution for permanent visibility and consistent protection.

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