Boca Raton Thanksgiving | Giving Thanks From Champagne & Parisi

boca raton thanksgiving gratitude 2022

The Champagne & Parisi Real Estate team took a moment out of our busy schedule to give thanks to our colleagues, clients, and many more who made our goals and dreams possible! From safety to serenity, from upper class to continuing education, we give thanks. Have a blessed & beautiful day!

our 2022 clients

Our Clients

First and foremost, we don't exist without our clients! Without our community and people abroad visiting our websites, calling our Realtors, and getting to work, we wouldn't have a blog to give thanks from. We proudly served clients from across the world from multiple continents, repeat clients looking for new opportunities, and newcomers through both organic home searches and referrals. Many of our clients have become lifelong friends of our Realtors, further reinforcing the dedication and personality we have as individuals, and not just as professionals.

champagne & parisi teammates

Our Teammates

Whether it was teaming up on a massive deal or simply lending an ear to give some helpful advice, we have some of the most cooperative, mutually vested Realtors on the planet! Our team are at each other's sides from every side of the deal, lending the expertise that is drawn from a vast range of experiences before, during, and after Real Estate. Our team speak over a dozen languages and have descended upon our brokerage from 5 continents, offering as much to our clients as one another. Without the shared environment of mutual success and empowerment, our brokerage is able to compete with brokerages more than five times our size.

supreme lending partners

Our Partners at Supreme Lending

We're always grateful for our partnership with Supreme Lending, spearheaded by Lynn Whitefall and her incredible team. In a year dominated by rate hikes and mortgage-sourced consumer concerns, Lynn and her group were always there to lend the latest advice, keep us on our toes, and provide workshops to enrich and further educate our already invested and intelligent Realtors. With partners like Lynn and Supreme Lending, we know we're referring our clients to the very best in the business on a personal and professional level, keeping every step of the process from contact to closing in the best of hands.

our health and wellness

Our Health & Wellness

In recent years we've had to say goodbye to beloved teammates, and watched as others on our team lost those closest to them. With 2020 firmly in the rearview mirror and a relatively healthy year behind us, we're eternally grateful for the gift of life and our ongoing health. As more country clubs in Boca Raton gear their programs towards integrated health and athletic plans, we're here for it and grateful for the health of our Realtors, loved ones, and neighbors! Here's to another year ahead of continued improvement from the inside out.

power linemen in cherry picker

Our First Responders and Linemen

Last but far from least, we're always grateful for the brave men and women of law enforcement, our fire departments, and paramedical services. To add, in a year which Hurricane Ian razed the homes of so many neighbors to the west, we beamed with pride as first responders and linemen crossed the state to support our neighbors in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte Counties. While disasters are just that... a disaster, they give us the opportunity to see the good in each other and coalesce as a community in ways we simply couldn't under normal circumstances. For all those brave enough to get their hands dirty and take to skies, seas, and over land, we are grateful to you!

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