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5 key hurricane prep tips

Hurricane season is always something to reckon with. following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew, the state of Florida never looked back when it came to hurricane preparedness. thankfully, there are many public messages, available info, and helpful guides on how to protect your home and loved ones. however, there are less obvious, locally known tips and tricks that can change the outcome of a hurricane for your home and family. here are 5 lesser-known but incredibly crucial hurricane safety tips to employ this year at your Boca home.

Cut Down Your Coconuts

split coconuts on teal background

Other than savoring that sweet nectar and the deliciously healthy meat of this tropical fruit, cutting down your coconuts serves a very important purpose. While the gale-force winds and powerful gusts are what carry the damage of a storm to fruition, it's often the projectiles that cause most inland property damage. Aside from the storm surge and potential flash flooding, your coconuts turn to cannonballs when left on their own to sway in the wind. Be safe, and hire help if you must, but be sure to remove these excess fruits lest they turn to a destructive force with winds at their backs.

Bring In Potted Plants

indoor potted plants

Another way to prevent projectiles from destroying your and your neighbor's property is to bring in potted plants. Everything from a small plastic herb pot to a massive, ornate ceramic piece should be brought indoors or well sheltered from the crosswinds, such as under a solid overhang. Not only will this protect your home from dangerous flying objects, but it'll also prevent your plants from collapsing under the heavy wind and rain.

Parallel Park Cars Adjacent To Your House

parked blue car

Yes, cars can be lifted, flipped, and crushed by hurricanes. It's difficult to fathom the remarkable power Mother Nature possesses until she turns the eye on your home. Parallel parking your cars adjacent to your home (if your garage is full) is a way to use your house as shelter from these winds on one side while providing an added bulwark on the other. In addition, closely packing vehicles yields less wiggle room for physics to take hold.

Fill Your Freezer With 3/4 Full Ziploc Bags

ice cubes

Don't fill them! Allowing space to freeze and expand will ensure these bags don't rip or burst as they solidify. When the power goes out, the amount of time spent with the fridge and freezer door open is more important than ever. Every open leak crucial cool air from a unit that can quickly heat up if users are careless. Having pre-frozen water packs turns your freezer into a new-school ice chest, giving precious added time to food that may be defrosting. 

Secure Valuables In The Dishwasher

dishwasher with clean white plates

This one sounds silly, but it's really not. for most families living in Boca Raton and beyond, the only truly watertight space in their entire home is the dishwasher. Everything from heirlooms, too expensive objects, paperwork, electronics, and more should be considered an entry to the hallowed cubic meters your dishwasher affords. In the event of a flash flood, this device of convenience could be the only thing that saves the day, and your treasures.

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