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Boca Raton International Market | Where To Find Global Food In Boca Raton

boca raton international markets

Boca Raton and South Florida as a whole are renowned for their intercontinental diversity. There are few places in the world where you can find such a blend of communities. From Latin America to Eastern Europe, we're blessed to live in a place that magnetizes so many global flavors, cultures, and perspectives. Thanks to the many influences we've imported over the years, Boca Raton has become a renowned market for international foods. When the endcap at Publix just won't do, and you're looking for something truly extraordinary, try these Boca Raton international markets for the best of the world abroad!

russian borscht soup

Boca Raton Russian & International Market

West Boca's Somerset Shops sits just a few blocks west of the turnpike exit on Glades Rd. Within the interior of the shop is this quaint, but well-stocked Russian and Pan-Slavic market. Enjoy the very best of Russian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, and even Kosher foods at this longstanding nexus of Eastern European influence. These include canned and preserved goods such as pickles, sauerkraut, and deli meats - in addition to their hot bar offering many favorites for lunch.

chicken ramen with cracked egg...

5 Delicious Fruits Grown In Florida | Florida Rare And Exotic Fruits

5 rare and exotic fruits grown in Florida

As America's only subtropical climate, Florida has the lone benefit of growing some of the most exotic fruits & vegetables found anywhere in the world. Much like our state plays host to some of the most extreme and distant equitorial invasive species, we also enjoy the upside of such a unique clime - fresh fruits and vegetables! Florida is fortunate to grow fruits with origins in East Asia, The Middle East, Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America. Warm weather climates often play a role in increased biodiversity, so while you're searching for your new Boynton Beach home, be sure to consider venturing out and trying these 5 exotic fruits found almost exclusively in Florida!

ripe jackfruit on the tree


For those who've never seen them, Jackfruit is one of the most alien looking fruits one could imagine, and they might be the heaviest. These harshly spiked dinosaur eggs often far exceed the size and weight of watermelons, and look more like they would be flung from a catapult than eaten at home. Jackfruits are harvested at both young and ripe stages, with the unripe flesh serving as a go-to meat substitute in vegan dishes such as "pulled jackfruit," giving the perfect consistency to match tender shredded meat. When ripe, these goopy yellow pods are the direct source of flavor for Juicy Fruit gum! Be wary when prepping on your own, however, as...

The Best Italian Fine Dining In Boca Raton

italian fine dining in boca

Casa D'Angelo

burrata salad

Casa D'Angelo  is the flagship brainchild of renowned Chef Angelo Elia's restaurant group, which also includes Angelo Elia's Bakery Bar, and Angelo's Pizza Bar & Tapas. Casa D'Angelo features locations in Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale, bringing an old-world flavor to our modern Boca home. Casa D'Angelo's dedication to quality and carefully sourced ingredients begins with the chef's upbringing in Salerno, learning from his mother while watching his father, the local butcher. Enjoy a truly authentic tour of Italy's most spectacular flavors and curated wines at Casa D'Angelo.

Trattoria Romana

fine raw italian food

Through its flavors and decor, Trattoria Romana brings a truly rustic Italian aesthetic to your dining experience. Trattoria Romana opened its doors in 1993, and has been here to stay as one of Boca Raton's longest-running Italian fine dining establishments. Their prices are surprisingly accommodating considering the quality of the cuisine they provide, with their antipasti bar in particular lending to a wonderful atmosphere for group gatherings and birthdays. Like the romanesque atmosphere they've crafted for their guests, their menu is a fine dining crash course on classic Italian fare.

Frank & Dino's

fine italian food...

Best Steak In Boca Raton | Finest Steakhouses In Boca

the best steakhouses in boca raton

Perhaps no trio says "fine dining" quite like steak, lobster, and red wine. In Boca Raton, where so many of the finer things in life are cultivated, we're blessed to host some of the finest dining and entertainment options anywhere in the world. When you think date night, corporate dinner, swanky party, or simply a night of decadent living, look no further than our very own Caesar Parisi's Top 5 Steakhouses in Boca Raton.


steak on wood fire slab

New York Prime is one of the most prestigious steakhouses in Boca Raton. Its classy upper-class vibe welcomes the diner to the ultimate in red meat and red wine. This timeliness combination is cultivated to the fullest extent, with USDA Prime-only beef flanked by superb seafood offerings and the classic sides expected at a high-end steakhouse. NY Prime is currently promoting their Stags' Leap Wine Dinner this upcoming September 19th. 


grilled ribeye

This swanky location in the Glades Plaza is an offshoot of the legendary Boston flagship restaurant. Their prime-aged midwestern...

In Ground Swimming Pools In Boca Raton | A Quick Guide

building your boca pool

We are very lucky to have miles and miles of public beaches here in Boca Raton. Many of us spend every weekend soaking up the rays and swimming with friends and family. However, there are the annoyances of going to the beach like faraway bathrooms, burning the soles of your feet on hot sand, and a general lack of privacy. That’s why many Boca residents enjoy the added luxury of an in-ground pool in their backyards. With all the comforts of your home only steps away, a restful staycation is always within literal reach. Do you have a big patch of grass that looks like it could be your next private grotto? Here are 4 things to consider when buying a pool in Boca Raton!

The Price

red price tag

We might as well get this out of the way as soon as possible! You may think you can afford a pool, but exactly what kind of pool will it be? You have more to choose from than a simple concrete hole in the ground. On top of the purchase price, you’ll have to factor in the ongoing costs of maintaining your pool, lest your private lagoon turns into the community swamp. Swimming pool builders will be quick to point out that you can choose from fiberglass ($$$$$), concrete ($$$), or vinyl liner ($$). Don’t forget, you’ll also have to take into account the cost of rebuilding your landscape around it!

The Role Of Inclement Weather

hurricane force winds

For a myriad of reasons, severe weather in Florida can heavily impact...

The Best Fine Dining In Boca Raton | Fine Dining In Boca

fine dining in boca | blog header image

We’ve got the beaches, the golf courses, the shopping, but our little leisurely slice of paradise would not be complete without fine dining in Boca Raton. Whether you are looking for the romantic or the Zagat rated, we have the perfect place for your extra special night.

Abe & Louie’s (Steak)

2200 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431

filet mignon steak dinner

Abe & Louie have often fought and won for the crown of the best steakhouse in Boca. One of two restaurants (the other can be found in Boston), our Zagat-rated Abe & Louie’s offers the classic steak and seafood presented on white linens against a dark backdrop of mahogany paneling. Dinner there will set the scene for a serious meeting, or a romantic evening.

Lucca (Modern Italian)

501 E Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432

modern italian farfalle dish

From its dramatic cathedral-esque arched windows to its art-deco-inspired chandeliers, few restaurants have such flair as Lucca. Located in the Boca Raton Resort & Club, reservations are required if you intend to dine as a non-hotel guest (and shorts are not permitted at dinner). Its menu is modern Italian, presenting to the diner a blending of traditional and progressive fare. If only measured...

Where To Get The Best Seafood In Boca Raton

best seafood in boca raton

If there's one thing Boca Raton is known for, it's our incredible beaches and waterfront living. As with most seaside communities, seafood in Boca Raton is a big deal. from small fish shacks to the finest dining in Boca, there is an abundance of opportunities to enjoy something special from our waters, and beyond. Here are a small handful of many, many great seafood restaurants in Boca Raton.

Ke'e Grill

assortment of seafood

Named for the famous beach on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, the Ke'e grill has been serving fresh seafood to Boca Raton residents since 1998. Don't let their Polynesian inspiration fool you, they have it all covered. Dishes such as their filet medallions, soy-glazed bronzed swordfish, and Bronzino oreganata. Their menu has fine items like these and so much more, with each entry tantalizing the palate.

Luff's Fish House

arrangement of seafood options on wood table

Luff's Fish House brings the Key West vibe a few hours north to our beautiful Boca Raton community. The indoor/outdoor...

4 Beautiful Date Night Spots In Boca Raton | Date Night In Boca

date night in boca raton | blog header image

When you're a local living in Boca Raton, you know date night has a bit more luster than it may in most other places. Our beautiful city is unmatched by many in ocean access, natural splendor, luxury living, and accessibility. Whether it's a candlelit dinner on the waterfront or a night out with tapas & cocktails, Boca Raton offers a little bit of everything for you and your special someone to enjoy. With year-round sunshine and so much to do, here are a few of the best date night spots in Boca Raton, among many more. 

Update: iPic Mizner Park added 12/29/2021


date night neon light

Tanzy cites its inspiration as the coastal towns and rocky shoals that populate the shores of Italy. Tanzy adeptly meshes traditional and classic flavors with a modern flair, avoiding the pitfall of trying too hard to make something new. Located at Mizner Park, Tanzy pairs perfectly with iPic, located adjacently, with gift cards and perks applying to both locations. You won't find a better option for that classic dinner-and-a-movie date night in Boca Raton.

The Rebel House

smiling couple on date taking selfie

The Rebel House was recently purchased and taken over by Chef Eric Baker, who brought much of his own twist to this...

5 Celebrities Who Call Boca Raton Home

5 celebrities who call boca home | blog header image

Boca Raton may not have the same celebrity luster as Miami Beach, but it's shimmering sands and elegant, winding neighborhoods make it a go-to destination for the rich, famous, and influential. Here are 5 of the most notable celebrities who call Boca Raton home.


Jozy Altidore is another local legend who's seen their reach extend from our beautiful Boca Raton neighborhoods to the global stage. Getting his feet wet (or grassy) during his childhood in our town. Born to a family of Haitian immigrants, Altidore's first professional goal came at age 16, well in advance of his high school diploma. Since then, Altidore has represented Boca Raton, South Florida, and our great nation in multiple FIFA World Cups.

Adam Sandler

adam sandler headshot

Adam Sandler had one of the greatest runs in comedy film of all time, beginning with his golden era films like The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, and Billy Madison. Every 90's kid remembers the hyperactive, almost-surreal comedy romps that Sandler brought to the silver screen. For his hard work, he's made up residence in Boca Raton, counting himself among our large local Jewish population.

Ariana Grande

ariana grande smiling in dress...

New Restaurants In Boca Raton | 4 New Boca Spots To Explore

new boca raton restaurants | blog header image

Boca Raton used to be a sleepy seaside town, but these days it seems as if the world comes to us. In years past, Boca Raton restaurants used to be good, but conventional. Now, nearly every conceivable kind of cuisine can be found here or in the greater South Florida area from every inhabited continent. Here is where you can find restaurants opening in Boca Raton!

Kousine (Peruvian-Asian Fusion)

1668 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432

kousine peruvian asian restaurant

Fresh off his star-making run in Fort Lauderdale, Chef Danny Kou of Lima Peru, has set up shop on his second South Florida location right here in Boca Raton! Its locale is modest, inside an unassuming shopping plaza off of Federal Highway. However, inside, a master chef is at work bringing a special kind of vitality that earns this venue a place at the top of any Boca Raton restaurant guide. Chef Kou is a former protégé of famed Chef Gaston Acurio. With dishes like jumbo scallops in passion fruit-black bean sauces and cocktails named “Mad About You” (Japanese whisky, yuzu, tangerine, lemongrass, Polynesian bitter), Kousine is a must-visit for the adventurous gourmand.

Chloe’s Bistro (Italian)

6885 SW 18th St B7, Boca Raton, FL 33433

close up of chloes bistro entree...

Cigar Bars in Boca Raton | Where to Enjoy a Cigar in Boca Raton

cigar bars in boca raton | blog header image

Cigar Bars are one of the mainstays of Boca Raton's nightlife scene. While cigars aren't for everyone, cigar bars in Boca Raton provide the opportunity to enjoy a stogie with your glass of wine. Boca Raton's cigar bars mirror Boca's wine bars, featuring the perfect blend of entertainment, delicious wine & food pairings, and well-versed knowledgeable staff. We asked a few of our Champagne & Parisi realtors where they choose to have a victory cigar after a big closing. Check out 4 of the best Cigar Bars in Boca Raton.

Casa De Montecristo

lit cigar in ashtray

Casa De Montecristo is one of the finest cigar bars in Boca Raton. With over 100 humidified lockers, several HDTVs, and private event booking, the Casa De Montecristo is a great place to catch a game. Their humidor is one of the best stocked in Boca Raton, featuring many of the finest brands of all price ranges - prominently featuring, of course, their namesake Montecristo cigars.

Ash Cigar Bar & Lounge

row of hand rolled cigars

The Ash Cigar Bar & Lounge has sterling reviews from prominent local guides and hospitality aficionados. Viewed by many as a local gem, featuring the ultimate trifecta of great food, drinks, and smoking options. From the hosts...

4 Of the Best Golf Courses in Boca Raton | A Golfer's Paradise

boca raton golf courses | blog header image

Updated (12/07/2021) - Boca Lago Golf & Country Club was added to our blog.

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your weekend with a 7:00 am tee-time, or want to make the most of a lazy Tuesday afternoon, our Boca Raton golf courses will help you make the most of your valuable leisure time. 

Osprey Point Golf Course

golf ball lined up on tee

Located in the westernmost point of the Boca area and nestled next to the legendary Everglades, Osprey Point Golf Course is considered to be one of the best public courses in Palm Beach County. The course boasts 3 immaculate 9-hole courses: The Raven, The Falcon, and The Hawk, and those looking for a challenge can expect longer links and tricky bunkers. When it comes to golfing in Boca, Osprey Point's scenic fairways and the occasional wildlife sighting make it a true Floridian experience.

Red Reef Family Golf Course

golfer driving ball into sunset

 No other golf courses in Boca Raton can...

Boca Raton Best Wine Bars | Best Places to Enjoy a Glass

the best wine bars in boca | blog header image

Did you know some of the best wine bars can be found right here in Boca Raton? But what makes a great wine bar? Selection? Atmosphere? The tapas and sides?. It is about sharing the enjoyment of sipping a glass of wine with friends and family. It is about the atmosphere, the overall experience from the moment you set foot inside to the moment you leave. It is about taking your palate on an adventure of new taste and flavor. Check out some of our favorite choices we recommend for new people visiting or moving to Boca Raton.


wine bar table display

Featuring over 50 wines by the glass, bottle, or case, Pat’s Wine Bar in Boca Raton is your neighborhood gourmet bistro and wine bar. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or looking to expand your palate, you will be able to discover some pretty unique and uncommon international fine wines from the small-batch vintner. There is something here for everyone from reds, whites, even a bit of bubbly, you can enjoy your wine journey in this laid back and relaxed atmosphere.

Twenty Twenty Grille

row of various wine bottles

The Twenty Twenty Grille located at Royal Palm Place is the showcase of renowned Chef Ron Westheit. The fine dining menu is replete with global fusion flavors and unique modern takes on...

The Best Coffee Shops in Boca Raton | A Coffee Lover's Companion

the best coffee shops in boca raton | blog header image

Coffee shops have grown to be a staple of a thriving community. Whether you love a warm morning brew before work or enjoy burning the midnight oil at one of Boca Raton's local coffee shops, there's a place for you to study, cozy up, and enjoy the environment. We asked the Champagne & Parisi office team to tell us their favorite choices. Check out our list of some of the best coffee shops in Boca Raton.

Mane Coffee

cup of coffee steaming on table

Mane Coffee was founded by Boca Native and coffee enthusiast Daniel Karram. As a teenager, he baked and sold bread throughout his neighborhood, showing an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. This passion is shown through his brainchild: Mane Coffee - a 1,500 square foot indoor/outdoor cafe that's been very popular with local businesses. The long tables and open indoor space affords lots of opportunities for meetings and important rendezvous. 

The Seed

4 people saying

The Seed is another blending of passions - freshly pressed juice and locally roasted coffee. The two ladies who began the established meshed these ideas together to form what has been seen as an...

The Best Happy Hour In Boca Raton | Happy Hour Near Me

the best happy hour in boca raton | blog header image

Whether you’ve had a long day at the office or you’re on vacation with your friends, happy hour is the time to relax, unwind, and catch great deals on your favorite drinks and small bites. After a long day working with new families moving to Boca Raton, our agents tipped us off about where they love to go. We have compiled a list of the best happy hour restaurants in Boca Raton that are all worth a visit!


the yard house front exterior

A hidden gem in Mizner Park, The Yard House is great for those looking for the ultimate beer selection. A casual and down-to-earth environment with great outdoor seating, this might be the perfect place to unwind after a hard day at work. Happy hour specials include the half price on all pizza, select appetizers, and $2 off all draft beer, spirits & cocktails.


  • Monday – Friday: 3pm-6pm
  • Sunday – Wednesday: 10m-close


  • 201 Plaza Real Suite 1201
  • Boca Raton, FL 33432
  • (561) 417-6124


patio tapas amd beer

One of the most relaxed atmospheres you’ll find in Boca Raton is at Patio Tapas &...

Boca Raton Patch Reef Park's New Turf Fields Draw Rave Reviews

New Artificial Turf Fields at Boca Raton's Patch Reef Park

Author: Melissa Dawson

BOCA RATON – Todd Deering heard plenty of positives about the new artificial turf fields being installed at Boca Raton's Patch Reef Park.

On Saturday Sept. 7, when the Boca Raton Braves played on those fields for the first time, he found that the new surface exceeded the hype...

“This is incredible. This is awesome,” said Deering, President of the Braves youth football organization. “The kids actually came out for the first time on it today, loved it. Loved the feel of it. It's basically like real grass, too. Safety wise the kids are loving it. We love it.”

When complete, the $4 million Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District project that began in March will create three new turf fields for community use in place of what previously were natural turf fields. 

The new turf fields require less maintenance, affording more time for play. And the new drainage system underneath the fields eliminates the need to cancel games because of soggy fields.

Two of the multi-purpose fields are already complete, with the third scheduled to open by the end of the month. Fields will have permanent lines for football, lacrosse and soccer, but can be used for most any sport that requires a field.


Boating is a lifestyle for many residents in Boca Raton

5310 Boca Marina Circle

We recently were given the opportunity to list for sale an exclusive waterfront home in Boca Marina. Located in the tropical oasis of the Boca Marina Yacht Club. This single family home is located at 5310 Boca Marina Circle.

Boca Marina Waterfront

View a Full video tour of this property by clicking here.

Entrance to this location is east of US1 and north of Yamato Road. this home offers easy access to the Intracoastal. Access to the Atlantic Ocean is available, sailing south to Lake Boca Raton.

Built in 1986, this home offers 141 square feet water frontage. With 4,742 square feet of air conditioning area this home offers many fine features:

• Three bedrooms
• Three full bathrooms
• One half bathroom at front entrance
• Two car attached garage
• Flooring includes carpet, marble and wood
• Eat in kitchen and breakfast bar
• Open plan dining/living areas
• Den/ media room
• Central vacuum
• Water purifier and intercom system
• Bar

The volume ceilings and strategically placed windows and sliding glass doors provide nature...

What Should You Expect in The Oaks at Boca Raton?

The Oaks at Boca Raton is a highly desirable community with many young families and mixed age groups. Whether you are looking for a community with lots of families or you, desire the Boca Raton lifestyle without the country club fees, The Oaks at Boca Raton is the place to be!

the oaks at boca raton entrance

If tennis is your hobby, you can enjoy the 12 tennis courts with full-time tennis pros and fully equipped pro shop. Other amenities include a Fitness Center with a variety of classes and personal trainers, a day spa and a resort style pool with cabanas to enjoy the warm Florida sun. You can spend the day playing tennis before enjoying the casual dining café for lunch. Theres a children’s play center and basketball courts to keep your active families busy.

There are many new and exciting floor plans available if you choose to build a new home with Richmond American Homes. From expansive walk-in closets to chef’s kitchens and wrap-around covered balconies off of the master suite, the choice is yours. The average lot size is 65 x 140, and larger homesites are available. New construction prices start around 1 million.

Would like to learn more about homes for sale in The Oaks? Contact Jody Kotler directly at 561-213-8331.

jody kotler realtor boca raton

champagne & parisi real estate...

Boca Falls Offers West Boca Luxury Homes

Boca Falls is a guard-gated community comprised of 772 single family homes. Boca Falls has a variety of floor plans to choose from including 1 & 2 story, luxury  homes with 3 to 7 bedrooms. Many of the homes offer private pools and lake views.

boca falls luxury homes

The on-site management team makes sure that the community is beautifully maintained. Amenities at Boca Falls include a state of the art fitness center, men's and women's locker rooms, an Olympic size pool and kiddie pool, shaded children's playground, basketball, tennis courts and party room with full kitchen for entertaining.

Boca Falls is an active tennis community with men's and women's teams and organized tournaments year round. Located in the western section of Boca Raton, Florida, Boca Falls is highly sought after for its "A" rated schools. The elementary school, Waters Edge, has its own private gated entrance that leads right in the neighborhood. The middle school, Loggers Run and the high school, West Boca High, are both awarding.