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Popular Boca Raton Home Renovations For Retirement

popular renovations for retirement

Retirement is sure to be a significant shift in your life. From daily labor to mornings on your lanai, the sweet fruits of decades of work have finally come to fruition. While the purpose and meaning of your life are sure to change, and with it your investments of time, money, and effort, don't neglect the potential your home may have for these popular retirement renovations. Whether to accommodate a health concern or make your home office more... recreational, ponder these exciting and popular home renovations for retirement in today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog.

home office remodel

Convert a Bedroom Into A Home Office

Whether you're fully retired, dabbling in work, or simply enjoying the game from your home office TV, this is one of the most commonplace renovations retirees in Boca Raton make. The den is the ultimate flex room, and like Madonna's looks over the years, changes dramatically depending on the decade. It may begin as a den, then converted to a bedroom for the next child on the way, only to find its way back into the hands of the original homeowners (the retirees) once again. What may have once been a place for toy storage and early childhood enrichment before bringing that last child into the world can now return to the multiuse, customizable den. Whether as an office, trophy room, study, or indoor lounge space, this is the first room you'll look to flex when you're...

5 Of the Most Popular Home Decor Trends In 2023

popular boca raton home design trends in 2023

Home exteriors are a style all of their own. Like home interiors, or the clothing we wear, even the natural world has trends. While we don't have the same breadth of design freedom in a less controllable environment like nature itself, there are still many ways we can tailor both our home interior, exterior, and the natural world around it to our liking. These home design trends represent a broader national example but are also acutely found here around many beautiful Boca Raton homes. We've observed and researched online and in-person, the latest direction home designers have taken their products. Our list is hardly comprehensive but represents some of the most significant and popular home decor trends for 2023. 

black and white interiors

Black and White 

We've made plenty of notes over the past years about the ascent of modern, contemporary decor after decades of Mizner-inspired Mediterranean Revivalism. Despite the beauty of the tans, beiges, and goldenrods that mark the walls, ceilings, and accents of these Boca Raton homes, many are choosing clean, crisp lines and simple palettes. Evidenced by communities like Lotus and Lotus Palm, home designers are now seeking black and white to define the home line by line, angle by angle. These crisp, colorless palettes of...

Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Resistant Windows: Which Is Right For Your Boca Home?

hurricane shutters vs impact glass

With today's new construction homes, hurricane-impact windows are almost an expectation. For older homes without the accommodations for impact windows, however, the question still looms. Do I spend (a lot more) on impact windows, or find a simpler, yet still reliable solution? In today's blog, we discuss protecting and securing the most vulnerable points of your home from the worst nature has to throw at it. Impact windows, or slide-out shutters? Read on to learn more about what might work for you!

hurricane shutters on teal home

Pros Of Hurricane Shutters

1. Hurricane Shutters Are Much Cheaper

Let's face it. Things aren't as cheap as they used to be. We're never one to compromise on our safety, especially in the wake of a potential life-altering natural disaster. However, buying an existing home in Boca Raton leaves you with the potential for expensive remodeling projects during a time of sky high material costs. Hurricane shutters are plug and play solutions that are easily affixed to the side of the home. Often made from simple sheet metal, they are easy to self-install and remove in a pinch, without requiring remodel work to the structure of the home.

2. They Can Easily Be Added and Subtracted From The Home

Hurricane shutters can be affixed to the home via a tracking system, allowing for an easy rollout. Whether attached via track or kept...

Top Window Design Trends To Beautify Your Boca Raton Home

top window design trends for your boca home

Windows are the gateways to your home and have a significant impact on the beauty, light, and color within. Beyond offering visibility to the world outside, windows are opportunities to make your home your own. From curtains to colors, to framing, and modern tech, windows are one of the most important and often underrated means of decorating your interior. 2023 has given way to some significant changes in the way we decorate our properties. Gone are the days of heavy Mediterranean hues, replaced by whites, blues, and light palettes to suit a more refined and minimalistic visage. Today, we discover and review some of the most popular ways Boca Raton residents have been treating their windows, and why you might consider one of these ideas for yourself.

roller shades

Roller Shades

Anyone who has ever rented a home with cheap Venetian blinds knows just how important window treatments can be. Roller shades are often cordless, canvas-style, neutrally colored, thick and durable fabric. They are effective for preventing heat intrusion as well as providing optimal privacy. Without the pull strings and easily snappable thin plastic blinds, Roller shades are easily deployed, affordable, attractive, and effective.

lined draperies...

Family DIY Projects At Home | Home DIY Projects For Your Favorite Helpers

family diy projects boca raton

Despite the omnipotence of expensive HVAC issues and the wear and tear on your home, Florida home improvements aren't all subcontractors and trained labor. There are many projects (some even involving power tools) that will beautify your home, and improve its utility. We chose a few of our favorite DIY Boca home projects that everyone can get involved in, building camaraderie in pursuit of something better. Read on and learn these among our key homeowner tips in the Boca Raton Real Estate blog!

restore and repaint mailbox

Restore/Repaint Mailbox

A mailbox might not necessarily increase the value of your home on paper, but its curb appeal will benefit you massively. The mailbox is the furthest outcropping of your personal expression, reflecting the aesthetic that follows behind as the introduction to your palette and design motifs. Mailbox repair kits, and even entire mailboxes, are relatively cheap and easy to work with.

solar pathway

Install Solar Pathway Lights

Another inexpensive way to improve your entryway and impress houseguests and passersby alike, these cheap, easily installed, solar-powered pathway lights are a practical staple...

Boca Raton Vegetable Garden | 5 Fall And Winter Vegetables To Plant In Your Garden

fall and winter veggies to plant in boca raton

Boca Raton Real Estate may not be the first place you think of when choosing a place to plant fruits and vegetables. After all, under the bright lights of Mizner Park and amidst the salt spray that pleasantly wafts across the Intracoastal, it's easy to see why some may be confounded when imagining planting veggies in Boca Raton. However, with subtropical climates that yield a balmy, temperate winter season, the hour is almost always nigh to plant something of value here in Boca. During these cooler, more crowded months, it makes more sense to enjoy time outdoors, and away from the throngs of holiday vacationers. Without further ado, here are 5 fall and winter vegetables to consider planting in your Boca Raton garden this year!

fresh picked whole carrots


These bright orange root vegetables are easier than they may seem! Great for elevated, deep container gardens, their growth ensures a low commitment of space in your garden. If there's anyone who values a square foot of Boca Raton real estate. While we have no issues with adequate sunlight and fresh air during our "wintry" months here in Boca Raton, we'd be remiss if we didn't remind our readers that carrots are very high in beta-carotene, a key component in producing Vitamin A in the body - which keeps the eyes,...

5 Cons Of Homeowner Associations In Boca Raton

HOA's seem to be a mainstay in many of the upscale Boca luxury homes and condos found in every zip code through town. While they hold many merits, maintaining the civility and presentation of your neighborhood, HOA's can often be overbearing and expensive, requesting fees for services you may not agree with or want at all. We shared the 5 reasons to consider a Boca HOA neighborhood. In this article, we'll discuss the many drawbacks of the HOA system in Boca and abroad.

White puzzle pieces with the word fee on it

The Fees

HOA's keep so many things in line, you'd often think it was worth the cost of the sometimes high fees to live in an HOA regulated development. HOA's often employ landscaping, pest control, and security, among other key upkeep personnel as part of your fees. For many the value of an HOA sits in the prospect of paying a monthly stipend and watching these otherwise individual responsibilities go away. For others, however, the lack of choices, independence, or simply the desire to cut costs and handle their own labor is taken away and replaced with an uncomfortable fee.

A book with a hammer

Restrictive Regulations

Much like the above, HOA's tend to have strict regulations that can often border on the ridiculous. Many homeowners find that the...

Pet Friendly Home Guide | 4 Tips To Make Your Boca Home Pet Friendly

how to make your boca home pet friendly

Having pets can be the greatest joy, but sometimes our daily lives don’t necessarily mesh with our little friend’s needs. Boca Raton homeownership offers the best of everything for pet owners. From pet-friendly condos to Spanish  Being a pet parent requires some research if you truly want your pet to be able to enjoy their home as you do. With some little tips and information, you won’t need to worry about their well-being, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen, and going outside or to work is when trouble strikes. These 4 pet-friendly tips can make your home the ideal living situation for both you, and your little sidekick.

A golden retriever with a gray blanket over it

Pets Need Help As We Do

Pets, like human beings, are privy to all sorts of physical complications. The older your pet gets, the worse things get. Providing your fur child with special furniture to snuggle on the couch with you will make your baby happy. With the aging process, many four-legged variants struggle to leap onto the couch, or simply leap down. Spines, hips, arms, and legs can suffer some aging blows, but with the right set of pet stairs or ottoman, your animal can move to and from with ease. Aged pets aside, younger pets become overzealous and want the attention of their owner, prompting them to make dangerous leaps. With this simple solution, your...

5 DIY Tips for Your Home | Home Renovation on a Budget

In today's world, renovations can be an extremely costly project. With families looking to save money through couponing and rewards programs, folks can have access to savings at the touch of a phone or advertisement...But what about homes?

There are a ton of ideas online that allow virtually anyone to renovate a home, but what if you are doing the home renovation on a budget? The statement itself makes Boca Raton homeowners cringe, knowing that breaking out the tarp and busting down tile will be a financial nightmare. Let's face it--nobody wants to renovate, but in the event of moving or planning for a child, sometimes life tends to throw us a curveball. If you need some simple, DIY tips for your home--fear not, we have you covered. 

Re-Paint the Walls

repainting interior walls

Okay, so this is an obvious observation, but an idea that is in actuality very overlooked. Sometimes a simple change like color can be an automatic game-changer. 

Now, we know that some designer paints and higher-end brands can go up to an expensive $120 per can, but let's focus on simple color. An average can of flat, matte paint is around $30-$40, and can truly turn any vibe around in an instant. Even if you aren't fixated on painting your entire home, renovating your bathroom or even your living room can make a difference. Sometimes the simplest of solutions can be met with basic tasks! And, besides--it's a great opportunity for you and your partner to have some quality bonding time. 

Change the Curtains...

Is An HOA Neighborhood Right For Me? | Boca Raton HOA Homes

When we think of Boca Raton, one of the first things that pop into our heads is palm trees, beach, the ritzy lifestyle of the rich, and many gated communities. While these are common tropes, they're not necessarily wrong! Boca Raton is arguably one of the most expensive places in the nation to live, but for every gated community, there's a suburban alternative that's more affordable for the family. 

If you look between the playgrounds of the rich, you'll find suburban neighborhoods that are picturesque paintings of safety, uniformity, and tranquility. There are many misconceptions about HOA; while they are not exactly for everyone, we are going to list some of the reasons why a Boca HOA may be for you. 

Property Value Increases

property value increasing

Yes, sometimes an HOA's strict rules and regulations are tough, but did you know that there is a reason for it? Pressure washing those driveways once a month will contribute to a long-term effect. One of the reasons why so many Homeowners’ Associations apply these rules is for the property value of your home. 

Proper care and attention to the exterior details of your home and yard will certainly attract home buyers. Upholding these rules will also prevent future maintenance on your home, further keeping you from expensive costs and stressful situations. Upkeep on your home can sometimes be stressful, but if you are planning on selling your Boca home, you can guarantee you will receive top-dollar for your home!

Amenities Are Always Available

amenities available...

Boca Raton Pets on the Move | Moving Your Pet

guide to moving pets

Anyone who has moved knows how exhausting, stressful, and chaotic things can become. With the South Florida population on the rise, hundreds of people are moving into the area by the minute. If you are a Boca Raton native, then you've probably seen how busy the streets are becoming, excluding rush hour!

Pop-up condos, apartments, and multi-million-dollar homes are now inhabited by people out of state. South Florida has become a haven for people around the country, and the influx of people shows it! 

However, with the influx of people, comes the influx of their four-legged companions. Moving is already a tedious task none of us want to be a part of--but what about our pets? Pets feel the pinch, too, and stressing a pet out can be just as detrimental to them as it is to us. We will be discussing some key tips on how to move without upsetting Fido. Moving is difficult for all parties involved, but keeping your pets relaxed can be one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary problems. 

Reduce the Action

bustling people

We all know pets can be annoyed by a multitude of noises and sounds. Involving your pet in the process itself could easily irritate your four-legged friend--leading to your pet becoming scared or acting out. A common mistake most homeowners make is allowing their pets to roam freely among the chaos. It's important to make sure your animal is comfortable but placing your pet in a carrier or empty room will keep him/her out of the action. It's a stressful situation, but a barking dog certainly will not help in any way, shape, or form. 

Tag Information

pet tags...

South Florida Mosquito Control | 4 Ways To Protect Your Boca Home

4 ways to fight back against mosquitos

Nothing says summer more than exotic cocktails, sunsets on the beach, and the smell of smoked meats in every backyard. Summer is ultimately one of the reasons so many natives love our state. The closest thing before the Caribbean, South Florida is a nice introduction into the island vibe mentality. With tourism more in the fall/winter season, the roads, beaches, and avenues aren't jam-packed, letting the natives have some time to enjoy. Where summer is--the heat is sure to follow, and as every resident knows, the heat can be absolutely unbearable. The rainy season can rear its ugly season, and within an instant, the rain pours down--only to become sunny again minutes later!

South Florida is indeed a tropical paradise, but not all paradises come without troubles, too. You're grilling out in the backyard during dusk; the smell is lovely, the beer is flowing, and the atmosphere is ideal. Things go as planned and your soiree is an instant success...except for one thing: mosquitoes. Yes, the one thing most of us absolutely detest more than any insect that exists on this earth. South Florida natives know that mosquitoes are absolute killjoys during the summer season, and a lot of natives refuse to go outside because of it. With that being said, not all is completely lost! There is a multitude of ways you can experience the best of the summer season, without being bitten to death! These simple tips will reduce your bites and stay safe.

Eliminate Standing Water

standing water
It may...

4 Wild Growing Plants To Enjoy In Boca | Boca Wild Edible Plant Guide

4 wild edible plants growing in boca raton

[ It's always important to do proper research if you are unsure of any fruits and plants you come across. With any of the aforementioned, they are to be eaten at your own risk. Always make sure to thoroughly rinse your fruits or plants before consuming them. ]

The suburban sprawl that is Boca grows every day. Condos are appearing overnight, and it is not stopping from there. Boca Raton is becoming more of a concrete jungle with each, passing day. The construction that litters the sides of major highways is indicative of the large influx of people moving in. With hip college communities nestling next to natural areas--it's hard to imagine how any native wildlife can flourish outside the cemented streets. On the contrary, the floral diversity allows many natives to obtain delicious, edible, and HEALTHY plants to munch on. 

You've been on many nature trails here in South Florida and always wondered if those delicious-looking fruits hanging from trees are edible--well, you're about to find out. Here are 4 examples of some tasty, edible, wild treats you can find here in Boca. 



Go to any beach here in Boca and you'll most likely find this dotted along A1A. You may have found yourself perusing the fruits this shrub produces and wondered many times if...

5 Ideas To Turn Your Boca Home Patio Into An Oasis | Boca Patio Decor

patio decor ideas

Even with the incredible heat outside, our backyards remain a central part of our Boca Raton home. In south Florida, our backyards are often the expression of tropical luxury living, with incredible attention invested into our gazebos, planters, swimming pools, and everything in between. looking to spice up your backyard? check out these 5 suggestions below! 

Add in a swinging chair

swinging chair

A swinging chair is such a strong South Florida vibe, with everything from basket chairs to tire swings, hammocks, and recliners adorning our illustrious backyards. Swinging chairs allow you the freedom to enjoy the breeze and colorful flora while taking in a good book or sipping your favorite cocktail. 

Build your own glass terrarium or plant an herb wall

living wall

Florida is blessed to be home to some of the most incredible plants and animal life found anywhere in the united states. Vines, ferns, and trees grow wild, and quickly - thanks to our subtropical clime. Succulent gardens, large terrariums, or even a high-end biophilic plant design wall are options to add nature's most beautiful gifts into our backyard scene.


5 Resilient Summer Plants To Landscape Your Boca Home

5 resilient midsummer plants

The sun is hot and the temperature is rising. If you’re a Boca Raton native, then you’ve probably had your fair share of intense heat. The months of late July and August are no stranger to those conditions. Floridians, by nature, are a resilient bunch—but what about our gardens? The proverbial thorn in the side for any gardener with a green thumb is watching those roses and peonies wilt. There is nothing more demoralizing than seeing your hard work perish.

Luckily, there are an array of different shrubs, flowers, and fauna sure to sustain even in the hottest conditions. Midsummer may be scorching us all right now, but these plants will surprise even the most skeptical gardener.

Gerbera Daisy

gerbera daisy

You’ve probably seen these cheerful flowers littered in the many Publix’s floral departments. There’s a reason for it, though, and here’s why. These beauties have a lifespan of up to a week or more in a vase. Have you ever wondered why they are a common ‘filler’ in a boutique arrangement? Well, their beauty is a given, but the fact that these daisies can withstand intense conditions is a favorite among most. Trimming away wilted gerberas is recommended—as trimming promotes new buds to grow faster.


sunflower patch

Ah, the most well-known flower next to the rose. These flowers are commonly associated with the sun due...

Best Flowers for your Boca Garden | 5 Flowers To Wow The Neighbors

boca raton flowers to plant

Florida is a tropical paradise. The sun, the palm trees, the beach, and the islander vibe allow many Boca natives the chance to experience the perfect staycation. While some of us enjoy going out and retreating to the beach for some R & R, others are comfortable enjoying relaxing at home. And what's not to enjoy? With many yards adorned with flowers and plants that are native to many countries in the Caribbean and Central/South America--it's no surprise that many of us take up the wonderful art of home gardening. Many folks with a green thumb understand the difficulties of growing plants and flowers in these tumultuous conditions. From the intense humidity and sun--to the constant thunderstorms that roll in from the west, gardens can take a beating, but these 5 flowers can improve your Boca Raton home garden. 

lantana flower


No, not the road located in Lake Worth, but a beautiful perennial of the verbena family. These shrubs can grow up to a maximum of 6 feet tall and make any garden pop. The array of colors these flowers produce ranges from reds, oranges, blues, and even multi-colored variants as the flower matures. Aside from its hardy exterior and favor of hot, humid climates, Lantana attracts a multitude of butterfly and bird varieties, making it popular for anyone here in Boca forming a butterfly garden....

Must Have Kitchen Accessories For Your Boca Raton Home

kitchen accessories for boca home

We are certainly not wanting for good cuisine in Boca Raton. You could probably dine out for dinner every evening in Boca Raton and never tire of what we have to offer. Nevertheless, you didn’t buy that seaside home to use its impressive kitchen as a place to pour wine. Well, we’d hope not! For the proud members of the culinary cohort, here are some of the best kitchen accessories for the modern Boca home.

Vitamix Food Cycler FC-50

vitamix food cycler

There’s no shame in admitting that you can’t finish your plate, but what if your plate was already leftover? You can toss it in the trash, but wait a couple of days and the smell will remind you that it’s time to trek out to the mosquito den that is your city-issued garbage can. Simply place your unused food waste in the FC-50 and it will break it down to 10% of its volume and store it safely and unobtrusively thanks to its carbon filtration system that eliminates odors. When your FC-50 is full, you now have nutrient-rich and chemical-free fertilizer for your soil! As far as modern kitchen tools go, this is useful inside and out.



5 Hurricane Safety Tips You May Have Overlooked | Boca Raton Hurricane Preparedness

5 key hurricane prep tips

Hurricane season is always something to reckon with. following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew, the state of Florida never looked back when it came to hurricane preparedness. thankfully, there are many public messages, available info, and helpful guides on how to protect your home and loved ones. however, there are less obvious, locally known tips and tricks that can change the outcome of a hurricane for your home and family. here are 5 lesser-known but incredibly crucial hurricane safety tips to employ this year at your Boca home.

Cut Down Your Coconuts

split coconuts on teal background

Other than savoring that sweet nectar and the deliciously healthy meat of this tropical fruit, cutting down your coconuts serves a very important purpose. While the gale-force winds and powerful gusts are what carry the damage of a storm to fruition, it's often the projectiles that cause most inland property damage. Aside from the storm surge and potential flash flooding, your coconuts turn to cannonballs when left on their own to sway in the wind. Be safe, and hire help if you must, but be sure to remove these excess fruits lest they turn to a destructive force with winds at their backs.

Bring In Potted Plants

indoor potted plants

Another way to prevent projectiles from destroying your and your neighbor's property is to bring in potted plants. Everything from a small plastic herb pot to a massive, ornate ceramic...

Boca Raton Green Homes | Tips For An Eco Friendly Boca Home

go green for boca raton

In Boca Raton, we love green! It’s the year-round color many of us move here for, so why shouldn’t your home share the same shade? Not as in a new coat of paint, we can’t help you with swatches, but by making your Boca Raton home friendlier to the environment! Here are 4 tips for a green Boca home!

1. Watering Your Lawn at Night

watering garden at night

We’ll admit, we Boca Raton homeowners can be a little vain when it comes to our lawns. Who doesn’t relish a verdant welcome whenever we return home? But with temperatures in the 80s and 90s for most of the year, your little plot of paradise will need plenty of TLC from you and the skies above. Even with our summer rains, which are almost a daily occurrence in our Boca Raton neighborhoods, our lawns can become dry and parched later in the year under the Florida sun. Take our advice and water well dark sunset. With no sun in the sky, you won’t have to contend with evaporation on both the grass and in your wallet when you get your water bill. Your lawn will thank you for it!

2. Research Solar Energy Solution

solar panels on rooftop

We've had water heaters powered by solar energy...

5 Pest Control Tips to Try in Your Boca Home

pest control tips for your boca home

The Boca Raton lifestyle is one of leisure and relaxation. Life carries at its own pace under our verdant canopy of palm trees. But hidden within that thick foliage is another world of creepy crawlies and critters that would like to share your beautiful Boca home as soon as the thunder and lighting come calling. Here are 5 pest control trips to try in your Boca home!

Eliminate Standing Water

standing water

Mosquitos and flies are an especially tiring nuisance around our fair city, especially in the legendary humidity of August. Get those pests off the dole by eliminating pockets of standing water, which are mosquito's favorite places to breed. These could be found in buckets being left out after housework, hammocks, gutters stuffed with debris, or a slump in the elevation of your lawn.

Remove All Food Waste

food waste

Did you know that a cockroach can live for days off of a single crumb? Think twice about eating that cookie on the couch! Leaving food out overnight is a juicy opportunity for our multi-legged friends. Even our faithful garbage cans are no match to keep out the tiny opportunists. If you must throw out raw items or unfinished meals, dispose of them in a plastic bag to contain the smell before dropping them in the trash can. If you love to grill during our perpetual summer, make sure the grill and grease trap has been properly...