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When you live in a resort that people spend thousands to visit, a "staycation" is nearly a daily occurrence. tongue-in-cheek jokes aside, the key to a successful staycation is understanding this is more than a mere "day off," and can be a way to not only enjoy the refreshment that true time off can bring, but reinvigorate your home life all at once! We asked our Realtors, clients, and... maybe took a few days to ourselves to learn what tips we should share on how to get the most from your Boca home staycation. Read on to learn more!

budgeting your staycation

Weigh Your Budget Against Past Out Of Town Vacations

Look at the past few vacations you've taken and where you've spent the money. Even for extreme foodies, the likelihood that most of your funds were spent on transit and lodging is extremely high. Luxury hotels can cost thousands over a weekend, and airfare, while fluctuating often, is never cheaper than a robust trip to the grocery store. While we're not suggesting you have a staycation that spends your budget the same as an out-of-town trip, the added flexibility (and savings) will allow you to do much more in your space than you could abroad.

envision luxury at home

Envision "Luxury" At Home

You may already live in an illustrious Boca Raton community such as Boca West, The Oaks, or even The Sanctuary. However, that doesn't mean there isn't your perfect idea of a day at home. We often oscillate between working and running our daily lives and vacationing, but a staycation represents a medium you rarely attain on a regular "day off." Simply put, time off of work is not the same as blocking time and shutting screens, finding time for yourself and your loved ones, and enjoying life to the fullest from your home. What does luxury at home mean to you? Is it catered food, in-house services, or even uncorking that special bottle you saved for a night like this? It's your time! 

quality services at home

Schedule Some Quality Services

This is the first way to enjoy all those savings you'll keep from staying home. Roll some of that flight money into a truly luxuriant service, such as an in-house massage, upscale food delivery, or even hiring a crew to deep clean your home to get the festivities started. Take what would normally be out of your budget or something you don't consider at home and bring it to you! The ultimate power behind a staycation is that you are the nexus of luxury, and you attract what you want to enjoy without having to lift a finger.

something different

Do Something A Little Different

Even at the highest levels of luxury, we all get stuck in routines. Do you go to a lot of the same fine dining establishments, do the same few things for recreation, and spend your disposable income in the same way? Try something a little different! While living in Boca Raton grants you access to the whole tri-country area within an hour's drive, there's so much to do and see that might be right under your nose that you haven't tried. Think outside the box, about something you want to do but haven't, or better yet, that one experience you've been itching to try but never take the leap - whether it be over money or time. Now's your chance!


Consider Splurging For Home Items And Upgrades

This is the ultimate way to consider folding some of those travel & lodging savings into your staycation. You may want to have a spectacular movie night and eye a new widescreen tv you've been waiting for. Maybe your kids have wanted something special for the backyard, or perhaps you're looking to be more conventional, with a stove, oven, or another household upgrade. Regardless of what you choose, a staycation budget should leave room for something significant to bring into the home. Whether you're on your own or live with your family, there has to be something in your mind's eye that you've been waiting to splurge for. Between special services and expensive items, it's your time to fulfill your "vision of luxury."

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