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4 essential traits of a real estate broker

The market is red hot right now! We can’t blame you if you’re looking to sell and move on to greener (and cheaper) pastures. Nowadays, it seems like there are more Boca Raton realtors than actual houses on the market. You certainly have the pick of the litter. In a city where our local realty looks good and our brokers even better, it may be hard to find the right one for you. Here are 4 essential traits to look for when choosing a real estate broker.

Efficient Communication

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Do they reply to your e-mails within one business day? Do they use full sentences and proper punctuation? Some of us have taken these skills for granted, so it comes as a shock when the person you’re looking to entrust with closing the sale on your home writes at an 8th-grade level. Aside from a baseline of literacy, is the broker you’re speaking to transparent, or do they dance around the subject? Do you have a sense that they don’t have your best interests at heart? Seek out opinions from your friends, a simple referral can weed out the shysters. With transactions the size of your home, overcommunication from your realtor is much better than one who disappears for days at home.

Adequate Experience

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We know there are wunderkinds out there. Maybe you feel comfortable giving your niece’s 24-year-old boyfriend a leg up in the world by listing your $5 million villa on the Intracoastal and you get an offer within 5 days. But for many of us, experience matters. There are hundreds of Boca Raton realtors with decades in the local market and experience selling your kind of property. They’ll know the quirks of the neighborhood, how the city council votes, what the zoning laws are if the buyer can add a third story, etc. An experienced broker will know how to sell your property and how similar ones have sold in the area.

A Full-Time Broker

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This may seem obvious, but a full-time, professional broker is the most ideal match for anyone selling local realty in Boca Raton. This isn’t a knock towards brokers who have a full-time career elsewhere, as these people are just as competent. However, in down-market times, a full-time broker whose bread and butter is selling homes will be better suited for the challenges of a soft market and already at your full disposal throughout the process.

Marketing Savvy

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Will your broker be putting out ads in the daily shopper, or are they embracing social media? Digital advertising has taken off in the last 10 years and the industry continues to grow at an exponential rate. Their real estate brokerage will have the funds to keep up with sustained marketing campaigns. They’ll have an amazing real estate photography package ready to go. If your home is empty, they’ll know how to stage it (bonus points if they’re willing to put up their own money to do so, but that, of course, is incumbent on expected commission). They’ll be connected and they can make the calls. They’ll think creatively about how to pitch your house and enhance its curb appeal. When the market is hot, almost every broker seems like a wizard. When the market cools off, these creative geniuses are the ones you want in your corner.

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