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Boca Raton is one of the premier locations anywhere to enjoy Sunday brunch. Many of the nicest condos in Boca Raton share space within walking distance of these great restaurants. Brunch in Boca Raton is rife with outdoor dining options, waterfront views, trendy cafes, and full-service restaurants ranging from wholesome to high society, Brunch has seen quite the transformation in the past decade. The Sunday special was once seen as an excuse for the rich & famous to fit in another meal, a means to drink champagne before 11 and sew the seeds of the week's most dramatic mealtime. It turns out regular people enjoy the occasional mimosa too, and skillet potatoes with their cheeseburger.  Below we've highlighted four of our favorite places to get brunch in Boca Raton.

Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen

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Deriving its full name from prominent local restauranteur Gary Rack, The FarmHouse kitchen is situated in the Royal Palm Plaza just south of Mizner Park, and serves one possibly the best brunch in Boca Raton. Rack's features a generous happy hour, loyalty program, and long brunch window (9 AM-3 PM) for one of the best dining experiences in general.

Flashback Diner

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Boca Raton might not be as sleepless of a town as Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, but 24-hour restaurants are still a community staple. The Flashback Diner is a near miracle - open 24 hours, 365 days a year, with great prices, service, and quality. The Flashback Diner features vintage American fare like shakes & malts, burgers, and wholesome breakfast options. It's rare to find a place that's always open that brings such a quality pedigree to your table every single time. Try the Flashback Diner today! Or tonight, or whenever? They're open!

Farmer's Table

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The Farmer's Table is one of the most popular date night destinations in Boca Raton. Building their menu off their moniker of "feel-good food," The Farmer's Table has an ambiance that matches the quality of their food. With a wide variety of conventional, vegetarian, and vegan options, The Farmer's Table puts an impetus on quality ingredients, non-GMO products, and the omission of cheap techniques like microwaving and deep fat frying.

Keke's Breakfast Cafe

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Keke's Breakfast Cafe is a multi-location staple of Palm Beach County, with spots in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach. Keke's specializes in breakfast, rather than including it as a significant portion of their menu. It's their focus on community and the mastery of a single special meal that makes Keke's Breakfast Cafe one of the best brunches in Boca Raton. Keke's brings the magic each day with fluffy, fruit-topped pancakes, loaded omelets, and delicious seasonal treats.

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