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Despite the omnipotence of expensive HVAC issues and the wear and tear on your home, Florida home improvements aren't all subcontractors and trained labor. There are many projects (some even involving power tools) that will beautify your home, and improve its utility. We chose a few of our favorite DIY Boca home projects that everyone can get involved in, building camaraderie in pursuit of something better. Read on and learn these among our key homeowner tips in the Boca Raton Real Estate blog!

restore and repaint mailbox

Restore/Repaint Mailbox

A mailbox might not necessarily increase the value of your home on paper, but its curb appeal will benefit you massively. The mailbox is the furthest outcropping of your personal expression, reflecting the aesthetic that follows behind as the introduction to your palette and design motifs. Mailbox repair kits, and even entire mailboxes, are relatively cheap and easy to work with.

solar pathway

Install Solar Pathway Lights

Another inexpensive way to improve your entryway and impress houseguests and passersby alike, these cheap, easily installed, solar-powered pathway lights are a practical staple for classy homes in Boca Raton. Beyond a simple aesthetic improvement, these often improve the safety and security of your walkway, especially for elderly visitors after dark. Buy a pack, put them in the ground, and see the difference they make!

raised garden bed

Create A Raised Garden

In-ground gardening isn't the easiest endeavor in Boca Raton. Our rough, splotchy St. Augustine grass is well-rooted and difficult to dig up, or in between. A simple raised bed consisting of a bottom layer, surrounded by short wooden or cinderblock walls, can create a productive and enjoyable project space with minimal impact to your landscaping aesthetic.

add indoor plants

Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants cleanse the air, remove pollutants, and beautify your space. Small potted plants such as succulents, snake plants, and even some flowers can last in perpetuity with minimal care and watering. We love anything that's cheap, easy, and has multiple points of positive impact. The simplest things can truly enhance your space and in the case of indoor plants, even improve your respiratory health. Lighten up your home and improve living conditions all at once! 

build a shelf

Build A Shelf

This can be a really helpful way to teach power tools and simple, linear projects to children without much risk of injury. A shelf is squared off, stable by nature, and relatively easy to construct compared to most furniture pieces. Everything from a prefab to a custom project can be enjoyed at a low cost and commitment. Shelves add dynamism to a home, give residents a place to post their curios, and books, and support electronics like video game consoles, projectors, TVs, and more.

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