Boca Raton Thanksgiving 2023 | Giving Thanks From Champagne & Parisi Real Estate

thanksgiving gratitude list 2023

Gratitude. It's the basis for being a good person. It begins with humility, transmutes to gratefulness, and is expressed in kindness. A tradition of Champagne & Parisi Real Estate in recent years, we love writing our many thanks to the few fortunate enough to make our list. While we could easily quadruple our list and add many more people and businesses we're grateful for, we had to narrow it down to a select few. We're grateful for life, opportunity, friendship, and the generosity of all we're blessed to work alongside, but these mentioned people, places, and things are as deserving as any for our Thanksgiving 2023 gratitude list. 

patch reef title company boca raton

Patch Reef Title

We'll begin by thanking three of our most crucial business partners, starting with Patch Reef Title Company. When it comes to real estate title work, Patch Reef is more than just our partner. They are the absolute gold standard in the industry and work tirelessly for our clients. Whether it's facilitating the final stages of a deal, resolving disputes, or educating our team on the latest in Real Estate titling, Patch Reef is one of many title companies serving the area, but a steadfast partner who proves their worth at every turn.

supreme lending partners

Supreme Lending - Lynn Whitefall, Lisa Spencer and Troy Sucharitchant

Perhaps our deepest and most significant partner in the industry, Supreme Lending - represented by Lynn Whitefall, her partner Troy Sucharitchant, along speaker Lisa Spencer, is tantamount to our success as a brokerage. Not only do they offer the best service in the industry, through their breadth of knowledge, access to superior financial products, and consistent care for their clients, but they enrich our agents every day. The numerous web seminars, in-person meetings, and even cocktail hours at Kapow (see "local business" section) have been instrumental in our coalescence as a team, especially in the years following the COVID-19 pandemic, which put a halt on many intrapersonal activities.

advanced insurance and financial

Advanced Insurance and Financial Services - Kory Drotar

Last but not least (nobody is least!) of our mentioned local partners, is Advanced Insurance and Financial Services. Led by our go-to agent Kory Drotar, they have been massively important to our team, especially in the wake of industry-changing calamities like the Surfside collapse and Hurricane Ian. Kory has kept our agents abreast of every addition, subtraction, contraction, inaction, change, policy decision, and just about anything insurance-related. For Boca Raton homeowners, insurance plays an outsize role compared to almost anywhere else in the country. With so many considerations and so many costs incurred by insuring a home in South Florida, we'd be in a much worse place without the informative nature and doggedly determined work ethic of Kory and the team at Advanced Insurance and Financial Services. 

local business partnership

Our Local Business Partners, Nonprofits, and Favorite Venues

As a general rule, support local! For our part, we have several great organizations, nonprofits, and venues that have opened their doors and allowed our agents to experience high-quality service, food, beverage, and hospitality. For an industry that is often balkanized, with agents acting as solo small businesses rather than members of a multi-person team, it's easy for agents to lose track of who's who and struggle to bond as a group. First are the beneficiaries of our charitable agents, including Boca Helping Hands and Best Foot Forward, two of the most successful and impactful local nonprofits. In addition, we are so grateful to the venues and condos that hosted us for meeting and social events, such as Alina Residences, The Standard, Kapow! Noodle Bar, and our local realty board offices.

the boca raton historical society

The Boca Raton Historical Society 

Too many newcomers to Boca Raton are under the impression that our history began with the towering condos and luxury beach clubs seen today, but there is so much more to Boca Raton than luxury and glamor. The few but impressive stewards of the Boca Raton Historical Society have held the line and educated us all about the key events, people, and places that shaped where we stand today. Headquartered in the Schmidt Museum, built from the Old City Hall, an Addison Mizner Project, the Boca Raton Historical Society has shown its giving nature by working alongside our Director of Marketing (a History Graduate himself). The invigorating stories, access to exhibits, use of their images, the Spanish River papers, and the passion shown by the staff are all part of why we've been able to highlight the fascinating history of our incredible city, with blogs covering events like The Pioneer Era and Pearl City, and so much more to come. We encourage everyone to stop by Old City Hall to have their mind filled with wonder at how much we didn't know about the land we stand on and the impact it made at large.

boca raton fire trucks deployed on rainy highway

Local First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Medical Staff

For obvious reasons, we are grateful to the courageous men and women of law enforcement, first responders, and the many healthcare workers and medical staff who keep our bodies upright and our communities thriving. In a year marked by some deeply unfortunate personal events to beset our brokerage, our gratitude is stronger than ever for the professionals who go to work every day to help citizens on what is likely their worst. With new professionals added to the local police departments each quarter, the expansion of our fire departments along the beachfront, the outpouring of support after Hurricane Ian, and the continued low crime rates we enjoy, our thanks go out to everyone involved in these crucial moments.

champagne & parisi leadership trio

Our Leadership Team - Claude, Caesar, and Tommy

We are incredibly grateful to our co-founders, Claude Champagne & Caesar Parisi, alongside Operations Manager Tommy Holmes for their dynamic and unique value provided to all of us working under the C&P banner. With a name like Claude Champagne, you'd expect him to be the go-to for congeniality. Claude is our lead recruiter, bringing in talent over these past few years that has majorly uplifted our team. In addition to his outward-facing role, Claude is instrumental in putting together our quarterly gazette, harkening back to his days as a cruise DJ at every holiday party, and for putting a smile on everyone's face through his general warmth and love for what he does and the people who work with him. 

Caesar Parisi is the engine that drives the C&P machine. With a technological aptitude spanning several decades, Caesar's involvement in the founding of this company is a major reason we enjoy such outstanding online results through 9 distinct real estate websites. Caesar is at home when he's focused on the metrics, the data, the workflow, and the performance of our agents, always holding everyone to the highest standard. His action and leadership have ensured the quality of our team has never wavered once, and that each day is an opportunity to learn something new, take on new technologies, and constantly elevate as the days go by.

Tommy Holmes is the backbone of the company, a key cog in our onboarding and training process, and one of the reasons our team is defined by its meticulousness. A systems-oriented, near-perfectionist himself, Tommy's work makes everyone's easier. He has frequently supported agents during disputes, prevented potential E&O disasters, and served as the gearbox for our office infrastructure, especially during our recent beautiful remodel of our beach HQ. Tommy is an incredible value to Champagne & Parisi, spanning the gap between Claude's recruitment and Caesar's lead work. Every basketball team needs a hardworking rim protector, and every brokerage needs their own Tommy. We're blessed to have him!

champagne & parisi agents

Our Champagne & Parisi Agents

Last but not least, are the agents who turn the direction and guidance of our leadership into on-paper successes. For all their work, Claude's recruitment, Caesar's technology, and Tommy's infrastructure would be useless without the agents who serve as the eyes, ears, hands, and feet of our brokerage. If there are two reasons Champagne & Parisi has come this far, it's our data-driven use of technology and the incredible handiwork of our agents. Our agents hail from over a dozen countries and speak over a dozen languages. Each has their own unique experiences in life, their own skills, proclivities, and specialties. We have Realtors for every purpose - whether it's finding the ultimate waterfront homes, the best country clubs, 55+ communities, and more - we have agents and local partners who are the only reason the job gets done, and nothing the leadership or marketing team does is without merit and fulfillment. THANK YOU AGENTS!

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