Boca Raton Pet Rescue | Dog Of The Month (June 2022)

boca raton pet rescue hubert

Welcome to our next entry in our young but exciting Boca Raton Pet Rescue efforts! As part of our ongoing support to Tri-County Animal Rescue, we've chosen the dogs and cats that have the biggest hurdles to adoption or are at a more advanced age than puppies or kittens. For this June, we've chosen to feature Hubert, a golden brown American Staffordshire Terrier mix with a contagious smile and love for the outdoors. We had such an easy time filming and speaking around Hubert, it was clear to us he's ready and willing to be a part of your family. Do you have a home that fits his needs?

Hubert is vaccinated, neutered, healthy, and strong. All his vitals are in great shape, and this dog is only getting healthier since his time on the streets of Georgia. Hubert is a lover, well-behaved and housebroken. It'll be bittersweet to see him go to a home he so deserves!

Contact the Tri-County Animal Rescue to visit Hubert today!


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